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Avatar m tn I just received an call from someone that thinks they may have overdosed on it. He usually does not take it and took up to ten 10mg tablets today and feels somewhat out of it. 100mg in one shot shouldn't do too much should it? He is in No. CA and I'm in So. CA so I can't get to him. Should I be concerned about him not waking up? Apparently he took six of them yesterday and I read the half life is 1-3 days. Apparently he's having muscle spasms. Is there reason to call for help?
Avatar f tn Your body is used to getting this medication. It is going to be looking for it. This is just my opinion, I am not a doctor. I have taken flexeril, could not take more than a 1/4 or I would feel very odd. Maybe that was a good thing. You can get a pill cutter and start cutting your dose. We aren't allowed to talk about how to dose hopefully you can get the jist of this. While trying to wean down I would up your vitamins.
Avatar f tn Please know you are not alone. This Forum has really helped me! I''m on day 9 off FENTANYL & day 3 off Darvocet. I used the Darvocet to help with the Fentanyl WD's. Fentanyl is waaaay stronger than Morphine! Anyway, I'm feeling better today. I woke up with a little bit of a craving for the Darvocet, but what I did was EAT! I lost 19 pounds in 2 months on the Fentanyl. I look bad! But, i don't care. Just make the leap & get started!
237152 tn?1206654636 I have taken Soma and it gives a unique buzz at first, and I have red they can be addictive. Does Flexeril have any addictive properties? Is it safe to take?
Avatar f tn Hi and sorry about your neck/back injury. Flexeril does work a lot better. I was on it for 9 months. It wasn't too hard to get off of. Skelaxin didn't work as well for me either but did work some as I felt it after I got of of it. For short term I would take Flexeril at night (5mg). Apparently Skelaxin doesn't work for you.Flexeril only works for 3 weeks then it is a sleeping pill really. I would go on an off as needed.
5082295 tn?1371254511 Hi..I was also going to ask how long does it take for the hylands leg cramps take to work? I took 2 (it said 2-4 every 4 hrs) like 30mins or an hour ago?,my legs r cramping bad from lowering a lot bc I have only 2 left. So need these to work ASAP!
1415174 tn?1453246703 Hi group, How hard is it to get off Flexeril. I have been taking it for 9 months.?
Avatar f tn I have anxiety and am on medications for it, but the cessastion of flexeril makes it SO bad, that I usually just take one to make it stop. I know it isn't a controlled substance, but I do think you can acquire dependence to it. The same with anit-depressants (ssri's in particular), as I have experienced sheer hell from stopping Paxil. I will never be able to get off of SSRI's as I have been on them since I was 10 (in 1994)...
1401023 tn?1280784958 It seems to be working well right now and I'm able to relax my body enough to feel comfortable. It doesn't take away the pain, but it does take away the anxiety. I do not take any medications for anxiety, but there are some days where it would benifit me very well. I have some apps for relaxiation on my ipod and they've been a life saver.
Avatar m tn I used flexiril. It does help by relaxing your muscles. It seems to take awhile to kick in, though. Bananas help too. The Thomas recipe mentioned, can be found in my journals.
221387 tn?1210936658 are you trying to get high on flexeril? it can't be much fun. it just about puts you to sleep. so now what is going on? how come you are being drug tested? and why do you take flexeril?
733362 tn?1489798536 Having sleep problems without it so trying to taper like I did Valium. It's not going very well. If I just stop it how long does it take to get a good nights sleep? I don't think the Flexeril is going to have much w/d but I have been anxious and not sleeping good, especially on the 1 year old pieces, also not very accurate getting 1/2 a pill out of pieces, I have newer just using the old ones 1st. Between the Valium, Gabapentin and Flexeril I've had help sleeping for 20 years.
230948 tn?1235847929 does that still make you sleepy/ can you take it when you need it or is it something you take all the time?and does it work? And what else is out there? going to my rheumy tomorrow in london and want him to write to my GP with a precription as she wont do anything without a consultants say so.
Avatar f tn I don't even have the urge to WANT to take it anymore. I feel amazing since being off of it. Never EVER again will I take it.
Avatar f tn I just take my lyrica 3 times a day faithfully and that tends to keep it at bay, sometimes it doesn't seem to work but I still take it anyway, which reminds me I need to take it now. Hope you feel better.
Avatar m tn I took just the one pill to try to make it through some family things for Christmas that I had too. They didn't really do anything for me anyway. My kids are 11 1/2, 10 and 6. I am hoping that having 1 more day at home will make it that I am fairly functional by the time they get here. I don't really have much choice in the matter, those are my days and I am NOT telling my ex about this. Thanks for the suggestions.
Avatar f tn First, I was prescribed this med and then I found other ways to get it. Knowbody knows I take it as much as I do. Anyone....have some advice?
Avatar n tn How is this going to affect taking the suboxone treatments? How long will I have to wait before it is safe to take or will they even let me have the suboxine?
Avatar n tn how *bad* is going through withdrawl? how long will it take? How do you STOP? ANY support will be appreciated. THANKS!!!
Avatar m tn Many people function well long term on narcotic pain relievers and do not become addicted because they are careful how they use it and use it to treat real pain rather than to escape or some kind of psychologically based perceived benefit. They still become accustomed to the drug, developing "tolerance" to it, and there are disadvantages. I hope you get some good information on this issue, and I hope you get the help appropriate for your situation.
Avatar f tn but it does need to be dealt with What was his total daily dose of oxy..both contin and codone? it will play a part in this...but for most a week or less and they r over the hard part...careul with the ativan as it is a strong benodiazepine and alos addictive...using it sparingly right now will help alot tho..just not for extended use....but we r all different. quality of life can be more important than physical dependency He needs to drink plenty of fluids...
Avatar f tn If you are concerned about the tylenol, you could take pure oxycodone IR as JayBay recommended or some other immediate release opioid formulation. It took awhile for the pain relief to become more constant after starting morphine as it does take some time to build up in your system. But as others mentioned, you may not metabolize morphine well and in that case you will not reach that steady state of pain relief.
Avatar f tn I was on ativann for anxiety attacks, it was wonderful, quick working and did the job, though the first few times I took it, I felt "like water" or even "drunk" but I got used to it The downside I found was that mybody quickly got used to it, I had to keep increasing the dosage to get an effect and eventually had to get off of it because it was too dangerous. So I switched to clonezepam.
Avatar f tn I have been on neurontin then switched to lyrica. It helps take the edge off so that it is dealable, well most of the time. I also have muscle relaxers I take for the spasms. I have had the pain going on for 2 years now, I would like to say that you get use to it, but you really don't. Well you get use to the achy feeling but the burning is the hardest part to deal with. Nothing like feeling like you are on fire.
655875 tn?1295698707 I don't know how long it takes to get this out of my system. My body does burn from the inside out and I do have bone pain, just not as bad as that first taper I did. Plus I can sleep 2-3 hours at a time before waking up. Last time I was up 4 days straight.
Avatar m tn When can I expect the withdrawals to end and how long does it take to get back to my normal self with no effects whatsoever of the Fentanyl? I seriously need help!
Avatar n tn I have made it for 6 years now praise God, But, I sorely remember everything that you just related to ,i went throough with my husband and then some. I would take a book to tell you how it all came down and then to how i got to where I am now. I would like to share with you personally about how things went, I know that they could really help you, and My husband would very much be willing to talk with you husband, when he's ready, He needs someone to talk with too.
Avatar n tn I wouldn't have been able to work as long as I did if it hadn't been for going to one. Also, without knowing the actual cause of the bruising, from my bleeding disorder, he also helped me with nutrition and vitimin suppliments--which reduced the bruising affect and I became a much healther person. It only had been in the last couple of years that I stopped, becuase insurance issues and it didn't seem to help with the herniation when it was compressed. Would like to speak with you though.
Avatar f tn I hear you on your situation and not being able to take off work however there has to be a way for you to be able to have the surgery. The fact that your even a candidate for surgery is a blessing. Many are told theres nothing that can be done and they will have to live with the pain. If theres a surgical option that can fix the pain....Id go for it. Id look into some hospice care or something.
401095 tn?1351395370 I've gotten lucky that way twice, but one day, I won't be so lucky. I am at work now, and had to take 2 tens b/c my head hurts so bad, soo soo bad.. god I'm so effed up.. Oh well, did that answer your survey!!