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Avatar n tn I'm now 43 years old. I've been waiting 3 years for disc replacement surgery to be a little more mainstream treatment. I'm interested in hearing anything about this procedure for the C-spine. I'm considered a surgery candidtate for c-5/6 and c-6/7 levels.
Avatar f tn (please note these findings are dated back in March, when he first got his muscles torn. but since then it's been 5 months and many parts of his torn muscles have grown back and healed. I asked my father to get a new MRI again but he says it's too expensive. but I just want to note that it's best not to base the recommendation solely based on these outdated MRI finding.
Avatar n tn I had a unicompartment knee replacement on Oct 17, 2006. I am a Home Health Nurse I fell in a patient's bathroom on June 8 '07. After several months almost a year since I was injuried the MD who did the replacement - I was pain free at 7 weeks with -5 degree to 180 degree ROM - told me at the last visit to "suck it up" regarding the severe pain.
Avatar m tn Exercise does seem to make a lot of sense. It's as if you reach a certain level of fitness and the body knows it has to maintain that level as much as possible. If you do nothing, and your heart is fine at rest, then perhaps this is the key to not developing collaterals. I had been working in the building trade for a few years when I had to have my first stent and collaterals were noticed.
Avatar n tn I’ve never heard of anyone having success with a fusion… I watched one on youtube and I would never let them do that if I were …. Me I guess. I would go with a disc replacement before I would let them fuse anything. Your insurance may not cover that yet though. This just puts more pressure on the other discs anyways. And it’s so invasive; people are never right after it. If you have surgery…,..
Avatar n tn I love running, using aerobic equipment and lifting weights; however, I ususually experience flu-like symtoms for days, sometimes weeks, later. For years now, I have felt as if a virus surfaces in me everytime I exercise. My PCP is unhelpful. My ENT recommended L-Lysine which I have been taking with a multi-vitamin everyday for a year. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn My job and my life require mental fitness. I have responsibilities in 3 different countries in 3 different languages the thought of brain damage call it fog or whatever is a huge factor for me. My brother for the past 30 years has mental problems and is on medication. I have an idea what depression,paranoia ect.... can do to a person. Never mind flu like symptoms that`s a walk in the park compared to metal disorders.
Avatar f tn I have never been overweight, never smoked, have always been pretty active, careful with diet, good HDL/LDL ratio, and an excellent fitness assessment result just the week before the severe chest pain which led to the discovery of the narrowing artery. Now I am on 5 different drugs and advised not to do any strenuous exercises (no swimming or riding) for 4 weeks. I am feeling pretty frustrated and am wondering whether it would be fine for me to attend indoor cycle classes after 2 weeks.
Avatar n tn This morning the finger is bruised from tip to second knuckle and would have been much worse if not for the ice.
Avatar n tn An empty stomach can sometimes cause intense pain in some conditions, so having a meal replacement drink like Boost or Ensure when you can't face food might help. Hang in there, Kiddo, and KNOW that you will get through this!
Avatar f tn The pain over my left breast does not move to other parts of my body, it remains right where my heart is. It started off withheavy pressure on my chest though. I didn't start having these pains until I realized although I'm still very much in love that I needed to divorce my now ex-husband. After the divorce the pain subsided but came back last Sunday after he sent me a text msg. Weird huh? I mean we both wanted the divorce and I'm happy.
Avatar n tn I practice both Pilates and Dru Yoga, attend weekly aquasize and hydrtherapy classes. I had a total hip replacement to my left hip 3.5years ago and annual checks with my hospital consultant have confirmed that the right side will need replacing eventually however I am not experiencing any of the symptoms I had pre-op.
Avatar n tn In your case for example you have a hiatal hernia (which by the way can even by some doctors admissions cause and or exacerbate afib) and your jumping right into situps and exercise was not a wise move as you found out. If your not a fitness guru or nutritionist and most people aren't then you do need to get professional advise and read up on the subject and ask plenty questions.
Avatar n tn At that point no position helps- only getting up and moving on with the day- which means I am not well rested and the other parts of the body suffer. In bed, the pain is considerably worse at the end of EXhalation (not breathing in) when the lungs are empty- this is when the pain is BAD. My job does require a lot of computer time (typically bad posture) and I have a L4/l5 disk herniation injury that I'm recovering from.
Avatar n tn I believe you may see how leptin, thyroid hormones and adrenal glands interract and how hCG may be a part of those interractions. Also FYI, certain parts of hCG have similar chemical likeness to thyroid stimulating hormone. Dude, you have lots to learn that is far beyond Google research and text knowledge. Keep up the the research.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure if this problem is to do with the extra breast tissue appearing in other parts of my body but I hope to get that sorted too. But in the mean time I'm enjoying being a mother to my children and keeping my chin up thats the best way to deal with things at the moment until my body is surgically corrected.
961574 tn?1520651703 I am kind of pessimistic about the U/S and will probably wait to let the RE due the scan on Tuesday. After all, the Fertility clinic has state of the art equipment. I will give them credit for that. Just don't want to be disappointed if the Hospital tech can't see my baby(S).