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Avatar n tn I'm a diabetic patient and I have an anaerobic bacteria in my finger's nail many time I used to remove my nails to be ok nothing help me please do you have any answer to solve this problem?
Avatar n tn I have had an issue with only one of my fingernails and it has me a little worried. The fingernail has started to peel on the side and started to curve on me. Any help or thoughts how to treat/cure it would be very helpful.
Avatar n tn I have been reading quite a bit of info on the net related to fingernail fungus. About one year ago, I inflicted trauma to two of my fingernails while wearing acrylics. I began picking at the cuticles on one side of each nail (thumb on right hand and middle finger on left hand) to a point where I had separated the nail from the nail bed down to the base of the nail.
Avatar f tn If your scratching the rash, the fingernail bacteria is causing it to spread. This could have started from one single pimple and spread from scratching.
Avatar n tn What if someone use his fingernail to scratch a hiv positive person with high viral load and bleeds as the result of the scratch, then the fingernail with infected blood scratch another person within a minute, will that person get infected? And what if the infected blood went into the mouth through the fingernail while eating some fruits, will the person get infected too?
Avatar f tn So, yesterday my boyfriend was fingering me and he accidentally slipped out and cut the area around my vagina with his fingernail. It bled really bad yesterdy, but only bled a little today. I'm terrified, because this has never happened to me and i don't know what to do. It also burns really bad when i go to the bathroom. I'm scared that i'll get an infection or something. please help me.
Avatar f tn During sex, I inadvertently scratched his penis with my fingernail. It was only afterwards that we realized the scratch was deep enough to draw blood. What is the risk of contracting Hep C in this scenario?
Avatar f tn I accidently scraped somebody in my family with my fingernail, then seconds afterwards accidently put my finger in my mouth. There is a chance they are sexually active. The amount of blood from the wound was small.
Avatar m tn Can HIV live under your fingernail from masturbating someone else off then be transferred to a mucous membrane? Like the ears by a q tip?
Avatar m tn My main concern comes from the anal stimulation in that maybe she had some virus/bacteria on her hand from a previous guy and get fingernail may have rubbed the tissue opened and infected me with an std/sti. Is this at all possible? Am I at risk for any std's/sti's from anything that was done?
Avatar f tn The vagina is one of the cleanest spots in the body, with specific flora that keep it healthy, and hands are able to be one of the most bacteria-laden parts of the body besides the anus, pretty much. Don't introduce foreign bacteria, viruses, fingernail dirt, sweat, funguses, yeasts, anything if you can help it. Better not to check the cervix at all than to give yourself an infection. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Well, years past by and every 3 to 6 months my skin close my fingernail opens up and it hurts like crazy and I can't do anything when that happens. Then I noticed that my hands were very dried and dead skin appeared where I can just pill off the dead skin but it hurts because it later turns red because I removed the skin with clipper nail or something. When I put carbon dioxide in my hands, they turn white like if it reacts to it some sort of a reaction.
Avatar n tn If you scrape your tongue in the back with a fingernail where there are little lumps does your finger smell really bad? You may have spots were bacteria builds up around your taste buds. You need to scrape your tongue with a tongue scraper or just use a tooth brush with warm salt water. Let me know what happens.
Avatar m tn Could it be preserved under a fingernail, etc.? I realize that I'm probably overly paranoid about this, but needed some reassurance. Thanks.
Avatar m tn HIV is unable to reproduce outside its living host (unlike many bacteria or fungi, which may do so under suitable conditions), except under laboratory conditions; therefore, it does not spread or maintain infectiousness outside its host.
Avatar m tn I have a lunch today and i found a piece of vegetables, where is a red(Probably the fingernail size) I don‘t know whether it is blood, I didn’t eat it. The vegetable taste a little wrong.I thrown it into the garbage box. But soup and meat,they touch the red vegetable and i eat a few . soup no visible blood I'm sure but the meat is dark so i can't pay attention to, if there is blood in the meat. I happen to have oral ulcers and bleeding will be infected with HIV?
Avatar m tn Each of those have their own unique quirks....Innys can get a collection of lint, bacteria and things get in there and if not cleaned well can cause a toe jam type smelly stuff, anyway, if that collects long enough and added to that are all the skin cells that die everyday..a perfect breeding ground for bacteria to grow, then some kind of injury that created a SMALL break in the skin;....a fingernail scratch in the night..tiny scratch...
Avatar m tn It can also be a side effect of antibiotics which kill bacteria but doesn't harm fungus, which then can grow more easily with less competition from bacteria.
Avatar f tn On friday (considering today is monsay) my boyfriend was fingering me and he accidentally slipped out and cut the area around my vagina with his fingernail. It bled really bad for a haft of hour maybe, and didn't bled again. I'm terrified, because this has never happened to me and i don't know what to do. It also burns really bad when I go to the bathroom.
Avatar n tn Cell wall deficient bacteria and L shaped bacteria. There IS a new STD, but we are being lied to. They are caused by mycoplasmas of many different types.
Avatar n tn I have had an ongoing fingernail problem. Hard skin around and under my nails which changes structure of nails. My dermo. fisrt said is was a fungus and then decided it was just a hard skin problem. It is not going away so I've been curious if it is a fungus problem and could it be related to the itching I have all over my body which gets worse when I get warm?
Avatar m tn Although the rash may be itchy, avoid scratching it because you may damage the skin, and allow bacteria to get in, leading to infection. You may also need topical and oral steroids which are available under prescription. Also wear cotton clothes. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
Avatar f tn that "smear" was probably fingernail polish. no one that does nails, for a living, is going to sit around bleeding while working on customers.
Avatar m tn hi i hope u can answer my question fast please i'm dying here from anixity , i tested negative a week ago i have done nothing just wanted to make sure i'm ok , after one day i shaked my friends hand after 10 seconds i saw blood on my fingernail i did touch my chapped CUT lips with my hand , i'm worried that its his blood n i got it on my CUT lips can i get hiv like that PLEASE ANSWER ME FAST
Avatar m tn )(The scratch might be from something else or from my own fingernail.) P.P.S.
Avatar n tn I don't know if this has anything to do with it or not, but I do have a fingernail that is white and coming off the nailbed, which I would think is a fungus. I am also wondering if it has anything to do with the liver? I am otherwise very healthy and am on no medications and eat nothing unusual or different. I am drinking more cranberry juice now, and still eating the yogurt and hoping it just goes away because I don't feel like going to a GP to get blood work/liver enzymes, etc.
Avatar m tn In other words, how long can most the STD's live in any type of bodily fluid outside the body?
Avatar n tn When we were having sex i used a condom because i am very paranoid to begin with as we were having sex she started bleeding ( i belive it was from a cut from my fingernail ) she bleed on my pubic reigon and balls may even had reached my anus but i dont believe it did which was unprotected i have razer buumps on my pubic reigon but to the eye there are no open wounds or cuts on my body what are my risks of transmission of any std here thanks ?
Avatar m tn None did, so she told me that although they typically lance the finger for drainage, there was no evidence of pus so wouldn't do it, and only gave me a script for Bactrim. It is not a fingernail infection, but rather most likely a 'felon', and the means by which it happened was a 2-week old, not-quite-healed cut. I am now on day 5 of a 7 day run of the antibiotic, and although my thumb is better than it was, it's still hot, throbby, slightly swollen and tender.