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1035021 tn?1296824307 Hola, llevo tomando tramadol por mas de 4 años, a la fecha he llegado a tomar 400 mg al día. Ahora lo quiero dejar pero me preocupan los efectos de la abstinencia y quisiera saber cual es la mejor manera de hacerlo. Espero contar con su ayuda. Gracias!
Avatar n tn I started single speed fixed gear road riding in San Francisco and was pretty proud of myself being able to ride the hills of SF on a fixed gear. I also ran a couple miles a day usually from my city center apt thru the hills of SF to Golden Gate Park. I am the opposite of many here in that I gained a ton of weight thru treatment! Even though I continued to run/ride thru treatment and full body cramps, even thru a balanced diet.
Avatar n tn i am not sure if i missed any replies that had to do with injections. i had a roommate who traveled from Oakland to downtown San Francisco just so she could get a shot (almost two hundred dollar) injection of cortisone i think that was the ingredient...and her so called pimple was about the size of the top of a pin. not that it matters, because small ones can hurt too. so my point is ... has anyone tried? also it seems like nothing has really even worked over the years???
Avatar n tn My name is Brad Coons (42 yrs old now) and I had a KinefexC ADR at C-5/6 in June of 2006 due to a ruptured and fragmented disc. The surgery was done here in San Diego and was uneventful, meaning no complications. I got lucky and the Dr. told me ahead of time that I was getting the ADR as opposed to the fusion (it was a blind study and I wasn't supposed to know what I was getting until AFTER the surgery). I had a lot of pain in the front of my neck from the Dr.
Avatar n tn It's also been very hot and very smoky where I live (San Francisco Bay Area). I've been shut in an apt to keep the smoky air out and running fans constantly. The fans have a tendency to dry my eyes, especially if I don't have them oscillating, so it may also be a factor. In a related incident, about 6 months or so ago I woke up to find my left eyeBALL was very red and looked like raw hamburger!!! The blepharitis had gone INTO the eye.