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Avatar n tn My pinky finger nail are lifting away from the nail bed and my fingers are turning swollen, tender and red. Help I tried a couple of Nail fungus treatments from the drug store. Tineacide and (Fungi Nail did not helped at all. The Tineacide help some but didn't get rid of the problem.
Avatar m tn It seems as if its dry skin. It is on the finger right before the nail starts, its mostly on my right middle finger, but as i said, it seems to be spreading to my other fingers, in the same spot.
Avatar m tn For 5-6 years that i sufer from a hand nail sickness, that i cant diagnose myslef, i dont really know how i got it, but i think it was, when i accidently broke my finger one day. I cant really tell what type of broken nail is, because, there are so many types and so many names on the web. I visited 3 diferent doctors a long time ago, but every single doctor gave me a different result, and a different treatment, but any of those actually worked.
Avatar n tn Whenever i let the nail grow, it does not stick to the nail bed, therefore i tend to pull it off. At the moment, the finger does not have a nail on it. The worst part is, it is my ring finger. So Doctor, please tell me what to do.
Avatar m tn My big toe nails became really thick and clawed and were getting infections under the nail so I had them removed and the nail bed destroyed to prevent further infections. I have read of cases where people developed thyroid problems along with YNS. I suddenly developed hypothyroidism in August 2010 but didn’t link it until recently.
Avatar n tn About 6 weeks ago, I sustained a laceration to the skin above the top joint of my middle finger. The laceration was about half an inch and required 7 stitches. Shortly after having the stitches removed, something that looks like a blister arose on my finger. Today, I spoke to my (family-friend) doctor, and she confirmed that there was no infection. I've been advised by others that the source of swelling (i.e.
Avatar n tn I am trying to interpret what has happened with my baby's finger. He is 16 months old. Saturday morning his smallest finger was hot and swollen and painful to him when we woke him up. The swelling was confined to just the last joint of his finger, to the tip. My husband examined it to see if there seemed to be a broken bone, but he thought not. As the morning went on, he appeared to be in a good deal of pain and just wanted to be held.
Avatar f tn I have just got one awhile ago its on my index finger and close to my finger nail and looks like dots inside anyone know what it is?
Avatar n tn It all started in 2002 and in 2004 I was told I was well and all treatments receded. Then I was hit with early menopause and had to try for a baby with fertility drugs for almost a year. Nothing. I'm on Vivelle Patch now for hormone replacement therapy. I'm 26. Recently I've noticed some dark vertical strips on both my toe nails as well as in my hand. I did go to a primary care was told it's not fungus. He suggested that I'd see a dermatologist.
Avatar n tn I fracture under the nail in my pinky finger at the er they put me a splint and told me to go to an orthpedic so I can get a cast and know I don't know what to do can I get some advice
Avatar m tn Dear Doctor, Thanks for your valuable replay.In this discussion,i hv one doubt, if it is paronychia,can we see any discolouration&nail damage in that particular area?But in my case,there is no discoloration&nail damage.The nail looks like a healthy one!!!Then wts the problem??? Is the problem is related to glomous tumor?If its glomus tumor, how we can diagonise it? And tell me wts the treatments. looking for your valuable suggesions, With regards, Vinish kumar.
Avatar m tn i have the same issue on my pointer finger on my left hand...i use a nail file to "get rid" of it, but it comes right back...I too thought maybe it was a planters wart...but nothing gets rid of i am thinking....cancer? oh dear...I always think the worst but what in the world could it is NOT eczema, i know this for sure i too have no allergies do not wear a ring on the finger....very curious...
Avatar n tn For me, about 3-4 yrs ago, I had this small dry patch appear just to the side/below the nail of my ring finger on one hand. Eventually, it would move from that finger, to either my index or my thumb. Kind of rotates between fingers. It never happened on the other hand. About a year ago, I was in a push-up like position but used my fists vs. open palm on a yoga mat in the sun.
Avatar n tn I have no clue how or why I have them. One is on the top of my right middle finger, between the first and second joints, the other is on top of the joint on my left thumb, positioned slightly off center.
Avatar n tn Numbness in tips of thumb, index finger, and sort of middle finger. Ibuprofen and Naprosyn didn't touch the pain. Neither hot nor cold helped. Went to the MD and the xrays show the disk spaces are ok. The MD diagnosed it as cervical myalgia and prescribed Ultram for the pain and made a referral to physical therapy. The thinking is it will resolve on its own, but PT would help "move it along.
Avatar n tn For other symptoms and relatives having those other symptoms (they didn't have the wrinkled finger symptom), I told my doctor to check for a thyroid problem. I didn't know the fingers were related to that problem, but when I got on the thyroid medicine the wrinkles went away. Most doctors don't even know about that symptom as a sign to check the thyroid.
Avatar m tn I am a 57 year old male and I have vertical ridges on my finger nails. The Doc says there is no evidence of disease. Is there anything I can do or take to make the ridges less noticeable? My second question is about white spots that have appeared on beard area from sun damage. Are there any treatments (e.g. laser) that would reduce the appearance?
Avatar m tn After about a week the infection was gone. I was left with a funny looking finger nail and the side of my finger having a rough, dry area. For the past year, on and off (seems like once a month or every other month) the finger will get really dry to the point that the skin will break in 2-4 places. I have tried anything and everything! I have had a friend's mother who is a doctor give me RX cream for the finger, nothing has worked.
Avatar f tn Hi people, i was going to write to the docter himself but i have been looking on here and people give near enough the same advice so here it goes, i just wanted to ask if someone has blood on there finger nail and they poke that into you can you get infected with hiv?
Avatar n tn have hard bump (lump) om my middle finger first bend before the nail. when i bend it, it turns white. family dr says arthritis. it is the size of a pea. i am scared i will get more. thinking of going to my rheumatologist.
Avatar m tn (finger nails are probably causing the scaring) make sure to wrap enough tissue on the finger so that indented nail marks do not appear. you know the nail marks that look like you just stabbed your skin with your own finger nail ... looks like this ) try to avoid that at all costs... that is what causes most scaring.
Avatar n tn Now on both of my fingers, about half of the nail is missing and there is only nail bed. I have been looking for nail to start growing on the missing portions where the infection had been, but nothing appears to have grown and it has been three months! The funny thing is that part of my nail seems healthy, the other half (the half where the infection was) is just absent and there is nothing growing from where the cuticle would be.
Avatar m tn Two are on both my middle fingers on the inner portion of the finger laying right next to the top of the nail and under part of it. It has deformed the nail a little. The other is on my right thumb on the bottom left of the nail. I've tried easily more than three years of freezing, no luck and a lot of pain. I've tried duo-film, compound W, Duoplant.
Avatar m tn The top of my left ring finger (surrounding the nail) is absolutely covered with clusters of small blisters, and at the very tip there is one big blister covered in a layer of cracked skin. There are a few more random tiny blisters, including two on my palm, but the main problem area (and where I first noticed blisters) is that one finger. The odd thing is, I've read that this is a chronic condition.. and I've never had it before. My diet hasn't changed.
Avatar f tn Hi. I'm a sixteen year old from Australia and my littlest sister caught the scabies mite from kindergarten. She brang it back home and we all were infected. Now it's been 9 months clean for all of us from scabies, but I have scars really bad. They are pink still, which I've read is good, but I'm so scared because there on my breasts, and there really noticeable and I'm ashamed to show a doctor & a few on my buttocks cheek. There's about 4 small finger nail sized pink scars on each breast.
Avatar f tn I had the same problem but I'm on warfarin a blood thinner and it happened in the Dr. office I took off my sock and i guess my finger nail caught the bubble and the blood was shooting like a water pistol. This also happened In my home and I was bleeding all over the bedroom and didn't know it until i got to the shower. My wife had her hands full cleaning the blood from the carpet. I've been using the Aquaphor after that it works!! buy it in any drug store.
Avatar f tn I found a bump just a couple hours ago on my index finger just under the nail and off to the side. It's small (the size of the tip of a dull pencil), skin colored and hard. It doesn't itch but is a teeny bit painful/uncomfortable when pushed on or gently scraped with a nail. Initially I thought that this was a wart(and immediately slapped duct tape on it!), but after looking at tons of pictures and reading articles online, it looks a lot more like a myxoid cyst.
Avatar n tn right now in the last few hours my thumb has started to hurt also in the same way, it feels like it's under the nail itself. it's a burning throbbing pain. the o'nly finger that doesn't hurt on my righ hand is my index, which feels normal. It hurts when pressure gets put on it, and it also hurts slightly, like a tingle, when tough or skim anything against the fingerprint parts of my fingers(only the ones that are hurting mostly the last three middle ring and pinky).
Avatar n tn I have a dry itchy patch on the end near my nail of my middle finger. It has become a little swollen and flakes of skin start to come off. It bleeds if it is not covered and something is put on it. I have tried hydrogen perioxide, lotrimin, neosporin. Nothing will get rid of it. It stings when I bath and soap or anyother substance covers it. It has now spread slightly to the under side of the finger too. What could I use to stop it?
Avatar f tn Hi Alice...My doctor recomended Taxotere over Taxol because supposedly Taxotere causes less neuropathy than Taxol. I told him that I draw maps all day on a computer & need fine motor skills. That was when he said I should use the Taxotere. He assured me the Taxotere is just as effective as the Taxol. I did the standard 6 rounds of Taxotere with Carboplatin, lost my hair (horrible!), had mild nausea (ginger tea is great!), and some neuropathy in my feet.