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Avatar n tn Be patient, as everyone progresses at a different rate. Buy a men's fitness magazine to get some more ideas and perhaps some inspiration I put Arnold Swatchenager's poster up in my basement (when he had won the Mr. Olympia title in 1980) and this made a big difference for me. Visualization, ample rest, optimized nutrition, staying hydrated, a workout buddy, perseverance and commitment will all help reach your goals and make you feel better. You can do it! Cheers!
Avatar n tn just look at a video of ronnie coleman during Mr. olympia in 2005, seeing him dance with the raise the roof style shows and disgrace his physique.. he looks like he's 5-month old preagnant. - complete total package (not because you have the back to wipe everybody out at back poses doesnt mean u can be mr. olympia.. its not what the game should be.. dorian yates indeed outmass everybody when it comes to back development.. but look at his arms.. even an amateur can outmatched his weak arms.
Avatar f tn You know, a number of years back, when I decided to quit smoking , I had to replace it with something better , right? So I got into fitness training, put posters of Mr Olympia everywhere in my basement gym and did about 10 hours weight training a week, and another 5 hours aerobic and cardio. Well after a year of this(along with optimized nutrition) I looked like the guys in Muscle magazine. But the nicest aspect of this is that I felt GREAT! And I kept it up.