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Avatar n tn // About a third way down is a section discussing "Waxy Vision and Higher-Order Aberrations". There is some interesting discussion and possible alternatives to explantation. Regarding which lens to choose after explantation, possibly another ReSTOR with a different prescription could work, but a sure thing is an aspheric monofocal lens. This you will need to discuss with your doctor.
Avatar m tn I'd guess, since Drs are allowed to Rx 'off-label' you'd be O.K. as long as you had a Rx. The point made by the second link is that the FDA doesn't feel there has been enough research done on Alinia and hepatitic function or Alinia for immune compromised patients. So the issue becomes. does your Dr think he knows more than the FDA or that the rewards outweigh the risks in your particular case.
Avatar n tn Zosteriform herpes simplex This reference should answer you. Regards.
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Avatar n tn My job and my life require mental fitness. I have responsibilities in 3 different countries in 3 different languages the thought of brain damage call it fog or whatever is a huge factor for me. My brother for the past 30 years has mental problems and is on medication. I have an idea what depression,paranoia ect.... can do to a person. Never mind flu like symptoms that`s a walk in the park compared to metal disorders.
Avatar n tn tired is not the this time im not on any RX meds...the #1 mistake DR'S make with tyroid is the testing.. make sure you had a full thyroid panel test.. free T3 free T4 and TSH test...reports are 95% of doctors do not test righ.t.and tell most people there thyroid is 'ok' but 'ok' is not good enough for most people...from my studies...cortizone inections or pill form seem to help greatly..its only like 10-25mg's if you want mor einfo do a search on ADRENAL BURN OUT,ADRENAL FATIGUE...
Avatar n tn I used to be an avid athlete, and because of this can't exercise, and my fitness is horrible and weight is now a problem. Sometimes I also think this is MS, but am tired of doctors and trying to let them guess what is going on for thousands of dollars. What a shame...
Avatar f tn In doing to, I opened pandora's box which a month later of non-stop picking, extracting numerous white plugs, has turned into what looks like a dine sized oblong lesion on my nose. I'm in the health/fitness industry and I see 20+ people a day. Not to mention I have dogs I am constantly out and about with living downtown Chicago. I have basically been on house arrest for A MONTH. Wearing hats, bandaids, sitting at home researching why the hell this won't go away.
Avatar n tn The pharmisist said it was nothing when I showed her. I broke 3 while I was there picking up my Rx.
363682 tn?1299492962 Spicy food is a trigger for me. I have taken antibiotics within the last 3 months. I take the RX. Treximet-it helps over 50% of the time, but last Sunday-it made no difference (I have felt a faint headache since last Sunday-today is Saturday). I will not be drinking-the pain is too terrible. Really hope we find a solution. When you are in pain-please know you are not alone. We know it is terrible.
Avatar n tn If you do a research on the web on BZK you'll find there are other names for the same product. If you search under Benzalkonium Chloride you find a link which is a PDF called Material Safety Data Sheet. Here's some of the synonyms for it: Zephiral Germicin Osvan Paralkan Cequartyl Benzalkonium A Benirol Bayclean Ammonium alkyldimethyl(phenylmethyl) chloride Quaternary ammonium compounds etc. It says skin inflammation is characterized by itching, scaling, reddening or occasionally blistering.