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137025 tn?1217768341 which scares the bejeezus out of me because I read that curly nails could be a sign of cirhossis. Short nails too. I gave up on the long fingernails about a year ago when the curling thing started. I had a biopsy this summer, stage 2/3.........two areas of cirhossis, but not enough to make a diagnosis of stage 3. So my fingernails are doing it for me. Anyway, I'm getting too darn tired to slog thru the water and need a good doc in Oregon. Anybody know of one?
Avatar n tn For six months I have had thigh and pelvis pain, slightly curling fingernails, arm and finger stiffness, vision problems, drooping eyelids, dry eyes, weight loss, muscle tone loss, loss of appetite. The worst thing is the sleep. The mechanism has gone totally. My doctor did general blood tests-ok and x ray showed scarring but no tumor. Pneumologist said if it was cancer it would show on xray. The sleep is so bad that I cant function. Its an effort even to write this.
Avatar f tn ) -itchyness all over (only usually 3 places at a time) but then when one goes away another starts -Bad bad headaches (like right behind my eyes on both sides) -fingers on right hand curling up like in a claw like look (not locked I can straighten them but when relaxed they curl up...
168348 tn?1379360675 My skin is sooooooooooo dry that I want to shred it off with my fingernails!! Where's that cortizone cream? errrrgggggggh!!!!
Avatar n tn Itching? Palmar erythema? Loss of appetite? Decreased energy? Any curling or changes in your fingernails(Terry nails)? Dark urine? Light stools? If you do not have any of these symptoms, that is a good sign. Keep in mind your liver might NOT have damage, dont assume due to this pain you get that it is badly damaged. Mine didn't hurt and I had severe damage, so it just goes to show how nonlinear this disease is. Keep in mind once fibrosis sets in, it can progress faster.
Avatar f tn It eventually reattached. 8. Suddenly, I'm noticing that my FINGERNAILS are CURLING on the sides, which is weird because--aside from one nail that has always done that--I've never had that problem, yet my nails are as long as they ever were, if not shorter. 9. Heart murmurs and flutters (I've been getting them for years, though) 10. Intermittent FATIGUE 11. DIZZINESS for the past couple of days I think I've eating normally, and my urine looks normal.
Avatar f tn I have no problem telling people i pick the lint that builds up underneath my big toe nail. I do this on a weekly basis. I refuse to use the same bath towel all week long. It used to drive my ex hubby crazy and does my roomie now, she thinks its disgusting. I'm just trying to conserve. If I fuel my vehicle, I wear thsoe little $1 store gloves.....can you imagine what is on those nozzle handle...
1391695 tn?1298143389 During treatment, I used hats and caps to 'cover up' and didn't bother to wash my hair very often. It was so dry but didn't fall out that much, except for occasional spurts, usually in the shower. Or maybe that was when I noticed it falling out.
Avatar n tn hold a curling iron up for 10 minutes doing my hair is a real challenge). The cognitive issues - memory and concentration and learning and decision making - are the second symptom that most troubles me. I was a very bright child with a lot of potential. Now I feel retarded and unable to learn. I am concerned about reports that antibiotics are less effective at reaching the Lyme bug when it is hiding in your brain.....and when you have had it for 20 or 30 or 40 years.
Avatar n tn I was searching online the other day about scalp problems cos my scalp looks white and there arn't flakes, but seems like build up. It sounds like you may have scalp problems/build up too. It seems like in picking the build up, you are causing your scalp to bleed. One way you could break the picking is to remove anything there to pick. Have you tried a tar/medicated shampoo? You can find them on shelf and they're used to things like scalp periosis (spelling?) serbaceous dermatitis and dandruff.
Avatar n tn Well, hityty, you really have put the cat among the pigeons with that comment! I'm imagining all sorts of weird and wonderful things going on underneath my skin - bugs having the time of their lives, crawlies creeping, etc etc. No, I haven't been to any exotic places recently so I don't think that has caused it but I think I will mention it to my GP next time I visit him, just for curiosity!
Avatar m tn They seem to love the trash and the sink (different fly?). Up to 6 months ago I felt like a bug was crawling on me when I sat on my couch and bed (different apartment), our first assumption was bed bugs and we treated the house (using bombs) for these, the crawling feeling slowed but never fully stopped. We recently moved (2 months ago) and I felt the same thing on the couch and bed, even worse actually. So much so that we had to throw the couch out.
Avatar n tn Thank God I am not the only one!!! Unlike most of you I have herpes, but the tearing is not like a herpes sore. My boyfriend uses alot of chemicals at work and even if he washs his hand I think that the chemicals really effect me when he touches me. I get yeast infections all the time. Between the tears and the infections I have little to no sex life. I also have lots of discharge. I have been to the gyno and had ever test possible done twice. I have found no relief.
Avatar n tn ( Finally in 2007, I got the courage up again to go to another Neuologist for help, because my symptoms had worsened, and I was having difficulty walking (long term, extreme B6 toxicity side effect). I decided that this time round with the new Neurologist I was going to be very proactive and obtain all my test results and "analyze" them with the help of info off the internet. To make the long story short, my B6 level was at 73 (normal is 23 for women).
1647691 tn?1363727302 I truly believe that added up to my success. It's a shame that I ended up with flu, an emergency root canal treatment, and a silly cat that has decided to mark his territory since the implant. Plus he bought a mouse in the house last night. I hate mice : ) So really hoping for that heartbeat tomorrow.
Avatar f tn ( I have been up many nights over 10 years reading blogs like this, see that thousands of people suffer with it, men and women of all ages, living in all parts of the world...I have not been able to distinguish a common thread for the cause besides the symptoms and the temporary relief from ice. I hope there is a doctor out there, or a team of doctors, that is aware of this and will take the time to find the cause and cure of brachioradial pruritus.