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Avatar m tn twitchy, nausea, stomach pain, not sleeping, achy, creepy crawley. My question is, would Flexeril or Baclofen (muscle relaxers) ease the cramps/pain to make it easier to sleep? Would it set me back as far as getting off the codone? Is it an opiate? Don't want to do anything to set this process back. Too much hell to go through. But sleep would be good. Thanks for any answers/help!
Avatar f tn I have severe back pain to the point I wake up sleeping on my back because I esentially get 'stuck' it feels like its out of joint at times. Also severe leg cramps most of the time I can't sit stand or lay without discomfort to the point I have trouble sleeping at all. Is flexeril harmful to my baby at 29 weeks?? I was thinking of taking a half pill. Not for regular use, just in extreme pain.
1972798 tn?1355552867 So I have been awake since 145 (10 hours now) this morning due to leg cramps which started last night that were so persistant nothing would take them away.. Long story short after taking baths, using a heating pad, massaging, whining, taking tylonol and stretching with nothing even touch the pain I ended up in ER for a leg ultrasound to rule out blood clot and blood work to be sure calcium and potassium were ok.
Avatar f tn About 10 months ago, I started experiencing terrible muscle cramps in my right leg and toes on both feet. I have seen a neurologist and tests indicate that I have muscle damage in both legs. My legs are so weak, that it is hard to do much walking without getting absolutely exhausted. I have had elevated muscle enzymes for many months now, have been tested for various autoimmune diseases, but all tests come back negative. The doctors seem to be puzzled as to what is going on.
1068422 tn?1293687853 There are multiple unapproved products containing quinine currently on the market, used off-label to treat leg cramps and similar conditions. Since 1969, FDA received 665 reports of adverse events with serious outcomes associated with quinine use, including 93 deaths. Quinine drugs are associated with serious side effects, such as cardiac arrhythmias, thrombocytopenia, and severe hypersensitivity reactions.
454371 tn?1221300985 Leg cramps can be very painful. Mine sometimes feel like they are tied up in knots. Have you tried stretching them really good? I have a back injury so this is how they showed me to do it. First you pull your stomache in and round out your back. Then bend at the knees and put one leg straight out in front of you. Put both your hands on the leg out, just above the knee. Now bend down further and you will start to feel the stretch all the way down your leg and in your butt.
529159 tn?1224994626 This past week I have been abruptly woken up with severe leg cramps in my thighs, calfs, and toes. My toes get all distorted and all I can do is scream in pain. The cramps last for what seems an eternity (an hour+). I usually take some heating creams and rub them all over and rub/stretch as much as I can. But, sometimes I cannot even move because it hurts so much. I have took some muscle relaxers last night and finally fell asleep.
Avatar f tn I was having night leg cramps. I thought it was the MS. But my neuro said no -- that some people just have night leg cramps. When I mentioned it to my internist, she suggested taking a magnesium vitamin supplement (OTC). I've done that -- and now I no longer experience the cramping, unless I forget to take my magnesium.
Avatar n tn I have had leg cramps as a kid and now that I am 34 for the past 3-4 years they are VERY bad. I am on Gluten free diet as well so even if I do have celiac that isn't the cause. I don't eat processed food either or if I do it is 2 times a week like a packaged organic soup. Rest is raw veggies, greek yogurts, eggs, etc. I suffer from very sore muscles that spasms a lot and sometimes even roll around my legs during the day.
Avatar n tn going on 3 the pain in my right leg is almost gone but now im feeling the pain to start in my left leg also when im driving the pain flares up in right leg or when i bend over the pain in my back is bad and feels like all my leg muscles are being pulled i guess i just want to know if this is normal with a bulging disc
1231176 tn?1275594422 this is the 3rd night in a row,having bad charley horses in my lt.
Avatar m tn I just live with it and appreciate the moments not cramped -- I get the feet/toe, leg and hand cramps like when you cramp from swimming. Motrin OTC helps some but honestly not enough to bother taking it. I really had no idea what coming off a ton of meds would be like -- wish I had some clue. Hydro is viocodin or percocets (?) - it should be fairly manageable. I would probably taper over a week and then go CT but that is ME.
Avatar m tn does any know if a muscle relaxer would help with leg cramps i hate them so no worry of addiction but during the worst part of the rls whould they help my wife asked her dr.
Avatar n tn Sometimes it will only jump once or twice a day. When my leg is not jumping, it is painful. Yesterday, my right leg started feeling like it wanted to jump or like there was pressure on it. Never jumped though. I have had a brain MRI, c-spine MRI, lumbar MRI, and sleep deprived EEG--all are normal. Blood work is all OK. I am currently waiting on results from a Lyme test. But I still don't have a diagnosis. Please help! I have research everything I know and I can't find anything like this.
Avatar n tn My bilirubin number's have improved at a steady rate ,but at the same rate muscle cramping has become more and more extreme.My Dr. has tried Flexeril,Zanaflex, along with Ambien CR to try just to get me through a single nite.Wrapping A.C.E. bandages ease slightly yet still 6 out of 7 days I wake with a scream in extreme pain.1st started with my ankles but now thigh to toe ;shoulders to fingers .Day now as well as nite.Can anyone give me advice?!!!!!!
Avatar m tn I used to discribe the siatic pain as if someone took a rubberband and was pulling it as tight as possible then connecting it to an electrical current. I know what you are talking with the leg cramps..awful. I am glad to hear the stretching and strengthening excercises are working for you. If the leg cramps keep up,discuss it with your dr,he can give you something for muscle spasms which helps...my dr gave me flexeril.
5447621 tn?1368112421 Then pm dr lowered percocet and gabapentin dosages to less than half of what I had been on for 3 months..there went the withdrawal again...the leg cramps in left leg(nerve damage from spinal cyst has left me with no feeling in left leg,but have restless leg,stabbing hot pain in my left foot) all started 10fold..pm dr then upped gabapentin back to original post op dose and fentanyl 25 mcg every 3 days. I am thinking I am going to be in hell withdrawing.
Avatar f tn ) Willy you are right I should stop all but so scared of the leg cramps, I have 2 young children and when those creepy crawly leg cramps happen I loose it so confused don't know what to do, but all your advice has been so great I am going to use it and CONGRATS!!! on day 91!!!
Avatar n tn You might want to talk with your doc about checking your blood levels of minerals -- and not just blood sugar. Some folks (athletes) get relief from muscle cramps by increasing potassium and others have improvement with small amounts of quinine. I'm also not a doctor, so do talk about these possibilities with him/her since these things might not "mix well" with your current conditions or meds. Let us know what you find out. Leg cramping seems not uncommon among diabetics.
Avatar n tn when my lower back and right buttock/right leg is in pain and burning bad the burning and pain in my feet and legs get worse and seem to "spread"upwards. The inside of my left leg is discolored a deep red and is hard and completely numb. Sometimes it feels like ice water running down my leg, bee stings, sharp knifelike pains and fasciculations and muscle cramps. Even in the abdominals.
Avatar f tn I have Flexeril while I'm in limbo and that helps for sure. It's just a weird feeling. Like I'm subconsciously tightening those muscles, I "manually" relax them, then they tighten again. I have bladder problems too, which I'm assuming are the same area but I can't tell that to shut up. Has anyone experienced this? It's very odd. Like there's someone else I'm now forced to share my body with. I have other symptoms but this one I would like to understand.
Avatar f tn They just feel tight all of the time and nothing is loosening them up. It is not cramps like charlie horses, at least in my arm. Last night was just horrible. No matter how I put my arm it just hurt. In fact, it was the first night since I've had this problem (over a month now) where I've woken up because of it and cried out that it hurts to my husband. It is still really tight and achey today and now my right thumb is having severe cramping off and on all day. I don't know what to do.
338416 tn?1420049302 Called the neurologist early this week because my right leg has been really weak for several days now - and the left leg seems to be getting worse too. Woke up this morning and one of my old symptoms was back - my left foot feels like somebody's been beating on the bottom of it with a baseball bat. Hurts to walk on it, and my right leg is weak, so it's double trouble! I'm pretty sure the pain is spasticity.
Avatar m tn I am a 32 year old female, I have been going crazy for the past 3 years trying to find out what is wrong with me. I have joint pain, muscles pain, occasional muscle cramps (mostly legs), occasional muscle twitching like when I am driving my leg just jumps. I am tired all the time, though I do have good days where I feel energetic and have only pain associated with an injury.
Avatar f tn Rosemary, I was in the same boat for several years with very severe leg cramps. The only thing that helped me was a prescription for flexeril, a muscle relaxer that blocks nerve impulses. The generic is cyclobenzaprine. I take 10 mgs. before bed, and it's very effective. Good luck!
Avatar n tn It s called Hylands Restful Legs... they also have one especailly for leg cramps.. depending on what bothers you most.. the Restful tabs help that weird tingling wanting to stretch feeling.. I wish you the best and I am pulling for you.. sounds like you are set..
1728262 tn?1315101368 Hello All, I have been experiencing, for the first time, sever muscle cramps in my necj, upper back and down my left arm. Its been debilitating and the absolute most painful and horrifying experience in my life. These are not just a muscle cramp one gets from dehydration or from running, they seem to linger and last forever. I have lost the remaining feeling in my left hand, my arm is so weak, and when there is no active cramp the entire arm just aches so bad.
Avatar n tn He prescribed a month of flexeril and motrin and some bloodwork. I took the flexeril last night and although I was still having the twitches, they seemed a little softer. After laying down though, my left leg began vibrating like crazy. It felt like it was like a back massager and I couldn't sleep for an hour because of it. This morning I woke up with a rash all over both arms & aches in the joints on my left side again & twitching mainly on left side, but some in right arm/leg.