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Avatar m tn Seen lots and lots of specialists, (GP, Endo, Neuro,Rhuem,Infectious disease, GI, Allergist etc ) and spent lots of money with no answers.Trying to get an appointment with LLMD in Indianapolis area.Felt completely symptom free for 5 months last year with out T-shots but only on Cymbalta. So I am really confused it I am struggling with real illness are some Psycologcal manifestation.
Avatar n tn Im a fitness instructor not able to perform my work and when I do Im in a great deal of pain.
Avatar n tn After my cervical fusion and very little rehab, then the official release from the neurosurgeon I went back to my usual fitness. I now have adjacent segmental disease on above and below, I stay in chronic pain almost all days. I can do very little upper body. DO NOT fuse!!!! I am a nurse and my husband is an OR nurse. I did it because my pain was SOO bad. I should have backed off then with physical activity and waited for actual disc replacement.
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