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Avatar f tn Thank you!! I just wanted to warn people who wants to order Medavir. Its really hard to contact them when you have problem with your order. They don't have e-mail address, phone number and customer service department. They only provide order department phone number. The order department only takes order, they don't know anything!!!! They just told me that they will send my message to head office and wait till one of head office people to call me. It has been 2wks now..
8520554 tn?1398806988 So I called them today at 8:45 am to let then know I had bleeding Saturday after having sex. I left MY phone number they ended up calling my husband at work around 4:58pm saying I didn't leave a detailed message wtf!! How more detailed do I have to get?! And seriously it took all day to call ugh I hate phone tag!
Avatar f tn U would want to start with the first exercise and slowly build up that one exercise so that u r doing it for more then 10 mins at the end of 2 weeks...then add the 2nd exercise....there is one sitting in a chair so we do not have to worry about balance...and as u build up ur stamina, u will get to using weights...light weights...u can use soup cans or what ever u have. But go slow, and only do as much as feels ok..... I am getting these from a Dr...
648910 tn?1290663083 At that time he gave me the phone number to one of his colleagues, Dr C. He said if anyone knew if my med card would pay it would be him. I had brought the number home and forgotten about it...duh. Today when I was looking for the sticky note with Dr F number I also found Dr C number, which I called. He is a neuropsychologist. Dr C answered the phone. I was expecting an office assistant . After my initial surprise I explained that Dr H had given me his number and why.
Avatar f tn One minute later take your pulse and write it down. Subtract the second number from the first. The greater the number, the better your fitness level.
Avatar f tn Im right next to their office n you can see them chatting away even when im crying or screaming out in pain for them!!
8377023 tn?1399509160 Omg this WIC office is horrible. Half the parents aren't paying attention to their kids, letting them run and climb on things, letting them be barefoot. I can't believe this.
Avatar f tn n not the one playing games or head games. I believe he is the one doing that if he has a second phone, and he is the one telling me he doesnt trust me and thinks im doing wrong, when in actuality it is him. I don't personnaly think that im playing games if i want to have proff that i am being cheated on-i dont think that is to much to ask.
492921 tn?1321289896 I wonder what the level of incompetence is and how much that doctor is paying them to act like retards. I would totally hate it if I had to go to that office one more day. I’d just talk to the doctor or whoever the boss is and complain. That way they’ll know not to hire people with empty brains. Ugh….
Avatar m tn I think having migraines every day since your injury back in FEBRUARY and also the sleepy aspect of your symptoms, these both suggest you had a mild concussion, which can cause a number of brain injuries problematic enough that you really do need a scan done of your head.
Avatar m tn Some one I know has the same thing happening to them u probably all ready do this but fitness not upper body I mean butt and thighs and legs u should do that more and when she didn't it my friend can sit in a officer chair all day with no pain or u could get a message so your lower body feels relax
Avatar f tn Start slow. Suggest that you both have lunch or a coffee break together. Then, see where it goes from there. I've had plenty of workplace friendship/ romances... and, I've never regretted one of them. If you feel compelled to ask him out or offer your phone number, I say, go for it... just be prepared for the fact that he may not be as "interested" as you are.
Avatar n tn I'm sorry. I was told it's an hsv2 result only. We've had unprotected sex for some years in the past but haven't done anything with her or anybody else in the last 3 or 4 years. You see, a past boyfriend of hers had a first breakout recently after having major surgery.
Avatar n tn im now on medication now and have no problems my fitness has inproved by 100%. do you thing i mite have a problem getting in. the army medical office has not got a number for me.
184420 tn?1326739808 they gave me another number but it just connects me to the GI department and the woman answering the phone didnt have a clue what I was talking about...
Avatar f tn does anyone have anthem insurance? Do you happen to know a anytime phone number for them? Trying to find out if they cover first trimester nuchal screening. I know i am on their lumenos hsa plan (savings account). I've tried calling the numbers on the back of my insurance card but it keeps telling me to call during regular hours but i need to know now for my appointment Monday. Thank you mommas!
620048 tn?1358018235 I use it to get all my appt and med reminders, looking up any place I need a phone number for, writing my grocery list and much more Good luck D
Avatar n tn Its a five star hotel. But i asked y did he make a call to this number, he told one of his colleague called this number from my hubbys room to ask abt dinner. (it was a mobile number) and now i m confused if his collegue wanted to ask abt dinner y did he call this mobile number instead of calling to front desk??? and also is there any method to find whether he had sex with some one?? stork of stains in underwear shows that he must have wore it after he had released his semen some where else.....
Avatar f tn I saw a specialist last week and my office is saying they didn't get the paperwork, but when I called last week, they had. they won't give me my results for my urine analysis. The ladies get snooty on the phone. I'm starting to get aggravated. I'm almost 34 weeks along, I need to know what's going on instead of them avoiding my questions like the plague.
Avatar m tn Faster heart rate drops indicate fitness. You can ascertain your fitness by calculating your recovery rate number, according to the Federal Aviation Administration’s “Exercise Exercise Exercise” report. Your recovery rate number is your peak exercise heart rate minus your heart rate one minute after your exercise divided by 10. It’s three if your exercise heart rate is 140 heartbeats per minute and your recovery heart rate is 110 heartbeats per minute.