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Avatar f tn I applied with UAE Exchange and i've accomplish all their requirments after passing the exams and interviews but when i got my medical exam i've found out i have hepatitis B virus and so the company told me to cure first this illness coz that might be the ground for the government to reject my application for employment visa. It is so frustrating and until now I still keep on asking why me. Anyway some been cured as what i've read form the post here.
Avatar f tn Did you do it on your own? I can't believe I can do this to my body. I am in the Fitness industry, and i know the benefits of proper eating. HOW DID YOU DO IT? What kind of support system did you have?
20842584 tn?1533058715 Training costs money and you have to research and ONLY take the required coursework from a reputable place that has records of people getting employment upon completion of their program. But there are lots of different fields. Clearly you ARE smart. I can tell. you speak very well, write very well. Maybe think about what a plan could be for these things only? But working toward getting out of this living situation, that's essential. Hey, also, walk.
767538 tn?1276578920 going back to work is beyond me at the moment but one thing that might be worth doing is working on your general fitness levels before you work again. being in constant pain and on drugs makes it difficult to maintain good health. I've said lots of good things about the patches, but i should also say that it makes me grumpy(anyone noticed?). but this only happens on high doses or when i reduce my dose(as i sometimes do to minimise side effects).
Avatar n tn Once you are in, there is usually an employment link. Each base handles its own web site, so you may have to go browsing to find the employment link. There really are tons of civilian jobs out there in almost all fields. if they require special security clearance, many of them will see that their candidate gets the necessary clearance after hiring.
Avatar f tn 1, it is about the health issue as more weight she puts on it can easily develop into other health issue for a young lady like her, 2, it may somehow prevent her to get better employment as certain “image sensitive” employers (she is in the process of getting active interviews with several big international firms suitable for her study and profession now)?
Avatar n tn The oxycodone will show show up depending on your metabolism anywhere from 24 to 72 hours after taking the pill. the fentanyl will show up considerably longer. Are you sure he was not referring to the blood serum test? Even then the short acting oxycodone would not show up after 30 days. It does not matter what amount of the fentanyl that your on it will show up in your blood work if your using it. When you had the test done had you taken any oxycodone within 3 days?
Avatar n tn Letter carrier/deliverer, person who checks electric gas meters - perhaps even some type of work from home. My doctor stated that my odor condition is rare and that he's only had 2 other patients who described similar symptoms. At this point there is probably no cure but a healthy diet is always the first step to a healthier person. Being a Catholic, I use prayer.
Avatar n tn At present I am on pre-trial intervention/probation for taking meds from my place of employment. Of course I no longer work there.After all the destruction, I can't believe I still crave it. Does this feeling ever go away???
Avatar f tn physical fitness; quality of life; and occupational function. Moreover, we will measure blood biomarkers: serum cytokines; cortisol at awakening and during the day; and leukocytes gene expression. The project will build onto an existing pilot study in HCV patients, an established collaboration with Liver Units across London, and the research-led clinical service for CFS patients at King's College Hospital. "Thus, the project has great chances of success." Click to expand...
286034 tn?1201100440 It was in Yuma, AZ and I started in July. I signed all the employment papers, and because the PHS is a (sort of) branch of the military (you know, head guy is the Surgeon General) my mom and I were of to the Marine base to the commissary to stock up. Well, they stopped us at the gate and asked for ID. I remembered something about signing a page titled something like "Officer Commission." So I told the guard, "I think I'm an officer.
Avatar n tn I know straight away. I can sleep anywhere any time, even while driving, I get very irritable and prone to depression etc etc etc. What has worked: 1 good healthy diet but not heavy. 2.exercise ( from stretches to ABT's) don't overdo it. A regular gym program did not work for me. 3 snack diet-- fruit, almonds, dried fruit. plenty of water 4. I gave up coffee altogether. it would make me extremely tired. 5 best of all- B-complex everyday (mega dose) 6. Molasses - the dark variety.
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363682 tn?1299492962 Hi Vanessa (if you're still out there?) ... Didn't really get anywhere with the local doctor - they're very busy and this really didn't rate up there with some of the urgent issues they deal with. However ... I have been gradually working my way through your suggestions and (wonder of wonders!) I think you may have hit it on the button with the allergic response suggestion.
Avatar n tn I live a healthy outgoing lifestyle where physical fitness is important to me. I am beginning to see that there is no end to the methadone on her part, I find this as unacceptable. As the relationship chugs along many factors has changed since the beginning of the methadone. I have found that sex and passion has become extinct. Effort to make it out to social gatherings is a stretch. Communication is becoming non existent. Almost like we are now living two separate lives and are roommates.
162948 tn?1205256292 Here what i found out the longer you had the IUD in the longer it can take to become pregnant it can take anywhere from 18-39months to conceive. 90% of women conceived by the 39month just so you know this can be a long waiting game. Because I just found this website and may not beable to find it again you can e-mail at ***@**** with any questions please put IUD in the your subject line .