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Avatar n tn My concerns are mostly fitness related. I seem to be rather fit in most areas of my body except my lower stomach. I can't seem to lose weight it the abdomen area. Would there be a reason why? I have a bloated look, but I am not heavy in areas such as my arms, butt, and legs. I work out and eat in moderations, and have also found that if I do sit ups/scrunchs I still can't seem to see any results. I like to call it a "stomach pouch", because it has that appearance.
8973366 tn?1406020308 I've heard of it, and the only people I know who have used it are people aspiring to be professional fitness models, so I'm not sure if it's appropriate during pregnancy. I would be iffy about any major diet changes, but you should definitely ask your doctor what they think.
Avatar f tn This might sound a lil weird but put pictures of what u wana look like outa shape or fitness mags and tape them to the fridge,so everytime u go eat something healthy it will remind u of your goal. No putting up pics of celebs or stick thin models but healthy chicks.that worked for me!
Avatar m tn Consider your experience with various equipment, your interests and attention span, the space available in your home, and your fitness level. Also ask the following questions before you buy anything. What is my current fitness level now and what is my goal Will this equipment take me there. What's your budget? Do you enjoy this activity enough to actually use the equipment How much space do you have for the equipment Is it safe for me to use alone.
Avatar n tn It's frustrating to say the least and these are the common answers and unfortunately about the only ones that will come your way. If I may suggest; start to journal everything that goes in your mouth. Count the calories, fats and protiens. I'm going to suggest a grand book to get but of course it's up to you. I'm still fighting the weight, but it's not because I don't eat right. I do 30 minutes of cardio in the morning and walk 1.5 miles a day.
Avatar m tn Liver Disease / Hepatitis Also Included In: Obesity / Weight Loss / Fitness; Nutrition / Diet; Diabetes Article Date: 26 Apr 2013 - 1:00 PDT Scientists at the Arkansas Children's Nutrition Center, a U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service Human Nutrition Research Center at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, led by Dr.
Avatar f tn Some of my classmates even envy my body and make me compliments. Muscles aren't always boyish! Look at some fitness models who are toned but not too much or at dancers. They are strong and sexy and fierce. Being a skeleton... That comes naturally. It all depends on your body type. You can lose only so much weight! I think you should make high intensity workouts to burn fat and eat healthy,with a lot of veggies and fruits in your diet. And don't forget proteins,they are your friends.
Avatar f tn I was about 3 or 4 kilos off my preferred peak fitness and strength when I fell pregnant. I was a exercise 4/5 times a week, eat clean monday to Friday, make sure I can still fit my skinny jeans kinda girl. So not a gym freak but happy to be leg pressing 100kgs. I had a really rough firat trimester where all I did was sleep and eat potatoes- cos thats all that tasted good. Second tri I managed to resume gym and running albeit at much much reduced capacity.
Avatar n tn I will tell you this I have lived a life style with bodybuilders and have learned a lot from them, trainers, fitness models, athletes, and so forth. So i will take my advise from the people who can trans form there bodies in ~3 months or stay that way year round with a well rounded complete diet not an elimination diet ( no athlete or any others mentioned that I have ever met said the atkins way of life is good they all say it is bad very hard on your liver and kidneys).
Avatar n tn If you are healthy (which it sounds like you are) then this may just be the weight just right for your body. Don't try to copy the stick thin models or celebraties. They're at an abnormal weight for their bodies and actually endanger their health. Most of them go without eating, use drugs or diet pills to stay that thin. Look at their faces though. They usually look tired and pale. Don't forget airbrush does wonders on pictures too! Try and relax and just eat normally.
Avatar f tn Realize that super cut/ripped people like fitness models and muay thai fighters DO NOT look like that all the time. For most people, being completely ripped all the time is not actually healthy and they have to do a lot of dangerous things to get that way, and they only do it temporarily for fights or aesthetic competitions. For example, in order to get super ripped they completely dehydrate themselves and do things like sweat in a sauna without drinking water for a long time.
Avatar f tn Anything routine feels like its well above my fitness capacity and requires days of inactivity to get the tiniest amount of recovery. So what's the next step for pain treatment when even the lightest exercise feels intense? OTC drugs don't help and if I ignore it my body decides to throw in the good ol' flu-like symptoms.
Avatar f tn F*ck what your family tells you or even your spouse, especially because unless they are perfect fitness models they have no right to comment on anyone's appearance but their own. Embrace the changes that come with your pregnancy, for they are only temporary. Enjoy the time you spend caring for your little one while they are inside you and remember thateven after they are born, they don't care how you look.
Avatar m tn Hi I would never exercise without a HRM. I have owned and used various Polar models since the 80s and in addition to tailoring my exercise routines to reach different cardiovascular goals they were also very instrumental on 3 occasions in detecting abnormal rates and I credit them on all 3 occasions for saving my life. You need to use them and learn your body and your heart and never ignore abnormalities when you see them.
Avatar n tn Do normal average 50 year old men who were in high fitness category(endurance,marathon)most of their lives have higher ascending aorta dimensions than sedentary normal average 50 year old men and what would it be in cm? 7.If a person is having chest mri/mra for thoracic aorta are also pulmonary veins(ivc,svc) and heart imaged? 8.If inferior vena cava(ivc,svc) veins are imaged at what sizes are they considered pathology?
Avatar n tn Start some kind of fitness activity even if it is only walking 30 mins per day. It may sound hard but it really isn't.
Avatar f tn 1. Many people suffer serious hypo or hyperthyroid symptoms, despite so-called "normal" Lab results. This has to do with the fact that all Lab normal ranges are based on statistical models from "normal" and "healthy" populations , where important variables such as medications, health status, diet, fitness levels, lifestyle factors, genetics etc. are either difficult to define or simply NOT taken into account!
Avatar m tn The one thing that these two types of people do share is the knowledge of who they are. They may be fitness models, drug addicts, porn stars, missionaries, oil tycoons, teachers, lawyers, musicians, crack dealers, cops, or anything in the world but, at least they know who they are. That's where I differ. I don't know who I am. I don't know where I belong. My friend of 10 years asked me to live with him and grow medical marijuana but, I turned him down to stay here in North Carolina.
Avatar f tn Everything now a days are enhanced with vitamins and minerals are bodies are use to stimulants as a society. Even fitness models and bodybuilders or just trainers take one type of stimulant from one day to the next and they leave some of the healthiest lives.
Avatar f tn Do you have a heart-rate monitor? These are not too expensive at a fitness store/sporting goods store. There are different models/prices. Don't go all out! Pretty soon, you might not feel like you need it any more, although it's a good idea to still use it. Lots of machines have them, too, but they might not be as accurate. You also need to know, for your age, what your target heart rate is for aerobic workouts. Look this up online. There may be/should be a chart in your gym.
Avatar n tn I have done alot of reading on that stuff as well and I tend to follow the advice of the fitness models and bodybuilders. So I recommend doing more weights less reps. Now with that said don't kill yourself. You should be able to do 8 reps comfortably and if you get above 10 then increase your weight. I recommend doing 3 different excersises for 1 body part and with 1 excercise do 3 reps except the first do 2 to warm up then start your 3. Do only 2 body parts in a day.
Avatar n tn I've already has two separate ECGs that have shown Vent rates of 61 and 63 with slightly elevated PR intervals of 198 and 212. This would lead me to specualte that at a better fitness level a couple of years ago my vent rate must have been mid 50s). I find that I'm kind of in a similar situation as Millaw where I have two separate variables that might be potentially leading to LVH.
Avatar n tn I've already has two separate ECGs that have shown Vent rates of 61 and 63 with slightly elevated PR intervals of 198 and 212. This would lead me to specualte that at a better fitness level a couple of years ago my vent rate must have been mid 50s). I might have two separate variables that might be potentially leading to LVH.
393685 tn?1425816122 and now i will not watch good morning america because they have okra and her fitness guru bob, blah bllah blah, questions i ask myself, why ? because my thyroid has gone totally bezerk, it's not because i can't step away from the plate, and junk food, i eat extremely healthy. and in small amouonts...blah blah blah, i am like others, tired of those in the public eye abuse their fame. shame shame shame.
Avatar m tn I think that is just plain crazy. If you are age 38, with average fitness, and you want to go up to ski on the weekend, you do NOT need to check with your doctor first. That is medical excess for 99.99% of 38 year old individuals. For that 1 person in 10,000, (I believe it to be less), they may get a heart warning and perhaps 1 in 100,000 may die. Not a good reason for the other 99,999 38 year olds to see their doctor before going skiing.
Avatar m tn //">Liver Cancer Risk Is High in Hep C-Related Cirrhosis</a> <a href="">No Increased Risk for HCV Transmission Through Breastfeeding, Studies Show</a> <a href="">Albumin Prevents Liver Complications in Cirrhosis</a> <a href="http://www.
Avatar m tn You may also try paint-by-numbers, making models or something like that. Feel free to write back anytime or send me a message directly from my profile. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I usually get on the computer every day.
Avatar m tn ( - probably says something about the spreading acceptance. Force, I thought you owned a fitness club or was that someone else in the forum? Sorry I can't help you with your employment questions but sincere congratulations on winding up treatment. Jim, my nurse loves Dr. Schiffman, says how cute and wonderful he is. She went out of her way to attend one of his talks in SF. Was he your doctor?
3060903 tn?1398568723 … From various research articles it can be presumed that [neem] has chemopreventive and chemotherapeutic potential against cancer models … [including] acting against the breast cancer cells, against gastrointestinal tract and associated cancers … [and] ovary cancer cells.