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Avatar f tn Will anyone be giving birth in Indianapolis, Indiana? I feel like I'm the only one & everyone is in a different state lol.
883223 tn?1271345415 I am now seeing my regular OBGYN, a ultrasound specialist, and a pediatric cardiologist. They confirmed her with TOF and one of the values of her heart did close. So, she will need surgery as soon as the same day she's born plus the actual surgery to fix the condition (which would take place anywhere from 3-6 months of age.) I know she'll be okay though. I trust God and the doctors. I'll be having her a Loma Linda hospital.
1310633 tn?1430224091 (CNN) -- Two Indianapolis brothers have been charged in the slaying of an Iraq war veteran who was trying to purchase an iPad through Craigslist, the Marion County prosecutor's office said. James Vester, 32, was shot to death Wednesday in an Indianapolis parking lot. The father of a 1-year-old boy had served 12 years in the Indiana National Guard, including a year in Iraq.
1047946 tn?1332608029 Picks are due in by opening kickoff of the first game which is Saturday at 4:30 EST.
271792 tn?1334979657 Jacksonville @ Carolina Detroit @ Minnesota San Francisco @ Cincinnati Miami @ Cleveland New England @ Buffalo New York Giants @ Philadelphia Denver @ Tennessee Houston @ New Orleans New York Jets @ Oakland Baltimore @ St. Louis Kansas City @ San Diego Atlanta @ Tampa Bay Arizona @ Seattle Green Bay @ Chicago Pittsburgh @ Indianapolis Washington @ Dallas……Points_________ There are no byes this week. Happy picking everyone!!!!
271792 tn?1334979657 Indianapolis clinched the division in the AFC South, Denver clinched a wild card in the AFC West and Seattle clinched a wild card in the NFC West. Play-offs here we come!
230262 tn?1316645934 Posting this now in case I get too busy before Sunday. Have fun, good luck & chose your tiebreaker score very carefully, lol. Week 4 Sunday Oct. 3 New York Jets @ Buffalo Denver @ Tennessee Detroit @ Green Bay San Francisco @ Atlanta Seattle @ St.
271792 tn?1334979657 Indianapolis for tonight (Thursday) please...will be back with the rest.
230262 tn?1316645934 Remember, this is being posted one week early because N2S is going on 2week vacation and still wanted to get his picks in (and god knows he needs all the help he can get in the pool, haha) So dont get this confused with Week 6 because you may want to see how this weekends game go before making week 7 picks. Week 7 SUN, OCT 25 Green Bay at Cleveland San Diego at Kansas City Indianapolis at St.
230262 tn?1316645934 we have another THurs game and 1 SAturday game this week! So get your buttocks in here you guys and make your picks early! Week 15 Thurs Indianapolis @ Jacksonville Saturday Dallas @ New Orleans Sunday New England @ Buffalo Arizona @ Detroit Miami @ Tennessee Cleveland @ Kansas City Houston @ St.