Fingernails flattening out

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Avatar m tn They are changing, getting striations and flattening out across the tops. Any ideas why? Or where I could look for further info? Thanks!
Avatar n tn annie, i havent used in excces the straightening iron, just from time to time and i havent bleached my hair at all :( I'm trying as less possible to use them cuz i know the effects...
Avatar n tn 32 YO FE, car accident in 9/04. my drivers door was hit going 45-50 MPH. ER said my hip or pelvis not broken, just had contusions and was released. Saw my primary doc on day 3. He said my L SI was off so I needed ajustments go to the chiropractor and to rest, MY whole body hurt at that point, I was really out of it. and had a terrible headache that lasted several days. followed-up in 2 weeks w/ prim doc, by that time felt much worse,left side.
1548538 tn?1293875433 Everyone who suffers from itchy scalp, constant rummaging around on it with your fingernails searching for sandy grains to pluck them out, and losing a lot of hair in the shower, and during brushing, and combing, should use Johnson's BABY SHAMPOO. After one use, its like brand new scalp. Also, when conditioning, limit that to twice a week. I did not condition my scalp, just the ends of my hair, when using baby shampoo.