Finger nail keeps splitting

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Avatar f tn his thumbnails have a ridge in center of nail and then it breaks at the end. It's a v in the center of nail. He keeps them short but it still breaks.
Avatar n tn For me, about 3-4 yrs ago, I had this small dry patch appear just to the side/below the nail of my ring finger on one hand. Eventually, it would move from that finger, to either my index or my thumb. Kind of rotates between fingers. It never happened on the other hand. About a year ago, I was in a push-up like position but used my fists vs. open palm on a yoga mat in the sun.
Avatar n tn I had surgery done on my broken pinky finger on January 1, 2008, which I broke while playing football, and I was in the cast for 6 weeks after that. After the cast came out, the doctor told me to go to therapy for 6 weeks/ 2 times a week to get rid of the stiffness in the finger. Now it is May 5th, 2008 and I have 2 more weeks of therapy left but still the finger is a little stiff. I can bend it but not fully and in terms of going back up it doesn't move at all.
Avatar n tn This is affecting each finger on both hands. The skin begins to peel around the nail and then the top of the finger and half way down its base. Why is this happening all of a sudden? Soon as one finger peels, another one begins and it is repeated. I have read briefly about keratolysis exfoliativa is this the same thing?
Avatar n tn During tx, my skin got worse, it was splitting like tissue paper, in places it never did before in addittion to the usual places, like the finger tips by the nail. It bled, which is scary to remember that, because I did not know I had hep c for many of those yrs. At the end of tx, it was the one side that would have done me in, the "paper cut-like" splits. Someone here recommended skin repair and it worked wonders. It kept the skin from opening and bleeding. I use the one by Nexcare.
Avatar f tn I started taking synthroid ten years ago. At the time, I had BEAUTIFUL long hair. (As a matter of fact,I was voted "best hair" in high school, asked to be a "hair model" for a tv commercial, was asked for my hair for a wig so I did and cut two "pigtails" each one enough for a wig, hairdressers would tell me they'd never seen so much hair, everyone told me how lucky I was, people stopped me to ask what i used on my hair, etc., etc.
Avatar n tn A tender, painful bump began to grow on the knuckle nearest the nail on my right hand middle finger, but as I have arthritis anyway I'm quite used to swollen painful knuckles and at first thought nothing of it. But it kept growing, and I kept bumping it against things - ow ow ow, really painful - and about 10 days ago I popped it with a sterilised needle and squeezed. As a very early post reported, it was like a very clear thick syrup, colourless; tasted a bit salty.
Avatar n tn These sites of course do not denote/induce Physiological activity,they are just remnants,the military may use hair or finger nail analysis to detect drug use in prior 6 months,but civilians are only expected to give clean urine and blood samples. One of the reasons it takes so long to withdraw from methadone is because of its slow trickle back into the blood stream from extravascular sites,causing a very prolonged but relatively mild?
Avatar n tn I'm not sure if they are actually growing that much faster or if it's because when the finger tip skin keeps peeling the connected area kind of works back further on the finger tip. Scala500 did offer some great and extensive advice but holy cow following that regime wouldn't be easy.
Avatar n tn Actually I realized my left foot has a pinhole in the sole from stepping on a nail a few years ago. And a few months ago I was walking barefoot in a public shower at a gym. It could be the fungus from that rather any sexual activity. When I apply Tolnaftate cream on the sole of my left foot, the pain goes away. After several hours the pain comes back, and I am guessing the fungus is growing back.
Avatar n tn Scar tissue has formed and that is what keeps splitting. He suggested massaging with Vit E oil every night. When I do the massage the tears are smaller or do not occur, if I don't ...I tear each time. So keep massaging and stay away from any and all steroid creams these only damage the skin even further.
288415 tn?1231634102 I started doing it myself this morning. No itching. The draining actually keeps me awake. Will see if I have crust in the morning. Will let u know.
294043 tn?1354211546 I was just saying to Dee that I've been trying for the past couple of days to figure out how I feel and I FINALLY put my finger on it. I feel like I'm two different people. One is 100% sure it's going to be a BFP and the other is trying to fgure out how to break to the first the bad news that actually the results are already in and it's a BFN.
Avatar n tn There are many things that you could be allergic to that could cause this including cosmetics, hair coloring, nail polish, food allergies, perfumes, etc. If you get no relief consider seeing a cornea/external disease ophthalmologist. You can use the Find An Eye MD feature at to find one near you. Let us know if you determine a cause.
Avatar n tn things that I get every day, Last night my skin on my fore arm and inner legs felt like bad sunburn.This has happened several times now. My skin feels like its splitting its so sore,WHAT IS IT ? If any one else gets it what can I take or do.I feel quite unwell with it all. Someone has recommended putting some t tree in a warm bath (I like hot baths but I cant even have that pleasure now) so warm it is.
Avatar n tn It happened to me during an excercise so its almost like i tore something that keeps comming back....i dont lost on this one. All i can suggest to people who want to have nice abs, but suffer from this is to do more cardio, watch your diet and continue to do abs, but just do a minimal amount per day....until you can feel it start to tense up. Also - crunches and that kind of motion are the activities that set it off quicker.
Avatar n tn I push on it once and it feels kinda strong and then if i push a few more times it starts feeling like there isn't anything there and that my finger just keeps sinking down. Then I will take my hand and rub all 4 fingers and push on the one side of my head really hard and then squeeze the meat together so it feels like it isn't there. I do it so much that it rubs the meat on my head raw.
Avatar n tn i switched from a 30 day BC to a 90 day BC earlier in 2008. my symptoms didn't start until Oct 2008. maybe the 90 day BC pill keeps that area of the body from having it's typical blood supply. maybe that part of the body is indirectly affected somehow during a normal cycle. i'm not a doc so i don't know. but no one else seems to have an answer. anyway, baby power helps for me.
Avatar n tn I think we should all, after starting our next periods, keep a little journal, or notes about when this starts, and when it subsides, what aggrivates it, and what keeps it at bay. I think stress, is a contributor, but not the root cause. I think it is possible to have very sensitive, fragile skin down there...I find the kind of t.p. I use is key too. Often when I have a "recurrance" i literally need to use washcloths to wipe.
Avatar n tn My head also hurts and it feels like someone keeps hammering a nail into my eyes. I cannot read a book or focus on the computer screen. I get confused and do not understand even the simplest of things. I am 27, smart, in shape and fast- paced. When trying to slowly wean off of this drug - I become slow and confused. Also, I become nauseous, the lights around become extremely bright. I cannot stand the lights even in my house. I have to squint and then even cover my eyes.
Avatar n tn The first 2 -3 months, it all seems to be helping greatly, but these past 2 months, it's like I am not taking anything at all. And now, the skin under my fingernails are splitting and drying and painful. All of this is related to the arthritis as well. So if any of you find relief, post it. I need it.
363682 tn?1299492962 The only other thing I thought about yesterday after I posted is that the severity of the headaches can be eased by finger pressure on the back of the neck or even by the way I sit ... for example, if I sit upright (as opposed to leaning back in a soft seat) and if I am watching television with my head inclined to the left as opposed to the right. The headaches are also nowhere near as bad if I'm moving around for some reason.
Avatar f tn Every picture until high school had her with a mouth open laugh-out-loud cheek-splitting smile. In junior high cross-country she actually blew us kisses as she ran past her loving parents. Today she lies, steals from us, from stores, her friends are frightening, and her grades plummeted from being a class smarty-pants to failing classes outright. She was caught 3 weeks ago after we found needles in her bedroom.