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232328 tn?1207090071 Hi there. I was prescribed flexeril today for some back pain. Can anyone tell me exactly what it is? If it is addicting? Will it make me sleepy/hyper, etc?
Avatar m tn Does anyone know very much about Flexeril? I just received an call from someone that thinks they may have overdosed on it. He usually does not take it and took up to ten 10mg tablets today and feels somewhat out of it. 100mg in one shot shouldn't do too much should it? He is in No. CA and I'm in So. CA so I can't get to him. Should I be concerned about him not waking up? Apparently he took six of them yesterday and I read the half life is 1-3 days.
1415174 tn?1453243103 Hi again has anyone tried Flexeril (muscle relaxant)? Any bad side effects and did it help pain , I have I guess myofascial pain. Any trouble with withdrawal gettnig off of it?
664798 tn?1225821618 This is the first time I've seen anyone in here ask this question,....uh....Apparently it can and does effect your siezure condition if your meds are of a specific type, I had a severe epsiode back in december 08 and had to be put in a COMA because of the fact that I began hallucinating badly after I had just stopped tasking the chantix. I stopped taking chantix because of the nightmares it caused me,...Nightmares I'd rather forget about,.....
Avatar f tn Alcohol and flexeril are both central nervous system suppressants and consuming alcohol while taking flexeril compounds the drowsiness, confused thinking, respiratory suppression of the muscle relaxant. Flexeril/alcohol combos are frequent causes of accidental overdose. I would avoid the alcohol while taking the flexeril completely. If you already were consuming alcohol, I would skip the flexeril for at least 12 hours or more, depending upon how much alcohol you consumed.
221387 tn?1210933058 I have a question, I took a drug screen but I took flexeril, will flexeril make you fail a drug screen. Anyone that can help me I will be ever so greatful!!!
Avatar f tn Flexeril is not addictive if you use it only when needed I took it for years for a bad back but you dont get hi on it so for the most part if taken as directed your ok just stay away from soma that is a different story...................................Gnarly.....................................
Avatar f tn I have taken flexeril, could not take more than a 1/4 or I would feel very odd. Maybe that was a good thing. You can get a pill cutter and start cutting your dose. We aren't allowed to talk about how to dose hopefully you can get the jist of this. While trying to wean down I would up your vitamins. There is something called a Thomas Recipe but that is for narcotics,so not sure if it would work for you. Your muscles may need more magnesium than normal.
Avatar m tn I am new to this site, saw your post, and feel compelled to tell you about my experience with Flexeril. Several years ago I was having serious neck spasms, so my doctor prescribed Flexeril. I don't remember the milligram, it was standard, and I was to take 3 a day. The first day I took three, I found myself looking at my bottle of pain medication thinking about taking the whole bottle at once! I immediately threw the Flexeril in the trash.
Avatar f tn Flexeril is a muscle relaxant. Sweetie, I would ask your doctor about something like that before taking anything. You never know if you will have a reaction to a medication and if it was not prescribed to you and you received it from someone else that person could potentially be in trouble with the law. I do not believe Flexeril is addictive. But, please call your doctor instead. That's just my two cents! WTG for being clean from vicodin for 3 weeks!!! AWESOME!!!
Avatar m tn Two months ago i took flexeril (muscle relaxer) for tmj like symptoms. Right after that i noticed hypo symptoms and when i went to the doc intested at tsh 17. Was i wrong to think that the pill triggered my thyroid? I have hashimotos By the way. I am asking because i am hanving jaw tension and pain now and want to take the flexeril but i am afraid it might trigger my hyop tyroidism.
1415174 tn?1453243103 m going again tomorrow to perhaps get off of flexeril and maybe get a monitor to take home. Has anyone had this happen to them when on Flexeril? I noticed that the skipped beats got worse with the supplements i'm on too but don't know if these should cause such an event.
604266 tn?1236358985 Hey all, Hope everyones holiday weekend was fab:) My pain doc prescribed some Flexeril for me today. I'm excited because it's non-narcotic and I'd rather just keep away from the any narcs. But my little(yeah, right)fear of medication is getting to me. I relaized the muscle relaxants might help because as soon as I started ambien my pain decreased some.
1460652 tn?1340248730 has anyone ever had pvcs/pacs while on the muscle relaxant flexeril? for the last couple of months my constant pvcs have been actually somewhat manageable, or at least tolerable. then i was involved in a car accident and was prescribed flexeril 7 days ago. the palps started 30 mins after the first pill. i just thought it was stress from the accident and "oh great, the skips are back"...until they became debilitating, and my bp dropped to 90/50, where as it is usually 115/75.
Avatar f tn I have been prescribed Flexeril for over a year, as a muscle relaxant for long term back and neck pain... I was told it was a 'safe' drug, and not to worry about it - it was not addicting. Now, after taking it for this long, I have re-read the patient information packet, and see that it is only for short term use, and I cannot find information on how to titrate off. I get migraine headaches whenever I stop taking it for any length of time, as well as other symptoms...
733362 tn?1489794936 I have been taking 3/4 of a 10mg Flexerit once a day before bed Pain Management Dr put me on 4-1/2 yrs ago while detoxing from Valium (horrible). I'm sure God brought me here getting off Valium. People here helped me so much like Cricket, AtThebeach and many others. I couldn't have done it without them and our Heavenly Father. Was on Gabapentin (for me is a horrible drug). He offered that again, maybe won't be as bad now, not withdrawing from Valium.
Avatar f tn I been taking flexeril for years because of muscle pain due to Lupus and for the last 2 months have been being treated for severe indigestion as a side effect of the med Verapimil. I was wondering if the flexeril could relax the sphincter muscle that is involved in GERD? Please give me any ideas or info you might have regarding if the flexeril would be contraindicated due to the GERD situation? Thanks, God bless!
Avatar m tn My big fear is epilepsy Oxy use to make me shake and bite my tongue but since i been on 200mg Lamictal it has stopped I read Flexeril may cause seizure but then I also read the opposite. Even if I am not epileptic I like to play it safe as my Doc is out, and the pharmacy worker never seems to know anything. So does Flexeril increase seizure risk or is that just for (diagnosed) epileptics? I don't want to add it to the oxy and have a attack.
Avatar m tn Flexeril and soma are both muscle relaxers....doesn't seem as if teking both each day would be of any benefit...flexeril is the safer of the two as far as addiction....there are some warnings posted as far as anti-depressents and some of the aminos...I was on lexapro (anti-depressent) during detox...nuerontin, I also take flexeril rarely but it can help you sleep..I followed the recipe without difficulty...
Avatar m tn Am i allergic to flexeril, benadryl, and most PM drugs? I have scoliosis, a bulged disc, and very mild arthritis in my back, but the pain can get to be unbearable. my muscles are so tight and knotted that it can leave me in tears (20 year old male). i have been taking flexeril for a year, and i have only used two bottles (60 10mg tablets) however, when i took one two nights ago, i began to shake and get very cold.
Avatar f tn ve also tried Soma and that also worked pretty well for me and was not as sedating (for me anyway) as the flexeril. I do think the flexeril is a little better than the Soma was as far as helping wiht pain/spasms.
237152 tn?1206651036 I'm off the pain pills, but my Dr. gave me Flexeril awhile back, but I never took it because I was only interested in the hydro. I have taken Soma and it gives a unique buzz at first, and I have red they can be addictive. Does Flexeril have any addictive properties? Is it safe to take?
1415174 tn?1453243103 I have started on new meds Flexeril at night, lymbrel 500 twice a day, and Avosoy (non-prescription). The Flexeril drys my mouth out at night. Do you think this a side effect or an allergy of one of these drugs? I think the Flexeril dried my mouth and cause chapped lips and perhaps an infection from the old chap stick? please advise. It is not Herpes cold sores as I know what that looks like. It has an ordered distribution like the hair follicles.
Avatar n tn I swear by Flexeril! I have dealt with Chiari symptoms for over 20 years now and now if I take a Flexeril right when the headache starts to come on, I fall asleep and wake up as if I never had the headache. It is a miracle drug for Chiari headaches!!