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29837 tn?1414538248 Since I did not clear with SOC (almost a 2 log drop at 12 weeks but back up to just a 1 log drop at 24 weeks). I was wondering if anyone knows anything about other previous drugs that have been approved more quickly than normal. Using things that I learned from this site (ie predose riba, take it with fat, increased peg at the start, maybe even alinia as a quadruple therapy) I would probably give it a shot if it comes out early.
Avatar f tn You have to be registered with Clinical Care Options for the actual article to come up. Otherwise it takes you to the log-in/registration page. It is free to register. The articles are excellent. Here is the article from Clinical Care Options that Bocepgal linked to: Coffee May Offer Real Benefits to the Liver Mark S.
Avatar n tn After reading this I also began to think of my SVR chances as higher. My reasoning was my good fitness, age, being female, low labs, good weight,not taking any other meds, no other illnesses etc. As I went along in tx I also factored in being 100% compliant on tx. I do think all these thing count for something and my doc does too. Still I was not clear at 3 months. I was under 600 but still detectable on the more sensative test.
Avatar f tn I posted a MUCH longer post in the neurology forum, too long actually. But never the less I can use it as a log of all symptoms for any future doctor visits. But in short I have for months been experiencing different parts of my body to have symptoms for 3 weeks or so at a time. During an 'episode' they will be much worse. I will get numbness, tingling, burning, feeling of being stung by thousands of bees, and sensation of vibrating in legs. Also weakness.
Avatar m tn The implied answer to their article title seems no doubt to be 'yes' in the abstract, but then 'no' when the article is read and analysed." from not quite sure who to believe yet.
1280753 tn?1367761532 looks like Liz Highleyman put together an article on the Pol presentation at EASL: that page also includes a review of the recent Nature article on 790052: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.
220090 tn?1379170787 all those with a 2 log or better by 12 were und at eot vs 50% of those with 1 to 2 log vs 20% of those with lt 1 log. That's eot, and they don't give enough info to assess the relapse rate, but seems encouraging data for all non-responders who got EVR or close to it. Also, I found it significant that eot rates were "highest in control patients who had boceprevir added to their regimen".
1147176 tn?1370049734 I can honestly say that for the past few years I've really gone downhill. Just walking up the steps puts me out of breath and I used to be a fitness trainer. I'm scared for where this might be going. If I have the ablation and the PVC's slow down or stop, will this breathlessness/dizziness subside? It's weird, I am so used to the PVC's that I hardly feel them I only know I'm having them now because I will get dizzy or realize I'm struggling to breathe.
Avatar n tn My nearly 1000 page symptom log validates this. It was discovered from these patterns there are even toxins created from the break down of Aspartame stored in the body fat, as well. I highly suspect this is what is the cause of symptoms associated with Fibromyalgia. Aerobic fitness activity would guarantee a release of the toxin into the blood stream in what I call an episode. They can very from occurrence to occurrence based on the area of fat tissue from which they are released.
Avatar f tn I am pretty healthy, never smoked and have been involved with fitness my whole life, so the rest of me sort of looks about 10 years younger. Ya ya, I know eggs tell no lies! But, when I trun over the options in my mind, there really isn't anything in the world that I want more than this. So, would I feel more fulfilled to use my money to buy something fancy, ( that I may or may not need), with that little seed of doubt left ... that I never totally did ALL all I could? NO, I don't think so.
Avatar m tn 3.66 +/- 1.35 log IU/mL vs 0.70 +/- 0.46 log IU/mL, respectively. Overall, 4 patients achieved sustained virological response (SVR), 2 patients relapsed, and 1 patient did not respond to therapy. Tolerance was similar to previous reports with weekly administrations of pegylated interferon combined with ribavirin. No dose interruptions or treatment discontinuations were required due to adverse events or laboratory abnormalities.
Avatar f tn It is possible that I would have become undetectable at week 16 which would have been 12 weeks of PI. I had a great SOC response (4 log at week 4), but only a one log drop after addition of PI. Then stalled at <25 through week 12 (quit/fired at week 13 due to sx). Maybe the Incivik will have that extra mojo to get rid of the final few? Or does my exposure to Bocep negate everything extra Telaprevir might have? My last dose was Feb 13, 2009.
Avatar m tn ------------- The author's of the study acknowledged the fact that previous studies suggested HCV itself can cause diabetes, therefore I assume they factored in some of the variables you discuss in their conclusion. Maybe the complete article will be available online at some point, or you might want to email the authors with your questions after the meeting.
87972 tn?1322664839 While this still hasn’t been ‘SVR proven’, the preliminary 5 log-10 reduction at 14 days looks very interesting; more in the article from the hivandhepatitis site: “SUMMARY: Results from the INFORM-1 trial, which evaluated 2 experimental agents that target different steps of the hepatitis C virus (HCV) lifecycle, showed that a combination of direct-acting drugs can suppress viral replication without interferon or ribavirin.
Avatar n tn In my case i was in the boceprevir lead in, like in my first tx after 4 weeks of just SOC there was not much of a log drop. But two weeks after the bocep was added i was und. So i knew the PI was working........ But i have to wonder by treating several weeks after that if that was the reason i become SVR. Yes i would say your mopping up but for how long?
Avatar m tn with nevertheless low replictive fitness? The start of a real spike? A flare? Q . Is it possible that this is a spike that the immune system could handle? In other words, is it possible that these small spikes occur but are handled by the immune system or is this amount (66000) an indication that the battle is lost? Response The possibility that this is a short spike that will be spontaneously resupressed by your immune system is very remote.
Avatar f tn Same question for someone treatment experienced, who had a two-log drop by week 12 the first time, was UND by week 24 and then relapsed. Same as above but without the two-log drop by week 12, although I think you already indicated they would not be a candidate for triple? Lastly, I do understand that it takes time for things to filter out of AASLD, and do appreciate your 'heads ups' and analysis.
Avatar n tn Hi all, I am happy to see this post too. I was at my chiropractor's office (a great overall health and fitness person as well) today and in addition to my other various ailments was telling him about how I feel so sick the day after I exercise and then for a few days, and YES backtracking any progress that you have made. Anyway, he had suggested that it could be.....something to do with our creatin (I believe) and there was a specific name for the condition.
544292 tn?1268886268 I believe absolutely that the primary characteristics of tramadol withdrawall are substantially the same as opiate withdrawall. I remember years ago seeing a medical journal article that described recruiting a batch of "experienced drug users" and they were given "blind" doses of various medications to see how the experienced drug users would classify them. All readily identified tramadol as "an opiate.
Avatar f tn I am so relieved that you wrote this article. I have not seen a doctor about it yet but I know this is not anxiety or stress. I hate how the doctors assume that, since they can not figure out the real cause of the problem, it has to be mental. I think that is too much of an easy fix for doctors today. Instead of continuing to try to figure out the real cause, they just put everyone on anti-depression medicine.
408795 tn?1324939275 My first blood test showed a drop in my ALT, AST, And my VL dropped fron 1,450,000 to 220,000 it wasn't quite a log but i am incouraged. I have found out by research and this site that the liver metabolizes every thing and its where cholesteral is produced so maybe if your liver gets in better shape some of your other health issues would get in check. I do believe that doing treatment before their is much damage and your in relatively good health makes it easier to handly the side effects.
Avatar n tn HGH doesn't increase the size of your penis, its effects are more anti-aging like increasing libido, energy, muscle gain, as ******* pointed out it aslo helps to increas wound healing, but penis For more info read this article on HGH
446896 tn?1237806342 Hi Autumn! I see you are still having issues with your BP. I know we discussed ways for you to get over this fear, but either they didn't work, or you didn't try them. Working on a surgical unit in a hospital, I assume most of you can imagine the number of BPs and HRs I take in the course of my shift. Literally hundreds! And I take them on many people who have the same fear as you.
1554262 tn?1374243601 I have been having these things for years. I posted here Aug. 2012. I average about two a month but have gone six weeks without one. They come on without warning so I have a bottle of water in my car at all times. Last night I felt one coming on and thought I would just see how long it would last if I tried to just wait it out without the water. It started in my stomach and chest and spread up to my neck and jaw and even ears.
Avatar n tn Well I'm posting a link from a very strange article next. This is from one of the Morgellons sites (Marc who sells some products site). It is from Indonesia July 2008. Hopefully the link will work.
Avatar n tn My job and my life require mental fitness. I have responsibilities in 3 different countries in 3 different languages the thought of brain damage call it fog or whatever is a huge factor for me. My brother for the past 30 years has mental problems and is on medication. I have an idea what depression,paranoia ect.... can do to a person. Never mind flu like symptoms that`s a walk in the park compared to metal disorders.