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882725 tn?1240605523 You need to get him to be honest with you about just what he is doing...especially with the snorting...he could be in real physical danger if he is mixing these and snorting them. I would suggest that you ask him to seek some medical help....and if he is unwilling...just be very vigilant that if you notice something that isn't "right" (you've been there as an EMT...you will know)...get him to an ER STAT. The very best of luck to you...
582937 tn?1218180643 i wanted to die, but didnt...btw, i was snorting 2.5-3 80's per day.
Avatar n tn I have been on 1200 - 1600 mg of Neurontin and 10 mg of Flexeril at night for a little over 9 years. It did offer wonderful relief from my back pain at night by allowing me to sleep after 2 years of hell. However, it has not worked effectively the last 2 years and I began to experience tremors the last 2 months. Since I finally retired, I decided to get off of Neurontin before I created some other serious CNS event.
Avatar f tn Started going to the street and was snorting about 10 80s a day for a solid year. Went to rehab lasted about 7 days and checked myself out. Stayed clean for 2 years then went through some depression and started using again once or twice a week. Year later i was back to snorting 2 80s a day. For the past month managed to keep it at 40 mgs a day. Now over the past two weeks i would dry out for two to three days but would end up grabbing then use again for a couple days and dry out.
Avatar f tn I forgot to add that I have been taking flexeril for RLS for the past week. My muscles felt really achy yesterday and I thought that the flexeril may have something to do with it so I didn't take one last night. I feel really better today. I am prescribed the flexeril for my TMJ and Fibromyalgia. I am learning differerent ways to deal with that pain on a daily basis. I have mouthpieces for night wear, but I chew them to shreds in a matter of just a few weeks.
Avatar f tn I have been taking oxycodone 10mg 4 times a day for about 2 years for back and neck pain from being a carpet installer. About 2 months ago i started snorting it. 3 days ago i realized i am not the same person i was before i started taking this drug. My motivation, energy, patients, and so many other things that make me me are not the same right now. I have realized what this is doing to me and my family and i am completely ready to quit. 2 days ago i started a taper cutting my dosage down to 7.
Avatar f tn I started out on the 30mg, snorting them, before i was introduced to the needle. Its been the worse thing I could have ever done. Anyways, for the past 8 months my usual dosage is 8 a day, unless I have or can get more then I sometimes have done up to 15 to 20 in a days time.
Avatar n tn I went to my GP and he said he wanted to be the only one to prescribe me medication and I could only use one pharmacy to fill my scripts. He prescribed me more Lorcet and flexeril to help in pain management. He told me that once on the Oxy I would have a hard time giving it up. I was aware of the Oxy problem through the media and it scared me that someone was willing to give it to me so easily.
Avatar n tn I have hear a mild muscle relaxer helps like flexeril. hot baths, someone else wrapped their legs tight with ace bandages. just rubbing lotion on mine helps alot. try icy hot. good luck, remember one day at a time. and keep in touch, we are here for you.
7610864 tn?1394003844 See if your doctor can write you a prescription for some Requip for restlessness, Neurontin for anxiety and malaise, some Flexeril or Soma for a few weeks for muscle spasms and maybe some Seroquel low dose, for sleep. Clonidine is very helpful for the creepy-crawly feeling and control of blood pressure variations. It will make your withdrawals easier. Valerian and Magnesium is sometimes helpful remedies over the counter.
Avatar n tn Well I just found out he is snorting the roxi and drinking very heavily and does it around my babies - he says he is aloud to do this drug because it is perscribed - but I dont think he should be snorting them and drinking. I am a little scared being around him with my kids because he is very much on edge and freaks out, and breaks things. Did I mention he used to have a cocaine addition inwhich he stoped over 5 years ago! What can I do to help him?
Avatar f tn I have used off and on for over 40years but could walk away..The last 12 got me hooked on the Methadone that I was snorting with Illegal Adderral for the big Buzz to go to work and work around my home all at the same time..hahha ANYWAY I am not longer able to do this becasue of the Meds..I was passing out Meds many times..The stress that come with this kind of work is too much for me now. I have almost 15months clean off of a c/t from 3 meds at once and I had to quit for my own Safety..
Avatar f tn We are trying to kick the habit right now. I've come to find out that my boyfriend was also taking OxyContin and snorting and chewing his pills. My question....will it take him longer to withdraw than me (who has only swallowed my pills)? I've been on them approximately 5 years straight and until now had been taking about 10-12 a day of the 10/650.
Avatar m tn When I would go see the Dr, he would just tell me that I was fine and give me flexeril and Skelaxin to help with muscle issues. Each Dr. I've been to has treated me the same way saying it is all muscle related when I know I am in so much pain and those muscle relaxers don't help. I've even been transferred to a chiropractor to see if that helped.
Avatar f tn But like I said, that's just ME. Personally I've never had a problem with muscle relaxers, I've had Flexeril, Skelaxin, etc. in my cabinet for months. The only reason I hesitate with the Soma is because I purposely got a prescription for it along with my vicodin JUST for the combination that I had heard about. And I'm not trying to give anyone any ideas or teach anyone anything bad (please kids - don't try this at home). Just giving you my own personal reason.
Avatar f tn I took Valium for the first couple of days. Then I switched to Flexeril just at night to sleep and relieve any muscle tension. I made a list of reasons why life would be better without the norco and read it if I felt doubt. Use Theragesic (I think it works better than IcyHot) for any muscle aches. That really worked for me. Make sure your husband knows what to expect and ask him to be there for you when you have 'moments'.
Avatar m tn I'll give some background and you can decide if you wish to read further. Im Arrogant and responsible for this addiction situation I've got myself into.
Avatar n tn Help needed here I am over the edge. I was even snorting the oxys at one point and I get deathly Ill trying to come off of this and 30 vikes or percs a day. If it wasnt for the sick feeling i can prob do this myself. The stomache cramps and the vomitting are the worst. Is it possible to live a normal life again. Thanks for listening and hope to get some comments back....
Avatar f tn We spent over $14,000 in less than five months, it was pathetic, and the justifying you do everyday is so absurd, any sober person would be shocked at the amount of manipulating and bullshitting a junky can pull off. By November 07', It was so bad, we both were using/snorting a gram of etremely pure heroin, making daily trips to Green Bay, somehow without a car or a liscense.
Avatar n tn The hullucination didn't stop and I ended up finding out that it was caused by Flexeril after searching the web. That flexeril should be avoid at all costs and it has a long 3 day half life so its going to take a long time to finally get out of me... So switched to Robaxin for the muscle relaxer. At this time I got up to 10-12 Percocets a day because of the pain. I got a spinal injection for pain and it started to work. A couple times during the day I would feel sick and would sweat.
Avatar m tn lorazepam is Ativan a benzo, that wont help with the rls, this is from a study I found, that flexeril can cause rls. so I wouldn't take that. "On Dec, 28,' 2013: 13,528 people reported to have side effects when taking Flexeril. Among them, 95 people (0.70%) have Restless Leg Syndrome." you can also try tonic water. put in the search engine on the top of the page rls and see if anything else comes up. keep on keepin on. you will continue to heal.
Avatar n tn remember oxycontin is longer acting(unless you were crushing it, snorting it, etc), SO ITS GOING TO TAKE SOME TIME GETTING OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM. I'm glad you have a doc. who will work with you. Now as far as the valium goes, I'd probably not get more(since you've been on it for a week and a half), but I would continue with the clonidine, unless of course your blood pressure drops too low. Others may have differing opinions about that.
220965 tn?1189759423 I have been snorting 1-3 oxycodone 30mgs for about 1 year now. Im also a type 1 diabetic. I have a problem. I feel sick if i dont have anything, and I will lie and cheat to get pills. I cant go to a clinic, I need to quit more than anything else in the world. I have a great job, but if I keep this up, Im going to lose it and my family. somebody please help me. I really dont know what to do, I spend all of my money on the oxys, because of this I cant even pay my bills.
Avatar n tn I've been trying to find any info. about methadone withdrawal. During this past year, my daughter was using OC's, snorting heroin and then even started injecting. She almost died once of an overdose; benzo.'s and heroin. I thought that would scare her, but she did try it again and found that she couldn't stop. She is now going to a meth. clinic; she is at 75 mg., but I am so afraid of her not being able to get off.
Avatar n tn If you can get you hands on some Valium or Xanax or even Flexeril (which is what I have now) they will help you sleep. When I started tapering I had 4 valium and I would take 1/2 at bedtime. The flexeril's really knock me out. You will be ok....
5082295 tn?1371254511 No Way went really out of control and added another med to it and was snorting it..I am embarrassed to say at my age I should of known better..Ya like should of could of.I too have pain but it is not a all over one like the meds made me feel.I would like to tell you that there are 2 meds that I have learned that the Drs use for the w/ds. One is the Clonidine a light BP med and Buspar (Buspirone). Buspar is a very very light anxiety pill that is non-addictive.
Avatar n tn I have been taking percs for almost a yr i AM addicted phycically and mentally i have chronic pain im trying to ween myself off then i will stop cold turkey like b4 and be miseralble for 3- 4 days with the yawning pain tiredness restlessness crying depression but i half to do it i am prescribed oxycontin 10 mg and perc 10 mg and 2 flexeril muscle relaxents 10 mg at a time lets say i take 10 to 15 perc 10's a day i need 3 at a time to feel better i cant move in the am without them i am miserable