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Avatar f tn Personal trainers without any connection to a well-reputed gym or fitness club should be certified by a major fitness organization, such as the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) or the American Council on Exercise. Exercise videos help, but be sure they are suited to their individual age and health needs, and bear the AFAA seal. Get a dog.
804966 tn?1261898878 Last, but not least .. surround yourself with positive thoughts, quotes, people .. it helps. Sorry I am so long winded .. just don't know how to say all this in a shorter way. Others can .. I'm just "wordy" .. (sorry) ... :) Hope you'll allow us to share in your journey and let us know how things are going.
Avatar f tn Hey guys, I'm new to this forum because I haven't really had any help problems... until recently that is. So I guess I'll start from the beginning. A few weeks ago I started noticing "changes" in my body (I put "changes" in quotes because I'm not entirely sure if they are actually changes, or if I was just becoming more aware of things). I was experiencing things like muscle fasciculations, jaw pain when I woke up, and joint pain.
Avatar n tn Well i dont drink beer and have only ever been drunk once, im 23 and very into bodybuilding and have been for 6 years, my intake of protein is alot, and i dont know if that has anything to do with it, increased testostrone levels etc? And i wouldn't mind wanking off or having wet dreams, i would wank off every minute of the day if i didn't have that after effect.
Avatar f tn We are writing a letter and I'm attaching the article above with a 4 page letter with several direct quotes from the article supporting our view of why we think an increase in medicine or the addition of T3 is in order rather than a decrease which is what the endo is leaning towards! We are at war with established medical industry. So be prepared with ammunition and armor when going into the Dr. office battle zone.
1701959 tn?1488555141 To help ease your mind about these sensations, consider reading the explanations of PVCs and other benign ectopic beats written by John Kenyon, a skilled cardiac nurse/technician who posts at a site forbidden by medhelp. Just copy and google this: kenyon forums/backup/topic-24286.html Please note particularly his observation that in the setting of a healthy heart, "There's little correlation between the perceived force, number, etc.
Avatar f tn I do not supplement either iron or vit D. I take a pre natal multi vitamin. According to my fitness pal I am meeting my iron needs. Now that I am working with the endocrinology department directly, I am guessing I will have better luck.
Avatar n tn Generally, if it is PVCs, and you have a normal cardiac workup, you most likely will not need to go to the ED each time you have symptoms. Work out a plan with your physician. Also, work on your fitness level and weight loss. You will feel better in the long run.
Avatar n tn oh, and sweetheart?? i know exactly what i'm talking about when i compare ketosis and ketoacidosis. while you were signing up for Atkins emails, i was spending 4 years studying this stuff in a reputable 4 year institution. i said what i meant in your ridiculous "cholesterol con" propaganda post and if you didn't understand, it's probably because you've been so brainwashed that you can't see the medical truth in what i'm saying.
Avatar n tn I have caught hellllooo these first weeks. Getting back into the fitness grind is rough, but I am trying. I figure, God'll have mercy on me and bless my striving efforts. heee heeeee... It seems to be doing something. But it really takes eating high protein and watching carbs. Understand... I love cereal (corn flakes with lots of sugar) and Reeses Peanut butter!! So curtailing that has been a struggle. But I am doing pretty good.
Avatar m tn One thing which has confused science for many years is the placebo effect. As I said before, does stem cell therapy really help or is it all in the mind. Tests show there is no change yet the majority of patients claim to feel better and even show more exertion. Can the mind be tricked into believing things have been improved and as such ignore symptoms perhaps. I remember watching an experiment on TV where 10 people with severe sleeping disorders took part.
Avatar m tn (a) they have allowed me to focus on her problems and to talk about her problems when the subject of health and fitness comes up in our personal and community life as it so often does, and has and will do in the future as long as she continues to suffer from her illness. My wife’s many health difficulties over the years have helped keep the focus off of my own disability.
Avatar f tn These quotes sum it up nicely!~~ I have been clean for eight months now and I have to say that you almost have to tell yourself that you will always be an addict. Knowing that has made it easier in a way that I know I can't take anything or try anything that could knowingly hurt me. I'm an addict. I can't control the use of drugs, even for medical purposes.
Avatar f tn would you mind giving me the address of the thread -- I can't find it frijole
173930 tn?1196341998 And my instant conclusion was that their pessimistic attitude was influenced by professional deformations. It didn't even cross my mind that, based on their expertise and experience, they might very well be right... I guess, because I felt great at the time. Last year, when I called for a dermatologist appointment, I heard the standard medical emergency message: "If this is a medical emergency, please hang up and dial 911.
Avatar n tn Hi Guys, I feel for all of you. In fact, as I write this I'm suffering with a painful bout of "Epididymitus". I put it in quotes because that's essentially what the doctors do, they just label it Epididymitus and usher you out of their office. I haven't had an ultrasound yet, but I have finished a round of antibiotics (Doxycycline) which didn't work.
Avatar n tn I've got all the signs of ageing but if there's anyway that I can halt this process I'll do it, apart from going under the knife. Mind you if i could afford it i wouldnt mind a nip and tuck here and there. I can relate to all the issues everyone here is going through. The premature ageing, the hair confidence is totally shot! Now Ive noticed that my body is heading south....everything is sagging, with loss of tone and elasticity.
151263 tn?1243377877 They all seem to be at odds with each other, and I want to keep an open mind, and just find out the real truths about eradication/persistence. I feel no attachment to either point of view, and in fact would LOVE to see 'eradication' fully, finally, and unanimously be proven and acknowledged by the entire research community.
Avatar n tn I have 4 herniated discs in my thoracic with the worst ones being at t7-t8 & t4-t5 as well as many micro fractures, schmorl nodes, etc. (my updated journal post on my back issues is on my profile page if you want all the details). I can relate to everyones pain/issues/concerns. My pain began there over a year & half ago & although I've stopped teaching fitness classes due to my back injuries, it is only getting worse at 7/8 4/5 areas.
Avatar n tn So I put it out of my mind until recently. I am not getting any sleep because every 7 - 10 minutes I wake up because of this involuntary intake of air. Since I'm not getting sleep, it's happening in the daytime as well. I too need answers, so I think Laromet has made a great suggestion of finding a common between us all. Here are my stats: 49.
Avatar n tn The yeast scent you get when you urinate I can not say what that is and again can only speculate. The first thing that comes to mind and is a concern is whether you are diabetic or have you had your sugar checked? If you have sugar you can sometimes get an odor to your urine and if you have sugar/dibetes it can be a big factor as to why you get this in the first place so if your not sure get it checked.
1647691 tn?1363727302 I was so careful to eat a really balanced diet this time, I also put myself in an very laid back state of mind. DH found it quite funny that i was so calm with situations at home that would normally stress me out. I truly believe that added up to my success. It's a shame that I ended up with flu, an emergency root canal treatment, and a silly cat that has decided to mark his territory since the implant. Plus he bought a mouse in the house last night.