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649848 tn?1534637300 Hey everyone - I miss seeing the posts that tell what everyone's been doing for exercise (or did I just not see them somewhere else?). I find myself not being accountable for what I haven't been doing and seeing what everyone else is doing helps. I've been spending so much time in doctor offices, testing laboratories, x-ray rooms, etc and not getting to the exercises.
Avatar f tn Angels, Beliefs, Communicating with Angels, Happiness, Joy, Kindness, Love, Meditation There are lots of news stories, books, web sites and blogs about physical fitness. I was excited when I found out March was Spiritual Fitness month. It is easy to tell if we are physical fit or not but how do we know if we are spiritually fit or not? I am sure there as many different definitions of spiritual fitness as there are religions and spiritual practices.
167 tn?1374177417 I looked around at all of the people covering their eyes, covering their mouths, crying, shaking their heads. What was normally just a few people catching the morning news was a large group of us standing there together in silence, knowing this day would forever change us, our children, and our nation. I remember being so sad and angry and shocked for weeks to come. I remember feeling scared for the world that had forever changed and the futures of my daughters.
559187 tn?1330786456 One you and your neuro have decided that Gilenya (fingolimod) is 'right for you', your doctor fills out a service request form (available for download on Gilenya's website) and they fax it in. This form serves as a perscription essentialy, but includes all of your insurance information, which allows Gilenya to contact your insurance carriers to determine the cost they will cover. Just like it has been reported in other posts....
Avatar n tn I can't stop watching the news about NO. My heart goes out to all those people who have lost everything. Gonza/Shubunkin - any teeth yet ??? None here but I'm hopeful !!
572651 tn?1531002957 Yoga and stretching in the house as I feel up to it. Walking with Polly the Service Dog. Not as long as I used to. Riding Clara Bell, the horse once a week Swimming when I can I used to ride bicycles but had to quit so I sold them all to pay for riding equipment and lessons. I am having to make more and more allowances but I just keep adapting. I also was a runner but those days are over.
Avatar f tn (CNN) -- This story is about a U.S. senator's alleged trips on a private plane to the Caribbean for sex parties with prostitutes. If it proves to be true, it would most likely topple a powerful politician and affect President Barack Obama's ability to pass legislation. If it is false, it would raise questions about how government watchdog groups and the media handle anonymous tipsters and their information.
14471348 tn?1434691192 Just beware of service dog fraud (if a company charges you upfront, run for the hills). Little Angels Service Dogs in CA is good, but they only take 20 applicants a year, since they're one of the few organizations that do psychiatric service dogs for people who aren't veterans (and I think the only one in CA that accepts applicants from every state).
Avatar n tn I am in the middle of week 4 and already have seen a 4 log drop, motivating news to say the least. Like me, you may have heard this many times. You can have great numbers now, and you may possibly ALWAYS have great numbers but that can not be guarranteed. In two, three, 10 years time whatever, the disease may progress to a point where you have no choice BUT to go into tx and then you go into it at less than ultimum health. Like myself, you are young, strong and healthy now...
1301089 tn?1290670171 The top Republican on the Senate's Judiciary Committee has opened up an important new front in the debate over Solicitor General Elena Kagan's fitness to serve on the Supreme Court: Her attitude towards the repressive legal code authoritative Islam calls Shariah and her enabling of efforts to insinuate it into this country.
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Avatar f tn I agree with Greg that it looks like the goggle pressure pushed the fatty tissue away - and that it looks rather strange! I am hoping to hear some good news...that it goes away without plastic surgery, which is out of the question for me. Am curious if anyone has tried facial massage and/or lymphatic draining to help. Also wondering if anyone has seen improvements in their goggle troughs as more time has lapsed?
Avatar n tn There is a misconseption that crazy people go to psychiatrists when in fact there is a real service they can provide for people who have certain physiological conditions, the stress from which can lead to a feedback loop of: symptom> worry > makes symptoms worse > worry more > makes symptoms even worse > worry even more etc.
Avatar n tn When it comes to life or death matters, all absolutely MUST be able to carry the same load, and must be able to survive if supplies are not able to be delivered. If a person cannot survive under those conditions, they cannot be accepted into military service. It is only fair to the other military people to only accept those that can fully serve without any preference. Like you, I am fully healthy. But you must be realistic and accept the fact that we absolutely must have that insulin.
Avatar n tn I was cleared to work out a week after the second eye was fixed, and I experienced extreme SOB on a X-trainer at the fitness center. I knew what that meant, went directly to the Cardiologist who put me into a stress test which I flunked. I had two 85% blockages in the RDA that were given stents, and it was found that restinosis is occuring in my LAD stents, they were cleaned as best that they could be cleared.
281219 tn?1219118514 For now, though, I can work from home at least part of the time and will once DD arrives hopefully thru the end of the year. DH owns his own fitness equipment service company so I do his books too. Hopefully someday we will be able to buy his parent's equipment store from them and run both sales and service but they aren't selling just yet!
206807 tn?1331939784 Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell wants President Obama to review his administration for political improprieties following news that the IRS targeted conservatives for scrutiny. The Internal Revenue Service has apologized for targeting groups with the words “Tea Party” and “patriot” in their names. Employees in Cincinnati began requesting extra information from such groups applying for nonprofit status, the IRS has said.
Avatar n tn Turned out I had to spend six months in bed and man did I feel worthless. I didn't know who I was anymore - if I couldn't be miss ultimate fitness freak then surely I was nothing!. So I tried to get fit again and every time I started to make progress, Bang - back to bed. Naturally I had bouts of pretty bad depression until I stopped trying and took up painting to pass the time. Since then, I have never been completely well and when I've come close, its never lasted long.
Avatar f tn Sometimes I can't even walk fast even if I try. I had it so worst after my first Zumba fitness prior to my diagnosis which ended me in ER. My legs get tired climbing up the steps ( with shortness of breath) as well as cramps and aches ( pain not felt by touching) like I've been running all day, but have not. Is this a usual pattern of myopathy to experience various gait problems throughout the day?
Avatar m tn Ok, I went to Jefferson Neuroscience hospital today. My wife had called them in desperation after the primary disowned me. The neuro takes one look at how I can't lift my legs off the floor, the reports from my brain MRI's, and says,"this looks like MS". Then he has me walk in a straight line and I am swaying, losing my balance. Then he does an exam....WAIT, he says. Your reflexes are dull, not hyper reflexes!!!
Avatar n tn Hi All, Thanks for this wonderful service! I have OCD, Panic Disorder & Social Anxiety. Without medication life is very uncomfortable. I was on Paxil for 6 months and all my symptoms were greatly relieved. However, the side effects began to outweigh the benefits. The side effects were: fatigue, nausea, headaches, loss of libido and inability to orgasm, weight gain and increased PMS.
Avatar f tn I had a tilt-table, and although it made me very sick I did not pass out. The levels of fitness I have pushed my body to allow me to just about keep from fainting, but the private doctor I saw recently explained this only means my body has become used to it, and dysautonmia is a reality to me, something I reused to admit for a long time. He is the only person who understands the siuation and has a grasp of POTS, but he is expensive.
Avatar f tn If you have a doctor's prescription you don't pay sales tax on it as it is like a medical service. Anyway, I found that to be a life saver. This is different than my injury but other than a bit of time, what do you have to lose by having him try to recover without surgery. I was once recommended for surgery. Two doctors said yes, one said no. I went with no. I'm fine without the surgery. And years later, I'm thankful I never had it.
Avatar f tn For people who follow HCV news...... vitamins D3 and B vitamins have been in the news lately...... for years...... 5ish years. If the doctor is pooh poohing taking these.....why not print off some studies? I also don't think selenium, zinc and vit A would be bad choices. Coffee has also been in the news as raising response/ success rates. I have sometimes wondered..... why don't doctors do things which may help response........
Avatar n tn Because in the end you will be glad you went the distance and did not give up. Try to go to meetings, do some service work (at church / school / AA or NA.) Remember we only keep what we have by giving it away to others. Everyone here knows wat you are going through and can offer experience, strength and hope.
Avatar m tn Solid as it can be. Older papers finding less are likely to have used inferior methodology.
Avatar f tn I struggle with things like the give way road rules. As part of a course I was doing there was a fitness component which involved a game of touch rugby. I really had a hard time getting three man settles (an important part of the game). I find it frustrating. My inability to learn these things could come back to anxiety though. Could meds be affecting you, do you think? My memory, etc is pretty hopeless at the moment. Not sure why. Anxiety, depression, anemia, sleep deprivation.
Avatar n tn I am going to a doctor in GA and getting my first shot.. I am kind of nervous. Anyone of any good news?? Side effects? I have done alot of research on the shot and it seems that this is what I need to get me out of my rut. need some advice.. I guess on what to expect. I know everyones different, but doesn't it make you jittery? is it very addictive?
Avatar n tn Maybe Human Service work or healthcare? Personally I know I can do anything I want ,pushing myself there.But there have been times that hypoglycemic episodes have affected my life.So I understand the possibility is there,I would hate to think i couldn't come through for a partner or fellow sodier because I can't move because my sugar is so low.