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1415174 tn?1453246703 Hi group, I had a cortisone injection into a trigger point or my spot where it hurts and I keep getting reinjured (nervous system is oversensitized) and I'm deconditioned. How long does it take to work completely and how long will it last. My problem is chronic pain and inflammation.
1415174 tn?1453246703 Hi group, I had a cortisone injection into a trigger point or my spot where it hurts and I keep getting reinjured (nervous system is oversensitized) and I'm deconditioned. How long does it take to work completely and how long will it last. My problem is chronic pain and inflammation.
875863 tn?1271606985 The following Sunday after the injection, I went to Urgent Care. didn't get much help there, but they gave me Flexeril to calm the shoulder and neck spasms. I took it until I was able to see the Chiropractor, which I did on the Monday after this all started. It took a few treatments, before I felt decent again. Talked to the Doctor about it on the 10th of August. We decided not to do the Lumbar injections again, and will just do the SI injections to see if that's all it will take to help me.
875863 tn?1271606985 July 15, 2011 I had lumbar injections yesterday. As soon as the Dr. started, My left leg went into fits of shock, where it felt like it was being electrocuted, This happened 2- 3 times. Can't remember. 2 for sure. It went from my buttocks to my toes. It was extremely painful, to the point of not being able to tell the dr. which side was affected. He decided that I needed to be cottered(?), went in with a camera so he could see. So they switched OR rooms and went on with business.
612876 tn?1355518095 http://www.drugs.com/sumavel-dosepro.html http://www.sumaveldosepro.com/ I'll admit that it was a little intimidating, but when you have migraines that evil (my fellow migraineurs understand), you're willing to try ANYTHING. I knew that in the mental state I'm in when these strike, I wouldn't be able to administer the injection myself so I worked with my home nurse and Mr. McDreamy so they would know how to give it to me when the time came. Soooo, here's the good news.
Avatar f tn I first went to my PCP about this (she handles all my health issues, including my pain management) and she gave me dilaudid and flexeril (to replace my normal lorcet plus) and immediately made me an urgen appt with an orthopedic doc. She also sent me that day for xrays, which I took with me to the ortho appt (the ortho was actually one of their PA's, but that's fine with me). Anyway, the ortho said I did have ddd, at least one bulgin disc with pinched/trapped nerve/s.
Avatar m tn I have had MRI's, sleep studys (no sleep apnea), deep tissue massages. The only thing that has relieved it is a round of steroids (combined with flexeril)-it went away completely for a few weeks then returned. My doctor gave me an epidural sterod injection (thinking that if the oral steroids worked, the injection would work better going straight to the spot). That was 4 days ago-I haven't seen a difference-still waking with the headaches-they wear me out.
Avatar f tn He thinks it is muscle and did a trigger point injection in the medius minus muscle. Again more pain. After each injection, the pain increases and then subsides but never back to the previous low. I believe this doctor has something to do with sports and he has me doing exercises. He thinks it is the gluteus maximus and it will take 6 to 8 months. I must do the exercises and the pain is showing there is blood getting to that muscle and to change a muscle it will take 3 months.
Avatar f tn I've had no relief from pt or gabapenten prednisone or flexeril or Toradol injection. My back pain has only gotten worse and my leg pain is a shooting sensation along with burning sensation. It's so unbearable it at times makes me sick and faint. I've gotten no help for pain relief and have been suffering too long. This is my first time on here I hope someone has some new answers for me.
Avatar n tn I will pick up TORADOL prescription tomorrow. I'll be taking Flexeril too since I have bulge disc. And I still have Xanax so it's ok to take it with TORADOL? I have vitamins - 6 pills of Caltrate (for Bone & Colon Health) 600+D and 6 VITAMIN D 50000IU CAPSULES -- I had saved it, didn't use it, it's still good I looked expiration date. I think it would help if I take those now to ease for me to go through WD's? I cannot taper, it just won't work...
Avatar f tn That's serious pain medication. I use Darvocet and Flexeril as needed. So far, that is managing my pain. How often were you taking the Lortab and Oxycontin? It may take a bit to adjust to meds that are not as strong. What meds are you taking to manage your RA?
1283286 tn?1312915566 I ha back surgery last month to fix a bulge on L-5 which was pinning the sciatic nerve. The procedure involved removing the ruptured material in order to give the nerve the space it would have under normal circumstances.. Two weeks after surgery I started having a repeat flairup of the pain I was experiencing prior to surgery which in the past week has come back with a vengence. Last Weds I had a followup MRI done to see if it could reveal what was going on.
Avatar m tn I came up in pimples after the next injection which meant I had an allergy to the injection - the alternative B12 injection wasn't available in this country. THEN he checked my bloodwork and realised the nurse had read it back to front and I was able to absorb B12 orally. Whenever I start feeling achey I take a B-complex with a high B12 mcg. I googled B12 and sciatica and found a women who had also has this result with B12.
Avatar m tn My husband had been having severe back spasms and just had this blocker injection done two weeks ago. Two days after the injection he was good as new and it's still working. My husband couldn't sleep either, woke up in the middle of the night, etc. Good luck to ya!
Avatar n tn i had gotten two injections in lumber spine of March of this year.two days after second injection my left leg foot and ankle swelled up two inches bigger then right side for whole month of April.i was told it didn't swell from injections. I was told have patella alta in left leg.well now its Nov and everything that happened on left is now on right side. Tingling numbness extreme pain.i have multilevel diffuse bulging and herniated disks i lumber.i have type2 diabetes.
Avatar n tn Along with the pain I get extremely dizzy, and get weird tingling sensations in my face, I have had MRIs and catscans that have all come back negative for anything serious. The medicine Iv takin (neurontin, flexeril, and prozac) have done very little to help my pain. Does anyone else suffer from ON and are my current symptoms right? Im very nervous about the tingling on the right side of my face.
Avatar n tn you need to consult a neurosurgeon for evaluation. You have been prescribed drugs like flexeril, muscle relaxant, gabapentin, anti convulsant used for neuropathic pain, opioids, etc. You need to put faith whichever combination of medications you are using. Do not mix up drugs or try all. Follow one doctor’s advice and consult the doctor again if not much relief. Check with a physiotherapist and if still in pain, consider undergoing surgery. Hope this helps. Take care.
Avatar m tn I have ongoing pain, headaches, right arm weakness, tingling, burning in right hand. I have had 6 injections since 3 cervical epidural steroid injection and 3 C6-C7 nerve root blocks. I had short term relief, usually 2-3 weeks. I take Vicodin 5/500 twice a day and flexeril at night. Just had new MRI which reads: Disc extrusion contributing to a severe canal stenosis at C3-C4 level. There is a combination of osteophytosis identified to the left also. There is deformity of the coord.
Avatar f tn Attacks are only stopped by Imitrex injection. oxygen does not work. Sometimes nothing will stop it. Preventative medications that can NOT be tolerated include Topamax, Zonegran, Depakote, Lithium, Amitriptaline. Only preventative I take every day is extended release Verapamil. Does not seem to be as effective as the previous daily 600mg of the "regular" Verapamil. 720mg daily Verapamil was attempted but when EKG was performed it was negatively affecting my heart.
1581408 tn?1296510470 I am lucky to be alive at all, and extremely lucky that the only serious damage I suffered was a compression fracture of my T7 vertebrae. At the ER, I was given some kind of injection that really did help the pain, but unfortunately, whatever that drug was, it isn't available in prescription form.
Avatar f tn They eventually started me on narcotic pain meds and for the last 2-3 years I have been on 20mg oxycontin 1x day, 15mg oxycodone 4x day, flexeril 1x day and cambia as needed (insurance only allowed 9 a month). Oh, forgot to mention I was in a car accident in 2003. Some issues with my c4-c6. Docs assumed this is where the headaches were coming from. Due to my husband's job, we had to move overseas.
Avatar f tn Did they use fluoroscope with the injection? What kind of doctor did you see? Was it a LESI? I have had 6 LESI procedures in the past 2 years. The first 4 worked without incidence. The last 2 have been nightmares. Increased pain for a week afterward. This last injection, not even 2 weeks ago, left me in a lot of pain and on top of it I herniated my disk further causing a severe acute event. My point is, every injection is different.
Avatar n tn My PCP worked with me and found that it was the muscles in neck and upper back causing them. I took Flexeril first as needed, then nightly, and when I missed a dose, I would get a headache. Doc then took me off saying I could not take it for an extended time. I was assigned a new PCP, and saw her for the headaches because it's very intolerable and I when I turn my head to the left I feel pain, like someone pinching me inside. She did a cspine xray, showed nothing.
Avatar f tn After reading el_em_en_oh's question about taking the dilaudid and the flexeril together, I decided to make a phone call to the pharmacy before I took the flexeril. I mean, I know my doc prescribed both, but yes, they are human, and they can't possibly always remember ALL possible intereactions between meds.
Avatar n tn Facet injection at T10-11 at Pain Clinic successful on first injection. All pain disappears as result of injection on 08/14/03. Severe pain returns 04/29/04. Referred to Pain Clinic and received 2 facet injections which are unsuccessful. Referred to neurologist who states I have neuralgia, usually associated with shingles - never had shingles. Currently taking Prempro, Protonix, Vioxx, Trileptal, Flexeril, Percocet, Actiq & using Lioderm patches.
Avatar f tn They have tried a cortisone injection, a dose pak, Ultram, ibuprofen, Darvocet, Percocet, Flexeril, Baclofen, Soma, and pain shot injection (at ER). I've also had physical therapy for 2 weeks, and of course ice, stretching, etc. Finally, I think we have found the right combination of medication: 300 mg of Neurontin (3 x a day), and 5mg/500mg of Lortab (Every 4-6 hours as needed). My Acupuncturist believes it is my SI joint, and my PCP believes it is nerve pain from MS.
1415174 tn?1453246703 Hi again, has anyone had myofascial release for myofascial pain trigger point or a trigger point injection? If so did it work and was it permanent or temporary? Also, how painful was your trigger point and how painful was the treatment for it and it is worth it?
Avatar n tn imitrex, tylenol with codeine, celexa, flexeril, doxepin, trazadone, naproxen, allegra D, prozac, lidocaine patch, fludrocortisone, mobic, inderal, migranol, zomisamide, effexor, lortab, singular. Trey is now on: singular, nortripytline (for sleep, makes him edgy?), fludrocortisone, loratadine, depakote. Trey is currently seeing an osteopath/physical therapist who says his tissues are reacting positively to her treatments. A lot of the pain seems to be in his over-charged nerves.
454606 tn?1361929280 He gave me a cortisone injection and then walked out, saying he thinks I will be fine. I can not imagine how my muscles are going to be strengthened from PT when there is already existing atrophy of my leg muscels. I take morphine 30mg 3X a day, Neurontin 3300mg a day, Celebrex and Flexeril. They take care of my pain, but they don't make walking any easier.
Avatar n tn I was treated again with a course of oral steriods, and pain medication. I also was tried on flexeril and later neurotin all with no relief for the pain. I was given a TENS machine and had another round with therapy all with no relief. I received an epidural injection in my lower spine and still no relief. I was discharged from the care after 7 months with a lot of pain meds and told good luck.