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1116556 tn?1345119506 If they can't find a physical cause of your finger pain, like arthritis or dislocation or tendonitis, you may be sufferering from neuropathic pain. It's what happens when the pain centers that control vaious badiy parts get bad messages sent along MS damaged pathways, I have it in my feet. There is nothing wrong with my feet, no sprains, no breaks etc. But without meds they can feel like someone just dropped a bowling ball on them. It's worth a call to your neuro in any case.
Avatar f tn It's slightly yellowish, and is especially painful when I'm in cold places or if I accidentally let it knock against things. Sometimes, it hurts without any reason. It doesn't itch at all, just painful. Why?
Avatar m tn i have been having severe pain in my finger,especially when i eat aweet food or drink cold water it also affect me when i eat kolanut or drink coffee doc,how can i cure this desease
Avatar f tn Since young, it has this bump, that hurts upon contact. It's slightly yellowish, and is especially painful when I'm in cold places or if I accidentally let it knock against things. Sometimes, it hurts without any reason. It doesn't itch at all, just painful. Why?
Avatar f tn It usually doesn't affect me much, only when in cold places or when I bump my finger against something accidentally, the pain is excruciating. It doesn't itch, it just hurts alot. I've had this problem since young, and I don't know why. Is there something that grew in my finger?
Avatar f tn This summer my doctor diagnosed the shocks of pain through my right hand has Carpel Tunnel. I live in Michigan so when the cold came around in November, my right hand has started doing something strange. My right pointer finger now turns white and goes numb whenever I step outside. Now you may think I just need to wear gloves, the thing is that this occurs with even holding a cold class. My friends call me ET because it's so white it almost glows.
Avatar m tn Three months ago i cut my pinky & ring finger on a saw , surgery was completed & been going to physio for two months to get mobility in the fingers where they had to re-attache the tendons , that stretching is going well but the swelling on back of hand--palm of hand & fingers are giving me a problem , i've been working through that issue(soaking hand from hot &cold water)(wearing compression gloves)(wrapping the hand)(wearing a splint)(arm elevated) (massage) & now another i
1477817 tn?1287348584 The tumor also was on the dorsal root and was wrapped around the long thoracic nerve and he was able to split the nerve so I have motor function but lost the pain and feeling was amazing! Very pleased, now the problem is my finger has major hypersensitivity and when it get cold out even near the 40's my finger cant react to getting cold and turns into an ice cube. Pulsating pain non stop, I take neurontin and a pain killer hydros 10mg.
Avatar m tn was interesting to read your article, i sometimes get my right hand that goes freezing cold, and i get numbness in the tips of my figers, and shooting pain up my thumb. i have just been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy, i have the problem in both feet and hands, which they call glove and sock syndrome, may be interesting if you have just the glove syndrome. it does sound to me, although i am not a doctor, it is from the nerves, neuro, or circulatory.
Avatar f tn I'm really small, so when unwanted to do it to them I figured I needed alot of force so I put my hands out palms first and I slammed them against the tree with all my weight but there was a thick needle like piece of branch sticking out thAt stabbed pretty deep into my middle finger right at the middle joint , maybe just above it. It was so cold outside that my finger barely bled but when I got in and warmed up it bled more.
Avatar f tn Hello Nella, Welcome to the Pain Management Forum of MedHelp. I am glad you joined us. Usually a burning sensation is indicative of nerve involvement. I am wondering if you may have carpal tunnel disease. Symptoms of nerve involvement "may start as a tingling and change to a numbness, or there may be a combination of decreased sensation (numbness) but with heightened sensations at certain times or with stimulation.
Avatar f tn Since I started exercising again when I wake up in the middle of the night I cannot bend my fingers and my hand is in alot of pain. Usually by morning when I'm moving around more they start to loosen up and I don't have any pain. I do notice when I do any exercise with my arms and shoulders my hands and fingers hurt. Anyone else had this problem?
Avatar n tn I was exposed to really cold temperature (-15) last week and all of a sudden my middle finger started hurting it hurts more when i bend it , what could it be I am 41 years old . Now I am also feeling a pain in my upper left arm ?
Avatar f tn One more thing...I did some researching on Google by looking up "amputation" and "cold" and "finger" and cold intolerance in people who had lost a finger was mentioned a lot. Just FYI.
Avatar n tn I tried doing like he suggested and it only caused me a lot of pain and didn't go away and now it's getting bigger and causing me more pain making it hard to move my finger especially when it gets cold I was wondering if it's possible that it is what he said and I just didn't hit it right or that it might be something else I should have checked by another doctor?
Avatar m tn also, my finger never turns blue or red, and does not hurt when this happens
Avatar n tn Hello, Crabs belong to the crustacean family.sometimes people who are allergic to shellfish may show allergic reaction towards crustaceans also.But there are other possibilities also. Various possibilities for peeling fingertip are trauma and allergic or irritant contact dermatitis like washing dishes without wearing gloves,contact with harsh detergents,soaps and lotions that contain perfume can cause hands and fingertips to become irritated and peel.
Avatar f tn I have been living with burning and pain in my middle finger, ring finger and now the pinky finger[/b]. The pain is so severe I have to blow on them to keep warm or shake my hand to get rid of the pins and needles I feel. The fingers have to be continuously kept warm because they burn when they are exposed to coldness. No direct pressure can be put on my wrist and all the way up to my elbow.
Avatar f tn my little finger also gets hot/cold sensations, I'm guessing paraesthesias at times and they happen when I do anything. Only illnesses I have are hypothyroidism/hashimotos thyroiditis and iron deficiency. I take medication for both. Any help would be much appreciated.
Avatar f tn I have severe pain on the joint of middle finger and slight swelling on the back of hand. Also neck, entire body pain mostly early morning.
Avatar m tn i am 40 years old, female, since 1month i started having a tremor in right index finger, it started off as very prominent tremor, i had lot of stress and muscle fatigue at the time, now the intensity is decreased but still present, waxes and wanes, i was working a lot, writing, and using my fingers and hands alot in the last 4 months, i delivered a baby in december, i have symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome with numbness in the first 31/2 fingers in the night while sleeping, relieved when i wake
Avatar m tn I've known for a while that herpes on the finger is possible. I had one cold sore on my mouth 12 years ago (not sexually transmitted, as I was a kid) and to my knowledge, I don't have any genital herpes (knock on wood). This morning I woke up with a really itchy ring finger, right around the tip. It didn't hurt at all, no "tingling" (other than the itching) and no real just looks like all my other fingers. To my knowledge I have not had a cut on that finger recently.
Avatar n tn The problem occurs at night. I wake after a few hours of sleep when one or both hands/fingers go to sleep and get numb and tingly. I have to get up and walk around, lay down again and more often than not, wake again when either the other or same hand goes numb again. It has on a rare occasion happened, even if I'm in the yard using both hands, fishing. I will be moving both then suddenly feel pins and needles in my fingertips. HELP????
Avatar m tn I fell down and perhaps the whole body weight rested on my finger, as a result of which the finger got swelling and little bent after a day followed by severe pain. The finger does not get straightened. I was advised by pharmacist to take Brufen tablets and apply some gel. As long as the tablet was taken for 3-4 days, the pain was not there.But no sooner the tablet was stopped, the pain again started. I got X-Ray done of my finger and consulted an Orthopaedic Surgeon.
Avatar m tn On my left hand all four fingers and thumb have a burning sensation especially my middle finger, when i press my finger tips they indent and stay a deep red for a good ten minutes before they return to a pink colour that is a deeper pink than normal. the fingers have become very sensitive to hot and cold and also when i touch them gently they are very sensitive and feel like they have been sand papered, the palm of my hand is also starting to burn a lttle as well.
Avatar n tn I'm old. I am not a doctor. I broke a finger when I was young. I taped it to the next finger. It healed crooked. Although I am used to it and there is no pain, it affects some things that I really like to do, like playing guitar. Doctors are overly cautious now because of petty lawsuits. (I'm suing you because you didn't take care of my broken pinky and it healed wrong.) If you want it to heal correctly, do what your doctor says. End of sermon.