Finger nail nourishment

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Avatar n tn Right now, three fingers are affected. My pointer finger was irritated closer to the nail bed, so now I am noticing that my nail is a little purple by the base. This was the first one to become iritated and it has been this way for a month. I have not worn jewelry, so I don't think that is the cause.
Avatar n tn The best thing that worked for my opened, bleeding skin splits was the Nexcare skin repair care. It looks like nail polish and it gets applied like it. It sealed the split and allowed for faster healing, a nice tip from Stan(last yr victim). I think it is like crazy glue, which some folks also used.
Avatar n tn he trys to convey thoughts and fails and then wrings his hands in frustration. Yesterday my mother told me he had finger nail claw marks, a black eye, and various bruses all over his body. The nursing home staff dissmissed it as my father's fault for being physically uncooperative. they also have my mother quite frightened by telling her about the long waiting list of people trying to get family into this facility.
Avatar n tn They behave like fleas in the sense that they jump and pop between my finger nails when I kill them. In their adult stage they look like a cross between friut flies and mosquitos. I went to see several docors and dermatologists about this problem. One doctor told me it was scabies, another told me it might be fleas, although they refused to actually look at the bugs to be sure of what they were. One doctor told me to go home, take a bath, and hire someone to clean my house.
Avatar n tn She is currently at KAIser and we have fought tooth and nail to get her some type of therapy. We are still fighting.
Avatar n tn I bet I'm not getting in enough nourishment. Does anyone else know if this is a side effect of high protien, exremely low carb diets?
Avatar f tn Mix it to the strength you can take. Remember to keep using the clove oil under your nails and around the nail bed to kill the eggs. Spray the bed sheet with the Eradicator( or product containing pyrethrum) to kill the eggs before removing them from the bed. Shaking the sheet will only launch the egg into the air. I recommend spraying the entire house, pay attention especially things like doorknobs, keyboards and things you usually touch.