Finger swollen from bug bite

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Avatar n tn Hi, A rash or spot in the genital area is common and if this is not std related, a visit to your doctor is usually warranted. If it is bug bite, it is important to identify what insect or bug is the culprit. Are there other signs or symptoms present? It could just be Fordyce spots which are small bright red or purple papules that can appear on the glans, shaft or scrotum and may occur as a solitary lesion.
Avatar n tn Almost everyone who has herpes on the leg thinks it is a bug bite. When they tell their doctor they have an itchy bug bite, the doctor figures it's just a more severe than usual reaction to a bug bite.
Avatar n tn He had no conclusion for the swollen finger and prescribed anti-inflammatory medicine. My finger was at it's worst Sunday and Monday and then started getting better on it's own as each day went by. By Friday (Today) the swelling was completely gone and mobility is back to almost 100%. I did not take the anti-inflammatory medicine because it was getting better on it's own. I still have no idea what caused it but it went away a little slower than it arrived.
Avatar n tn A swollen lymph node can be caused by a multitude of things. A viral infection, a bacterial infection, a bug bite, even. Potentially you have an ingrown hair, and you just think its a lymph node? I really think you're fine. However, what kind of test did they do that came back in 15 minutes?
432097 tn?1318552340 I have been bitten about 3 days ago by some sort of bug in my sleep. My hand had a swollen red spot, but nothing real concrete. No "fang" marks, but it was definately a bite. Iit hurt and stung, but in Colorado, there aren't many real bad venomouns spiders, so I didn't worry about it. Besides, I didn't know what kind of a doctor to call, my doctor doesn't know much about spider bites.
Avatar m tn I noticed an itchy red bump down there but it is a little swollen, the skin is raw from me itching it but it could easilly be reason burn or a bug bite..
Avatar n tn Then they die down and form red dots like acne. But, we don't have any mosquitos in the house. When I rub my finger across one it feels like a bump just like a mosquito bite. They show up on his feet, hands, arms, lower abdomen, armpits, sides of chest, upper back, 2 above his eye, under his chin, 1 on his forehead. They don't look terrible now. It seems like they are still there, yet fade away after a couple of hours then a new one shows up in a different location.
Avatar m tn This is my first post, I've been reading this forum for about a month now, reading about evetything from how to cure scabies to mites. I'm 27 years old, live in Dallas Texas and here is my story... First, we've always had a fly problem at every house we go to. You know, the little fruit fly looking things. However, we're not big fruit eaters and don't have any out. They seem to love the trash and the sink (different fly?).
Avatar n tn First pinky on my hand swelled up and was itchy and red then the tip of the finger on the other hand so we ruled out bug bite. Burn spray helped alot and was gone the next day however the next day my big toe became swollen itchy and red. I put tenactin powder on which is really helping. No changes in anything ive been doing accept ive had very tight and painful arms for about a month and just found pain patches that seem to help.
Avatar n tn Just returned from CVS my girlfriend has swollen lips 3x their normal size. This has occured 3x this month. Allergist found nothing ! The CVS Pharmacist said she should stay away from anything with a PRIL at the end (generic) She takes high blood pressure meds Lisinopril and the combination causes such a allergic reaction. Also, anything with SARTAN . Her Dr. prescribed Methprednisolone, a series of 21 pills over days.This is scary !
Avatar f tn It is very ichy and my ankle is a little swollen and feels hot to the touch. The bite itself is tiny and has a slightly raised bump in the middle. Any ideas?
Avatar m tn I still feel swollen all around my jaw and like glands by my ear. I'm soo sick of this. I went from being a 4.0 student to sitting home for a month missing college. What type of virus do u think we have? In the hospital, they already said I did have a virus but they just don't know what it is. Then when I came home, my family doctor called it mono-hepatitus + strep throat... I dont know anymore..
Avatar n tn A few days ago I noticed a sore, reddish swollen lump on my left inner thigh, right along my bikini line. It has since gotten larger (about the size of a nickel, and more elongated now). It only feels sore if I press on it or rub against it. It seems like a soft lump that moves around with the skin. Last night I applied a warm washcloth to it for about 30 minutes, which made it feel better. Could this be a swollen lymph node, or maybe an ingrown hair?
Avatar n tn I have the same problem as this red swollen itchy eyelids. Don't have allergies like this. I do wear contacts--why would they cause this? I haven't been wearing the contacts for days now....
Avatar m tn Doesn't hurt though. I thought it was a bug bite but it doesn't have puss. It has clear fluid. This stuff is a mess if it is on my finger now. I'm almost embarrassed at this point to go to my doctors because they don't know what to say and I feel like they are burdened by my visits. I have HSV 1 but never had a blood test for it before so don't know if this is a new infection. What else could cause this?
Avatar f tn I find it hard to believe that people can have these weird sensations from anxiety alone. I have had a brain MRI and c-spine MRI, the only thing that showed was a bulging disk. Anyone else have this?
Avatar f tn I couldn't believe it so I took her to the Children's ER where 2 doctors told me she just had an infection from a bug bite. I don't know who to believe. The ER dr. gave me antibiotic. The clinic Dr. told me there was nothing that I could do about it. Have you ever heard of a baby getting a herpesoutbreak on her hand?
Avatar m tn But hurt all day and today it is swollen from little finger down along the outside of my hand and pain is much worse. I didn't hit my hand, so do not hink it is a broken bone....but I've had a broken thumb previously and pain & swelling are similar. Help!!!
Avatar n tn I'm not 100% sure it was a bite but I know it all started with one little tiny dot that looked like a bite since we were have a flea epidemic in my home at the time.
Avatar m tn I noticed this first two days ago not long after getting a particularly large insect bite about an inch or two from the spot. I'm not sure if these two are related. I've tried to rub it out, thinking it was just a tiny tense muscle knot or something, but it isnt going anywhere. The lump isnt particularly painful, but the right side of my neck feels slightly odd. It isn't warm and it does not move at all. It is very firm.
86075 tn?1238118691 they decided to keep him there, they were worried about it...the next day it was so swollen that his finger was grotesque...they have him on an IV of anti-biotics, and they are hoping that the anti-biotics take (there's not a lot of progress up until now) because they might have to amputate his finger!!....if the anti-biotics don't take about a cautionary tale...
Avatar f tn So life went on like normal and than all of the sudden I started feeling anxious again, than 2 days later I noticed a new swollen node which was brought on by a bug bite. But in my head it could only be lymphoma or leukaemia. So I started feeling around my neck and noticed my other one I had before but it was the same size, I felt another closer to my collarbone as well but they are both very soft and moveable.
Avatar m tn They are similar in appearance to a wood tick. After the bug has taken a blood meal, its color will change from brown to purplish-red. Here is a good article on finding bed bugs. http://www.extension.umn.
Avatar f tn ok well i just came in from the doc. He practiclly laughed at me. He said that because he finger was not swollen, red or painful and certainly the pimple is very very small that there's no way he would even put whitlow as a possibility. he said it could be a number of things from excema to an insect bite that keeps getting irritated. Anyway he says that because it doesn't seem to bother her at all ( i can attest to that also) she is acting like it's not even there then there's no problem.
Avatar m tn The feeling of a bug bite from Week 4 on my right hand came back. Became worse and the area between my right finger and thumb became swollen. Now if I touch the middle of my ring finger I feel some pain at the base of my thumb. I have also had feelings of paper cuts and at other times like blisters on different fingers on either hand. When I look sometimes I see a minor brown dot, sometimes a blister, sometimes nothing. At times palm of hands feel like I fell on gravel.
229411 tn?1189759425 You are always the one who worries that you had a bug bite on your knuckle or something anyway. If you are going to be such a creep that you would use a condom to finger a girl, use a glove. Your whole hand will be covered, plus they're WAY cheaper. I'd smack a guy into the middle of next week if they came at me with a glove or a condom over their finger. It would make a normal woman feel like she was so dirty he had to do that.
Avatar n tn I thought I had a really bad reaction to a bug bite and went to my doctor. I have never had a genital outbreak that I am aware of. The first breakout was very severe and I ran a temp with it and my lymph nodes were very tender and swollen. My questions are: 1. If I never have genital outbreaks can I pass this genitally to my husband? 2. Can I spread this to other parts of my body by drying with a towel for instance? 4. I have about two breakouts a year, should I be on medications? 5.
1702615 tn?1421815848 No tumor found. Finger is mostly numb from cutting through the nerve, rarely sometimes still have shocking pain but not as bad as pre-surgery. No reason for pain ever found. 1996 Developed small lipoma in elbow fold of left arm. Continued to grow slowly. 2001 Lipoma removed. It finally grew large enough to interfere with arm movement and work. Doc said lipoma had grown "tentacles" and began to intertwine the joint. Was difficult to remove. Was biopsied, benign.
Avatar m tn Aparna, Few months i met a guy and we engaged in smooching nothing after that, till 4 months i was absolutely fine but one day i chat with another guy again and he told me that he is HIV+, since then i developed a fear within me that iam infected, few days ago i undergo a blood test and doctor said reports are normal, 2 weeks after blood test i had a headache, some kind of a rash but i think its mostly bug bite coz the skin turns red and after few hours it get clear.
Avatar f tn recently felt a strange irritation in my left nostril, looked inside with a flashlight and it is red and a little raised inside 3. itchy genital area 4. swollen left side of my left eye with itchiness first (maybe from a bug bite, started itching while I was outside yesterday 5. inbetween my vagina and anus, the skin was red and very itchy (but I think I've always had itchiness) 6.