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Avatar n tn I had constipation problems in the pass and found a cure by taking psylium with fruit juice. Now, i am interested in taking linaza (flaxseed) and i have foun 2 products, one is a mix of flaxseed with psylium and apple and pinneapple fiber and the other one has also nopal (cactus fruit) in it. What flaxseed product in the market would you recomend for weighloss? the productsa are linoflax and the other one is from linazausa.
Avatar f tn Flax seed stimulates the intestinal peristalsis and digestive system. Flaxseed stimulating the bowel, also works on the uterus. Regular consumption of flaxseed may cause contractile action to speed up labor, therefore, in order to avoid premature induction of labor is recommended to drink linseed after 34 weeks of pregnancy.
Avatar n tn I had a laparascopic sigmoid resection 8 weeks ago and I am suffering from constipation. I had surgery because of diverticulitis which is very prominate in my family history. I have always had to use metamucil to be regular and now after my surgery it is not effective. My doctor advised me to use a stool softener-Colace-and it worked for one day but I now I don't know how often or what dosage to take. I want to use something regularly that is safe and I doubt that Metamucil is the answer.
Avatar f tn I have a fruit smoothie with flaxseed every day. Flaxseed is high in omega-3 and fiber, which both are great for pregnant women. Also up your water intake. My dr told me that normally drink 64 oz of water, but with pregnant women it should be almost double.
Avatar n tn it's safe and has no taste, because it's been so long you may need a enema and at least 3 doses a day after meals to get yourself going. I had a problem with constipation myself and the best thing was taking the mineral oil. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Do. Not. Take. Laxatives.
Avatar n tn Embarassing as this is I am dealing with major constipation. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of what I can take. I am 7 weeks pg. I have already called the dr but havent heard from them yet. Please help!
Avatar n tn Psyllium does irritate the GERD issues, so it just isn't the best option for fiber. I generally use flaxseed meal. IBS is definitely a frustrating problem when one keeps trying to do all the right things and still has bowel issues. I guess I should be glad mine tends to be IBS-C a whole lot more than IBS-D, because that is definitely a whole different issue and can cause even more problems with deficiencies and malabsorption than I already deal with.
Avatar n tn I would like a nutritional comparison between Pysillium and Flaxseed to see if switching to flaxseed would be a good thing. I currently take 2 teaspoon of pysillium (the no sugar version -3.4 grams of Pysillium per teaspoon.) to help reduce my Cholesterol.
Avatar f tn Flaxseed Similar to soy, flaxseed contains phytoestrogens and other compounds that can help relieve symptoms of menopause and reduce risk for osteoporosis and heart disease. Flaxseed also contains substances called lignins, which may protect against cancer. Flaxseed can be purchased at a health food or natural food store and must be refrigerated and ground before eating (use a coffee grinder or a mortar and pestle.) Once ground, flaxseed is good for 24 hours.
Avatar n tn Which is the better fiber for me? Psyllium or Flaxseed? Is there any danger with the Flaxseed and irritating the lining of the stomach. Diverticulitis comes to mind. I don't have it,but I am a person that does not taking new things for fear of contracting a medical problem. I have read that both of these are good for cholesterol and high blood pressure, of both I have. Which do you recommend and what is the safest way to take these. How much and how many times a day.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know if drizzling flaxseed oil onto salad, orange juice and other foods is OK for people with MS? I heard that flaxseed oil is supposed to help patients with MS a lot. It contains Omega 3 fatty acids.
1462126 tn?1285908189 Hi, I've been suffering from constipation for the past 20 years. I will wait for abt 3 days before taking laxatives to clear my bowels. Lately even the laxatives seems to have delayed reactions. Normally when I takes the pills at night, I will have the urge to clear my bowels wihin 8hrs, but now its taking longer than 12 to 16 hrs. I feel very depress and it has affected my daily life tremendously. Pse advise, I'm 42yrs old female.
Avatar f tn I use flaxseed in a loose ground form mixed in with some yogurt on a daily basis. I started using this to benefit from the Omega-3s and to help with irritable bowel. It has really helped cut down on the gut pains. But I also soon noticed that the practice kept me more regular than anything else I've tired. I do also take a softener twice a day. As a side, I have my horse to thank for introducing me to the wonders of flaxseed.
541657 tn?1239212530 Hi All, With a topic near and dear to our abdomens, I would like to ask everyone what their constipation remedies are.... I am struggling right now and could use advice (and a little humor) to get through the day. I have used prune juice and exercise pretty successfully, but today I am just not having any relief. I know there are lots of OTC remedies, prescription remedies and I would love to hear what others are using and having success with. Thank you from my bottom, it's tired!
Avatar n tn Ground flaxseed on a high fiber cereal, lots of blueberries.
Avatar f tn About 18 months ago I was diagnosed with Constipation type IBS. I have been constipated most of my life and no matter how much fruit, veg and fibre I eat, nothings helps. As a ruslt of the diagnosis I now take Movicol (primary ingredient Propyrthylene glycol), I am suposed to take this twice a day, but because I worry about taking stuff too often, I now only take one sachet every other day, or once daily if it gets bad again.
Avatar n tn I have IBS-C, so I know a lot about constipation. Keep using the stool softener. Make sure you add some kind of fiber in your diet. I found the new inulin fibers are easiest to take. Or, you can try flaxseed meal. Or, you can try Metamucil or Citracel. Just take the fiber. You need to try a laxative, too. It's not one or the other--it's both. Try Miralax. If you don't like it in water, try apple juice. I find that Miralax is suitable in plain water, though.
Avatar f tn I thought I was done until yesterday it hit very hard. I think I'm going to try raisin brand to see if it helps with the constipation. And my dr. gave me a sheet of safe things for constipation and Metamucil is on it. I just haven't tried it as of yet. I'm going to try natural foods first.
Avatar m tn I was given iron supplements as a baby, grew up and have experienced constipation off and on as long as I can recall. I am 30 years old now, have taken Miralax on a daily basis for over a year (a friend of mine who was a nurse said it was safe as it does not alter your colon, only draws in water), and have no problems defecating.
Avatar n tn I learned about something that helps a little with the BM with constipation on the Fibromyalgia forum. One post said that women have the advantage over men in this regard, because we can reach our thumb into our vagina to help push the stool out from the inside. I thought it sounded bizarre, but when you're constipated bad enough, you'll do anything to get the stool to move out. I don't know how often is safe for the glycerin suppositories. I don't use them.
1428440 tn?1287393979 The best thing for constipation is Stool softener... It will take 12 to 16 hrs to work but it workg the best second to that is Flaxseed oil its a natural herb in pill form that works good to but when constipated bad use the softener..
Avatar m tn Psyllium fiber irritated my GERD and seemed to make the constipation worse, too. Flaxseed is easier to take, because one can mix it in water, just like one would do the psyllium fiber, which is really what Metamucil is, or simply mix directly into whatever one is eating. Flaxseed meal is often added to baked goods. I buy my flaxseed meal from Trader Joe's. They carry Bob's Red Mill. Other stores do, too, but Trader Joe's has a better price.
Avatar n tn Sharp pains in my right abdo (stomach) and upper and lower bowel, constipation, impacted/thinning of stools. Blood tests revealed all is ok, yet I was experiencing such pain and discomfort, and left with the feeling noone was taking me seriously. Whilst waiting for my colonoscopy appointment to come through, I decided to take a hollistic approach and a week ago I had a reflexology and reiki session to detox my system.
Avatar n tn Greetings, I have had constipation for over a week now with no signs of a bowel movement. I recently went to the doctor because I was bleeding rectally. When I went to the doctor he told me that I had internal hemroids and prescribed me Anucort - HC (Hydrocortisone Acetate) 25 mg Suppositories. It has only been 4 1/2 days since I was told that I have hemroids, but it has been almost 2 weeks since I have had a bowel movement.
Avatar f tn When we take alot of pills, especailly Narcotics it causes constipation. Trust me, been through it for 4 years now, seriously i think in 4 years i might have went a total of maybe 20 times if that in the whole 4 years.. This Gentlax, works well... you take at night before bed and wake to relief... Think i am the queen of constipation! Good luck, i know it is an awful feeling!
Avatar n tn I realize that the subject may sound silly to some people but I was wondering what all of you do to deal with the constipation caused by the pain meds. I understand that continued use of laxitives can lead to dependence.
Avatar f tn hi ive been suffering from constipation for 10 years, and ive been taking laxatives for the past 5 years now. was taking senna for 3 years and found out i had melanosis coli as a result of it, so went on a strict fibre diet for a whole year and my condition didnt get any better, so now im taking dulcolax every night.