Flexeril and wellbutrin interaction

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Avatar m tn I take an antidepressant at night that helps with sleep and pain, and use Wellbutrin 20mg in the morning to get some get up and go in my life. I also use Valium 10mg 3x day as needed during the day to cope with anxiety and lack of patience due to pain. 2 lidocane patches 10mg on my nueroma site. My background is in Analytical Chemistry, specifically Marine chemistry, and Chemical Safety. I have multiple grad degrees. The last is a MS in public health from Tulane.
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Avatar n tn Has she been prescribed anti depressants? Some help with pain and energy like Cymbalta and Wellbutrin. For myself, I became concerned about side affects and drug interactions after doing an interaction checker on medscape. I took myself off all prescription meds and for depression and pain I take Sam-E. for muscle pain my doc suggested a natural pharmaceutical turmeric, which I heard personal testimony as to it's benefits, it worked. Write me any time, you're good to help your family member.
599170 tn?1300977493 I was weaned off Paxil ( to all never ever stop a anti depressant with out drs help) Now synthroid 1x day,,10mg Xanax for per day, wellbutrin 1 x day,,trasadone 1x at bedtime( its antidepressant w a (great side effect that it will knock you to sleep for a good 6 hrs at least) Tramadol 4xper day and Flexeril 3 x per day psyc meds cause I need them...painmeds cause I dont want to ever take narcotics again ..
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Avatar f tn I'm 45 and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 15 years ago. I've taken flexeril, skelaxin, tramadol, etc for short periods of time but mostly take Motrin 800mg twice a day and accept that I'm just always going to be in pain. The pain gets much worse whenever I am sick and I mentioned it to the doctor tonight at urgent care where I was seen for a sinus and ear infection. She referred me to a pain management doctor and physical therapist and also gave me a prescription for Gabapentin (100mg...
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544292 tn?1268886268 Hi Tramadol Warriors, Many people have come here for many years, giving support and getting support. Because I still believe that Tramadol is unique in it's ... terror and torture of humans, this thread continues. The people who can understand what you are going thru are the people who have kicked it and there's people here who come back to lend a hand. You also will never need an understanding ear as much. You can do it. You can quit. You do not need to be a slave to Tramadol.
544292 tn?1268886268 It makes me very angry that these Doctors know and aren't telling people. I don't believe that they are ignorant. I've been over and over it again and again. It makes no sense that I would know more as a user of the drug than they would. There's so little on Tramadol or Ultram on the web. Tons on other drugs. Ok so the most alarming part of the Tramadol we would think would be the fact that it is a synthetic opiate. It's a Narcotic. It's just been slipped thru the schedule.
544292 tn?1268886268 Sounds too good to be true. (AND IT IS!) The fact is, there's already pain killers here in the house and I'm not going to take any of those either. I'm not taking anything. I'm going to ice it, lay down, rest and realize that my body has been thru a heelllla fight and it just needs a break, a breath. A moment. A freakity frackity day off. I've been in a tough battle for 21 solid cold turkey days and before that; the taper AKA "Let the pills run out....
429155 tn?1205676864 I went to my GP complaning of no sense of smell, saw a surgeon and surgery was recomended, I was given a prescription for Prednisone, a steroid, this gave me some sense of smell, and here's the but, I had the operation and still could not smell, so more Prednisone, well the upshot is that the steroids have caused my Osteo-Necrosis, this is when the heads of the long bones die, so have now had core decompression on one hip and the other totally replaced. Oxycontin.
Avatar f tn I used to take Flexeril and it made me gain weight. Good luck, As long as I know what is making my hands and feet tingle I can hadle it. They gave me something for the pain but it made me to tired and gain weight.
Avatar n tn The withdrawels have not been TOO bad except for the throat tightness and chest tightness. I am 28 years old and have been taking these for almost a year. I am also taking 20mg Paxil. How much should I taper weekly or should I say how much can I safely taper. I have read about seizures with this drug. Thankyou.
Avatar n tn However what does that say when you have to take a pill to be social? I started on Wellbutrin about 5 days ago and it's either in my head or not but I feel like I'm on a Vike buzz right now and I haven't had my one (1) pill yet.