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1415174 tn?1453246703 I've tried both Soma and Flexeril (not at same time!) for muscle relaxers (I have fibromyalgia, lupus, severe arthritis). Really the only side effect I've experienced with the Flexeril is that it makes me VERY sleepy, but when I'm hurting and having trouble getting the rest that I need, that actually is a good thing! I don't take it every day - only when needed, so I'm not sure that if I took it more often if my body would eventually get used to it and it wouldn't make me as sleepy.
Avatar m tn I am living on Vicadin, and flexeril. Stomach was ruined years ago by arthritis drugs and now have stomach ulcers. So I am fighting pain daily, from the time I get out of bed. I have been told it is psoriatic arthritis, and I have been told it is FIbromyalgia, depending on which quack you talk to. Any comments on care for pain would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn I was told celebrex and flexeril was a no no by my ob and by the pediatrician. I was on it for several years and stopped it when I got pregnant and was told I could not resume taking it until after baby was weaned. Im not sure about the other meds. Sorry I can't be of more help.
Avatar f tn I also take Omneprasole to protect my stomach from the relafen and for pain I take Darvocet and either Zanaflex or Flexeril. I am able to function now at an acceptable level. Expect to take the Plaquenil for at least 3 months before you can evaluate whether or not it is helping you. This is true for almost all the meds they give us. It took me a year and a half to get the right prescription and dosage combinations to get relief. I hope it will not take that long for you!
Avatar f tn do you have addiction in your passed, I don't mean to be nosey but it really makes a difference when deciding if you want to be beholden to narcotics for the rest of your life. yes there are great ones that help alot but they can also become part of the problem. I suggest the extended relief if you find you are in pain all the time, something like a Kadian or the Fentanyl Patch and then something milder for breakthrough pain like Opana or Dilauded.
591546 tn?1244640145 I hope your doctor will give you something for joint and muscle pain and do ask for a generic. The combination of darvocet and flexeril does wonders for me, but I can only take them together at night. Please do let us know what happens.
778803 tn?1244643952 I am on Plaquenil and low dosage prednisone for Sjrogen/lupus. I am also currently starting a treatment of Vit D at 50,000 units per week... for deficiency... Could Facet arthritis all come from this autoimune problem... I do also have osteoarthritis on my knees and arthritis on my shoulder... Any advice out there is welcomed.
Avatar n tn This is what happened to me and my doctor and I didn't put 2 and 2 together for several weeks but this is called reactive arthritis and it can last for a few months or in my case up to 2 years but then it dissipates. Basically your body over reacts to an infection and your immune system begins to attack your joints, back etc. Stay positive and your doctor will help you over come the pain...but put some thought to a possible infection as a trigger...
Avatar n tn I have been taking tramadol, lortab, and flexeril for arthritis for tmj for a injury I recieved form getting hit by a car when I was younger. I also suffer from from chrons and migraine's and take topamax and asacol and robinul and reglan. My doctor started me on clonazepam for 3 weeks to give my liver a rest form the lortab, but I already have been getting some side effects that scare me like moody ness, feely depressed and not feeling right.
Avatar m tn my muscles are so tight and knotted that it can leave me in tears (20 year old male). i have been taking flexeril for a year, and i have only used two bottles (60 10mg tablets) however, when i took one two nights ago, i began to shake and get very cold. following that immediately was immense pain in my chest, and extreme pressure going against my breathing. it was all night long until i could breath normally, i was so light headed from panting that it made me nauseous.
Avatar n tn I'm worried! My fiancee' has been prescribed Tramadol, which worked very well for him but he has gone through 40 pills in 10 days and the way his dr. wrote his script it says "use 1-2 tablets every 8 hours as needed" so he cannot get a refill for another 2 weeks. He saw a local dr. who prescribed Flexeril, Percocet and Naproxen. The Naproxen made him very sick as well as angry (the anger could also be from coming off of the Tramadol) so now he's taking Percocet and Flexeril.
Avatar f tn I havIe been a chronic pain patient for 13 years in the state of TN. TN is not a methadone friendly state. My pain management specialist had me on methadone for 12 years after trying other optoids with no success. I regained about 70% of my ability to function and good pain relief. I was able to go back to work after a year in bed.
748543 tn?1463449675 For the past few weeks I have been throwing around ideas as to the best way to respond to this matter. You see a recent article ( Feb.3 , 2009 NY times) titled "Best treatment for TMJ May be Nothing" nearly made me clench my jaw to pieces. While well written, I found that the author, Ms. Brody, relied heavily on out dated and narrow perspective supplied to her by a small group of dentists.
969912 tn?1250568026 Then again another friend of mine from MedHelp started the same day I did, has FM and sever arthritis and it is working like a dream for her. Jenny- I do not know how you work the hours you do. Many of us are on disability, so as soon as you can go to 32 hours the better. Its not defeat, its just wise. We only have a reserve of energy, and when that gets tapped, its hard. I had gotten daily migraines until I started on Topamax. I take 125 mg. a night. It works well for me.
Avatar f tn Necon (birth control, taken for suppression continously for 5 years) Morphine Sulfate (taken for endometriosis pain continuously, started early last year) Cymbalta (taken for Fibromyalgia, started in September) Flexeril (taken to aid in sleep for Fibromyalgia, started in September) Please excuse some redundancies, I have a jobbled mind right now, and quite frankly feel very ill. I will start from the beginning and will include labs later.
Avatar n tn Now I am going cold turkey and all I have is some vitamins, and flexeril. The ortho doc put in Ultram for me. Should I take it. Will it help me with the w/ds. Bottom line - my reg. doc was not in. New doc wanted to be a **** and said no meds. Go cold turkey and deal with it. I asked if there were any non-narcotic meds to take (clonidine ect.), he said nope. Anybody have any Idea's. I need them. My wife understands how bad this is going to suck for me now.
220965 tn?1189759423 I have been snorting 1-3 oxycodone 30mgs for about 1 year now. Im also a type 1 diabetic. I have a problem. I feel sick if i dont have anything, and I will lie and cheat to get pills. I cant go to a clinic, I need to quit more than anything else in the world. I have a great job, but if I keep this up, Im going to lose it and my family. somebody please help me. I really dont know what to do, I spend all of my money on the oxys, because of this I cant even pay my bills.
Avatar n tn found out I have been incorrectly taking flexeril for over a year and a half! (only supposed to take for 2-3 weeks because long term usage is unknown, I have been using for 75 weeks... can I sue ? lol -.-) Ok, symptoms Usually, a stubborn, dull pain radiating from mid back, primarily right side, but not focused. seems to start mildly at my spine, and gets worse proceding to shoulder. Pain varies from as mild as a 2/10 to 4-5/10 some days.
5082295 tn?1371254511 I had to stop it by the 5th day because the side effects were awful and that pill almost killed me. As far as I know this medication (Mobic) is prescribed for arthritis. For pain I took a muscle relaxer Flexeril and it worked since the first day I took it. In 2 days I was pain free in my neck, arms and shoulders after having non stop pain and numbness for months.
211940 tn?1267884866 tablets per day of Gabapentin, which does help some, but it's costing me about $90 a month without health insurance. For breakthrough pain, I'm prescribed baclofen or flexeril as a muscle relaxer (flexeril is cheaper) and then Darvocet and Vicoden. The Vicoden I save for the evening when the activity of the day has caused the pain to reach an intolerable level that Darvocet cannot touch.
Avatar f tn My Dr. had prescribed my Flexeril 10mg for my back spasms. I started taking one pill each evening at about 7pm once a day. I soon discovered by mistake that Flexeril actually made all my itching completely stop. After about 5 days of taking the meds, I stopped. So far little to no itching, I have finally been able to get good quality sleep. I told my Doc about this and he said that Flexeril blocks nerve impulses to the brain.
Avatar n tn and Flexeril and Ultram. I have been taking Flexeril for about two months with great results and increased energy. I've only used the Ultram a couple of times, but also with good results in decreasing the pain I experience with the Fibromyalgia. Overall their are five doctors involved in prescribing the drugs, yet each of them has a complete listing of the medications I am currently taking. I'm concerned about the combination of the drugs and possible health implications of them.
Avatar n tn I have been on Rx Topamax and a Flexeril a muscle relaxer for years. Do you think it could possible be a pinched nerve in my neck ?
522415 tn?1242941355 I do not know how it is for others, but for me I have never been able to get a Docter to give me more meds for my pain. I only take my cymbolta and busepar and balacet. And sometimes I feel as if im going mad. But my doc wont help me. So i go to the emergency room and they always help me.
363110 tn?1340924019 I take a daily vitamin as well as 5mg of folic acid since we are TTC for baby #3 (i'm not currently pregnant and won't fine out for 2 more weeks so this injection is timed perfectly) The Neurontin helps my pain immensely since it's due to nerve damage and my muscle's also tightening up. I'm on Flexeril for that but the insurance won't cover the amt I'm supposed to be on 4xday so I am on 3xday.
749561 tn?1272826714 today was a day of blah, cant focus on anything to make a point, just not worth the attempt. maybe tomorrow the will be better. have cut off the flexeril completely now, along with the ibuprofen and vitamins. only taking tramadol (no less than 250 mg a day- 2-3 doses ), zanaflex (no less than 6mg a day- 2-3 doses), and methadone (5mg a day- 1 dose). without the ibuprofen there is a constant burning sensation that is random in the repeated places.
Avatar m tn the doctor im seeing has been in pain management for over 50 yrs i when i try to describe to him what the pain is im having he shots toward Parkinson but i dont have the uncontrolled shakes and what-not what im having is intense muscle tightening in my legs and arms and neck along with my achiles tendons and the main tendons in my inner thighs that lead to the groin area along with pulsing down my left leg they have checked me for fibromyalgia,arthritis,my kidneys my liver my blood for all kind
Avatar f tn the pains are stabbing pains all over my hands and occasionally on my arms, and last for about 30 minns-and hour. but then go away for an hour but come back. im not sure if this is related to a previous illness or what, o weather it is worth dragging myself into the doctor again.
783212 tn?1295031606 I had an injury there about 3 years ago. The pain made it hurt to walk or sit for too long. Then it moved to the right side and I had pain going down both legs. Now, I have pain in the front right side and also am having another bout with internal hemmroids. With so many things wrong ( osteo-arthritis, fibromyalgia, Crohn's) I have no idea if this is something I've already gotten a doctors attention for. I had a hystorectomy over 10 years ago but they left one ovary.
Avatar f tn I have Stills disease which is a arthritis kind of like rheumatoid arthritis, it is very painful. Do your joints become hot, warm, red, swollen or tender? Are you running any kind of fever? Do you have any rashes? Are both of the legs or arms affected or just one side? Have you tried naproxen? Meloxicam? Flexeril? Baclofen? Neurontin? Prednisone?