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Avatar n tn Now is a good time for you to take plenty of hot baths or showers. Do not under estimate the value of hot baths for reducing the muscle aches and the hibbie jibbies that you are feeling. Best of all you can have as many as you want per day. BTW: just found out I am probably going to be going to Brazil on business... How is South America.... You said you were a big Tolkin LOTR fan. I have been re-reading it recently and GOLUM (sp) is a great metaphor for addiction. Just a thought....
Avatar n tn Roxicodone or street name Roxy's... 30 mg is one of the higher doses............. FLaddict blew it telling you what you were taking even though I had my doubts that your were not being honest......... Addicts are very smart when it comes to pain pills........ I found your post a little unbelievable that you didn't have a clue what you were taking per my posts.......... Your taking big league pain killers Roxys are expensive on the streets.......
Avatar n tn You'll sooner get relief from Robaxin from smoking a great dane ****. Esecially when it comes to WD! Robaxin and pseudo-placebo drugs like Paraphon forte are listed in the PDR as being "of questional, i.e., unproven value as therapeutic agents. Yet they allow them to sell them. Unless the doc is prescribing to a toddle, being written for Robaxin or Paraphon forte is your doctors way of saying, "I don't believe you're in pain and I'm not about to give you anything effective.
Avatar n tn (Am I saying this has something to do with domestic violence and street crime? YES! And there is expert congressional testimony to back this up.) Here is a typical pattern: 1. You eat or drink excess sugar (the average American consumes well over 100 lbs/yr.). 2. The body releases insulin to put sugar into storage, but the insulin response is excessive (due to ADAPTATION and/or chromium deficiency). 3.
Avatar m tn I value my sobriety very much so I have back ups I can call on...I have a list of several people I can go to if things start to get out of hand..I have had to make more then a few phone call in the past....it is vital that you have these go to people out there N/A and A/A are good places to meet people that can help...a good sponsor can be a life saver...
733362 tn?1489798536 The only thing I would like to add is that most of the people here got hooked on pills because of some Doctor. I was on Flexeril and perfectly happy. He said, I'd like to try another medication on you, Soma. I didn't even know what it was but it's kind of like sex. Once you've had it you know there is nothing like it. It is amazing for pain from a bunch of broken bones, I can attest to that. It makes you feel great. Then he kept trying to get me on an antidepressant. I kept saying no thanks.
Avatar n tn Morning, guys. Day 7 and almost not counting! Flexeril worked better for me than Klono, as far as cutting through the restlessness. Watch out for the Wellbutrin, it can exacerbate the jitters. I did take it during the day, but looking back I don't think I would. The worst part about the restlessness is being unable to sleep. Wellbutrin can pop your eyes wide open. No matter how tired you are.
Avatar n tn I couldn't imagine being on drugs and getting them from the street. Like I said before when I was taking percocet. I probably wouldn't have stopped if I had access like that. You can do it. You just have to rearrange your life and your friends. Spending your time and life chasing drugs is tiresome. Yet you are always able to do it. So if you can change your life around and spend that extra time and energy doing things that are proactive to staying clean, you will do just that, stay clean.
Avatar f tn Im taking the pain pills that he (my PCP) gave me. Vicodin10/325 4 times a day. 6 hours apart, the flexeril 3 times a day and the vistaril, 3 times a day. My PCP is stumpped and so am I . I also went to a chiropractor on friday and he did a exam on me and told me that my RSD now spread into my left sholder and arm. So not only is it in my right leg and foot I now have it in my left sholder and arm. I have NO PM dr cause he refuses to see me. I dont know what to do.
Avatar n tn The doc did tell me it was Kadian because it has no street value and can't be crushed.I wanted to tell the idiot I sure as hell wouldn't be selling it or crushing it.All the doc chasing has made them real leary of us pain patients.I guess you know it the same as MScontin. Well if tommorrow the pain is any worse I will fill it but actually walking and exercising has made the pain less or the endrophins more.I don't know which.
Avatar n tn This would stop a large majority of street crime and violence and stop the spread of aids and hep c. The average person or general public tends to think that all opiate addicts should be incarcerated due their addiction. The fact is society would be better off by allowing the opiate patient the treatment they need through their personal physicians. After all the opiate patient is suffering from a disease no different than a heart patient or a diabetic.
Avatar n tn Send them here. WE are a large strong bunch here. I did what the Doc told me. Now I'm the same as a street user. There is no difference. Hope this helped some. Print this post of yourself and read it everyday after your clean!
Avatar n tn Everyone who has ever known me knows that I dread taking pills. Having had a chronic kidney infection as a child I value my health tremendously. The fact is, there is NOTHING that anyone can do for my back. Not a thing that can be done to fix it. That being said I will need to live in pain the rest of my life probably unless by some miracle modern science and medicine come up with some answers. Until then the only thing we have is relief.
Avatar n tn The Norco were prescribed on 6/22 and I finished them off 7/29. I haven't used the Flexeril as the Norco seemed to work. I was only taking them in the evening 1/2 at a time up to a total of 2-2.5 pills. Never felt any type of w/d until last night when I didn't take any. I kept clinching my fists and didn't really get any good sleep. Took a half of flexerin and didn't really help any. Thought about taking more, but don't want to aggravate a problem that might be addiction.
Avatar m tn And good for you too, for getting off all the sh**! And if you meant when you stopped taking street drugs or narcotics the dark blanket lifted - YES! that's exactly what it felt like for me, too. Good luck to all...
Avatar n tn Are you drinking coffee?, soda?, mass amounts of food? drugs (painkillers or other street drugs?) I know many want to continue on a path of destruction while looking for a magic pill or surgery that will make there addictions possible, but friends please listen, wake up and examine your life! You just might not be able to handle as much coffee,soda,acidic-fatty food, alcohol or Drugs like alot of people can.