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Avatar f tn My fingers normally get infected whenever I pull out a hangnail, but now my finger has gotten infected and I am concerned. It is red and swollen at the tip like normal, but in addition my entire finger is swollen to the point where it is visibly larger than the same finger on my other hand. It also hurts the infected area when I bend it more than a little bit or straighten it, so I have been keeping it in the slightly bent position that does not cause pain for most o today and yesterday.
Avatar n tn If it doesn't look infected you're probably okay, but 3 weeks is a while for it to still be swollen and may want to just call your doctor and ask him if he wants you to come in. Better safe than sorry!
Avatar n tn So the first day i started having pain in my middle finger of my right hand and i thought nothing of it as each day went by it started to swell more and more now there is a huge bump on my finger that hurts if i move or touch it against anything. then today i got a similar bump on my big toe on my right foot what could this be?
Avatar f tn I figured it would go away, but when I awoke this morning it was extremely painful, red and swollen. I then noticed a little bump on the side of my finger that was not there. My finger had gotten worse, red and warm to the touch and the swelling has went from the to slightly down the finger with the redness travelling down the side of the finger and down the middle of the top of my hand. Everyone keeps telling my just to soak it, I probably got bitten or it's infected.
Avatar n tn Now my finger is swollen with a red bump where the cut was. My finger is also very warm to the touch. What is this? And what do I need to do? Thanx!
Avatar n tn Hi, making it short and quick. My finger tip is swollen, red, tender, and a bit discolored. Could it be a ingrown nail or a infection? If so can it be treated at home? If so what should I do? Thank you in advance.
Avatar n tn He is 16 months old. Saturday morning his smallest finger was hot and swollen and painful to him when we woke him up. The swelling was confined to just the last joint of his finger, to the tip. My husband examined it to see if there seemed to be a broken bone, but he thought not. As the morning went on, he appeared to be in a good deal of pain and just wanted to be held. By the afternoon, the swelling had increased to over halfway down his finger.
Avatar f tn I know this seems maybe silly but my grandma (105 yr old!) put honey on my finger one time when I got splinters. Wrapped it overnight and the next day the splinters were on the surface. I know, wierd, but ya have nothing to lose. It won't hurt you and she is 105 for some reason.
Avatar m tn Im getting worried as it seems like it must be getting infected, and its obviously far from the surface. What can a doctor do? oral antibiotics? amputate? or is it just residual swelling from deep bruising? my hand feels ok except now im noticing some faint pain in my thumb, although it could be unrelated. thanks!
Avatar n tn punctured my finger in the joint and now it is swollen and I cant bend it and it really is painful I dont know what to do
Avatar n tn I had this cluster of little tiny warts on my right ring finger, and i never really did anything for it and all of a sudden it got really bad and my finger got really swollen and itched like crazy. Now the skin on my finger looks like i have this skin eating disease because i have a bunch of little holes in my skin and if i dont have it covered this liquid oozes out all the time. It hurts and i dont know what to put on it or do, can someone help????
Avatar n tn He had no conclusion for the swollen finger and prescribed anti-inflammatory medicine. My finger was at it's worst Sunday and Monday and then started getting better on it's own as each day went by. By Friday (Today) the swelling was completely gone and mobility is back to almost 100%. I did not take the anti-inflammatory medicine because it was getting better on it's own. I still have no idea what caused it but it went away a little slower than it arrived.
Avatar n tn I cut my finger (on the knuckle) some weeks back, My entire finger became swollen, with a red bump where the cut is, and both sides of the knuckle also swollen, with there being a small red rash at the base of the finger. It hurts whenever there is pressure on the finger or when I bend it. I went to the doctor's last week and he said it was an infection of the cut and prescribed a week-long course of flucloxacillin which I have been following and is due to end tomorrow.
128449 tn?1192829269 I am just worried because i looked at it last night and it is still extremely swollen and still oozing puss - although it is now white, not green. How long should we wait to go back to the doctor? We were just in the ER 2 nights ago...does he just need to give it more time??
Avatar m tn No apparent necrosis, but the fingernail has separated and also *appears* to be infected with fungus. She has had IV antibiotics twice as well as antibiotic and antifungal pills, and it was non-responsive to the drugs. Tested negative for MRSA. Finger hurts and is pinkish-red. It is dry with no discharge.
Avatar f tn A week ago my pinky became slightly swollen and I could not bend it much. Its painful when I touch where the screws are. I did not hit it or bump it. It seemed like every day it got worse. At times I cant bend it at all-others I can bend half way. Sometimes I can type with no problems (I am an office worker) but other times I cant move it the SLIGHTEST bit. The doctor took x-rays and said it looks like the screws are still in place where they should be.
Avatar n tn Index finger was slammed in door 2 weeks ago - it was cut on both sides of finger but the cuts have healed and were never infected. My finger is still very swollen around the joint and it really hurts to bend - could this be fluid buildup and if so, can I do anything at home to relieve it?
Avatar n tn my pointer finger is infected. i wash it wish peroxide and bleach and also swim in the pool but it is swollen and about twice the size of my other pointer finger. is has a strange puss that come out of it and bleeds when it is bumped.
901608 tn?1242152747 It sounds like a witlow I think it would be good to see the Doctor as I think he'll need an anti biotic to clear it , you could try the anti biotic creams from the drugstore OTC and put a band aid over it ,my son had one he lost his finger nail and it didnt grow back ,so best to get it treated asap .
1135554 tn?1260547846 After about 1 month I developed swollen lymph nodes in the groin. Now (1 and a half months on) I have developed muscle twitching mostly in my calves but twitches occur thoughout my body and arms. I have been to the doctors but I'm in Korea. The doctor speaks a little English but its not enough to talk to him about it. The doctor has given me 5 days of drugs with 12 pills per day. To me thats indicating something serious. Anyway I've got another month to wait.
Avatar m tn I also noticed a smell, like bad meat. I only get the smell when i touch it and sniff my finger. It doesnt ooze any flui, but it seems to have gotten larger and more annoying. Is it a cyst? Ingrown hair? Ive been applying Neosporin to no avail, and i started a hot compress on it today. Can someone just give me an idea of what it is? Im a 18 and overweight if it helps.
Avatar n tn Woke up in th morning and finger was swollen from knucle to tip. During the day the finger got around the knuckle (seems like dark blood under the skin).
1176986 tn?1264921442 This happen frequently where my finger on my right hand, 4th one over (next to pinkie) out of the blue gets swollen, really hot and hurts like the devil. I cant even touch it. There are no scars or scrapes, openings. nothing. I wonder if it's infected, but from what? and how? I hope someone can give me some insight!
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Avatar m tn I've been through different symptoms currently i still have this tingling/numb/pricking fingers and toes. My muscles and joints in different parts are in pain and swollen. I have this itchy rashes and different rash too.I'm so weak too and fatigue can't think straight. You can read my story from top to bottom and tell me if everything is just a coincidence.
Avatar f tn The skin on my middle finger at the nail seems to gave pulled back as the nail of my infected finger is about 30% longer than the nail on my other middle finger. My nail looks quite similar to in this photo: Does anyone know what I can do about this/what this is? Thanks.
Avatar n tn I stopped using anything with SLS in it and it seemed to heal up a little bit. My fingers are so swollen and infected that i don't know what will help at this point. I am going to try the water and vinegar mixture tonight. I already sleep with gloves on with Neosporin to try and keep the skin hydrated. I guess we will see if the vinegar helps.
Avatar m tn Hi, I am almost 20years old and i had this habit of biting my finger nails from when i was a child but now i kind of stopped but that's not all.
Avatar n tn At first it seemed like just the middle joint, now it is entire finger. It is noticeably swollen compared to my other fingers. It hurts all the time, but especially if pressed on or accidentally pressed when doing activity like turning door knob,etc. I saw doc over a month ago who did X-rays and said they looked normal. He said cause may be unknown and will subside on own?