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Avatar n tn Hi, I have mentioned earlier in one of the posts that the wrist is what we call a hinge joint and as a hinge joint it has very limited range of motion. I have some questions? Are you female? What is your typical day like? You noted your symptoms to occur for years already,any circumstances that could have triggered this?Any events surounding the onset? Do you engage in sports like tennis or golf? Do you lift heavy objects, use the computer a lot?
Avatar m tn My right hand middle finger joint (the one between the first and second phalanges seens to dislocate or move out of place when I press it with my thumb. It seens to pop although I can´t hear any sound, unless I´m holding it very close to my ears. It occurs when I press the left side of the joint ( the one closest to my index finger) using my thumb. I don´t know if it is the bone or some kind of ligament or tendon that is actually moving, but I can fell something moves out of place.
1340519 tn?1305170302 Hey I recently was dx with having EDS the hypermobility type... I've had random joint pains since I was a young kid... but does EDS also cause popping/cracking of joints. Every single one of my joints cracks... sometimes I force it cause I feel like a need to (is that bad?) and sometimes it just happens while walking, getting up, sitting down, etc. Toes, ankles, knees, hips, back, shoulders, elbows, neck, fingers... all of em - drives my husband nuts!
Avatar n tn For the past couple of years, I've had a constant popping/crackling in my ears. I hear it when I swallow, yawn, etc. I went to the ENT and he did a tympanometry test that came back normal, but said the he could hear the crackling when he listened in my ears. There may be a problem with my Eustacian tube or, better yet, the muscles behind it. He said there isn't much to do but maybe try an antihistamine which hasn't worked.
Avatar n tn I am a healthy female, age 38 with low BP and this blood vessel popping in the finger thing happened for the first time yesterday. I noticed the weather had been really hot and I had also been carrying a heavy watering can with that hand and had also been taking Ibuprofen for a few days for a skin infection on my foot. I thought perhaps it was the Ibuprofen that caused it? Anyway I'm still alive, so hey ho.
Avatar n tn It has been 4 weeks straight and still has he to stop. I also recently noticed increased joint popping. Is this a sign of muscle wasting? I'm still able to run up my stairs and use both hands so Im not sure if it's just the start to a bigger problem or what. Let me know if I should be concerned or not.
Avatar f tn Hi, I've beed to several doctors, done X-Rays and all of the doctors seem to think it's nothing. But I believe if my joints constantly hurt, then something is wrong! I had Thyroid surgery 2 years ago and every since my joints have started hurting. It started in my wrists. Down the outside of my hand( Along my "pinky finger") Starts on the edge of my hand and into my wrists. It feels like i need to pop it!
Avatar m tn So my mom who is an older more delicate person fell down and hurt her finger. It met the floor in a fist rather than in a open palm as you would normally when you fall down. So nothing, no swelling or pain or anything happened immediately, she could move her hand and manipulate objects just fine. It was the next morning she woke up with a swollen hand, no bruising just swollen.
Avatar n tn I am now starting to feel the same in my shoulder blades and the joint popping/cruching is getting more pronounced.
Avatar n tn Of course, I've had the usual side effects (dryness, depression, lethargy.) My main problem now is severe joint pain. I lift weights 5x per week. I don't want to stop working out, but my right elbow and both shoulders are killing me! Has anyone had experience with this and can you recommend medicine or treatment for the joint pain? I employ high intensity training (low reps, hight weight) but can change my lifting to lighter weight, with higher weights. But I can not stop lifting.
Avatar n tn It is definitely on the inside of the finger joint on the index finger side. I do not have insurance but I will be seeing the doctor in a few weeks if this does not heal. I have no fevers and the joint is not hot or warm when I touch it to my lips. There is no redness. Meanwhile I have found some things that help if anyone else has this. First, go to the drug store or Walmart and get self adhering sports compression bandages. They come in a roll. Snipping off about 3 is all you need.
Avatar n tn shanek6289, read the other posts on this page, you'll find that many folks have gotten benefit from nasal steroids like the rhinocort you're taking as well as antibiotics, but 1 week is too short a time period, you need to use it sometimes for weeks...
Avatar n tn I broke my pinky finger through the joint playing rugby about 6 months ago. I didn't have to get surgery but I had like exercises I had to do everyday so I didn't loose movement in that finger. Just last month I got full movement it could take a while. Hope all goes well!
1625195 tn?1332182262 There is little to no numbness. The ring finger is the same as well. But my middle finger, index finger and thumb are definitely numb and slightly swollen. My index finger, though, is the only finger experiencing some pain along with the numbness and swelling. Things to note: I did not bang my elbow on anything.
16891434 tn?1452223072 Your middle finger that moves forward and pops may be do to the popping you've done to your finger joints. Yes it may be inflamed with some internal swelling. Rest it. If your mom agrees, try a little ice on it a few times a day. Don't apply ice directly to your skin. A bag of frozen peas works well. Be sure to mark the bag so you know which one you are re-using. You may want to discard it after you're completely done (days or weeks) of the cold therapy. Do not crack that knuckle again.
Avatar n tn I developed the numb and wrinkled finger tips after being sick with a fever after reacting to a pneumonia injection. I also have joint paint in my finger. I went to a hand specialist and was tested for carpal tunnel. Tests came back posititive showing nerve restriction in all finger tips. Doctor said it was carpal tunnel. Surgery is scheduled in four weeks. For the last couple of weeks I have also had joint pain in my toes.
Avatar m tn Do you experience locking, snapping, popping or catching sensation in the finger while making a fist? Warm and cold compress, rest and pain relievers may help, but it is best that you see your physician right away for assessment. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn Intitally I was given a straight splint to wear, which caused the PIP point to become very stiff, leading me to take advice from another doctor after a week, who commented that the PIP joint was subluxed, and wanted me to get it moving, which I have over the last 4 weeks, and I can get it to about 75 deg unaided, and 90 deg aided to the point it feels that that is as far as the joint will move, this is done so with a great deal of clicking,popping (sometimes painful) and grating sensation in th
Avatar n tn not able to rotate palm up with elbow straight or bent today. freaquent popping/crack of left wrist and elbow joint. fatigue. left thumb seems bendy? much more flexible than before noticably more flexible than right hand, have stretched it to attempt to relieve pain/unhelpful.body aches. left arm pit dripping sweat. even when cold unrealted:caught a cold/seems to be more severe than other family members and friends, itchy mouth, sore throat. swollen tonsils, lots of tonsil stones.
Avatar f tn Other symptoms include, neck pops whenever I turn it to the left. Increased crepitus in virtually every joint. Trigger finger in right middle finger. Tendonitus in right elbow. Treated for Lyme over summer for 10 days with doxy.
Avatar n tn specifically, the two finger joints of the pinky, the top joint of the ring finger, the central joint of the middle finger and sometimes the knuckle and central joint of the index finger. My thumb's central joint can be popped but causes no pain or tightness. Pressing my hand flat on a surface and forcing it to remain there causes tightness at the wrist and I can feel what can only be described as a 'spring effect' at the knuckles when I release.
Avatar n tn Since then I always experience a small pop in the upper right corner of my right knee (if you are facing it) and a shocking pain that shoots up and down from the joint. The popping, if you put your finger on it, feels like a ligament or muscle sliding sideways off the bone. I have consulted an orthepedic surgeon who basically told me he can find nothing physiologically wrong with my knee and he says surgery will not help.
Avatar n tn I had a debridement in 09 and immediately after surgery had extreme pain in thumb joint and no motion in thumb.I was again injected with a cortisone/lidocaine injection .pain went away till i had a ulnar shortening and plate installed then again after surgery had same pain and restriction on motion to thumb and wrist pain is the same if not worse at times and have numbness and pain around the area where plate is.Is it normal to have thumb pain after debridement?and after ulnar shortening?
Avatar f tn Bones of a fixated joint are temporarily stuck together due to suction force because of a vacuum created between the joints. When this vacuum is broken, we hear a popping sound. This happens when a joint is more mobile than normal, dislocating the fluid between the joint and creating a vacuum. This has a tendency to recur, as is happening in your case. A number of times this happens due to some genetic problem like hypermobility joint syndrome.
Avatar f tn One more question would my lymph nodes swell almost 2 years later without any other symptoms but fatigue and joint pain with cracking and popping joints ? I read that if you get hiv symptoms . They come all at once .
Avatar n tn I have had a problem with my left wrist feeling like it is popping. It makes a loud distinct pop when I move my wrist from side to side. Additionally, I have a dull pain that seems to come and go at random. And occasionally I like my hand is weak. I have had this problem for at least three years, and lately it seems to be getting worse. The only thing that I think could have caused this problem is a four wheeling incident that happened six years ago.
Avatar m tn Shall I see a TMJ specialist even though I have never had TMJ dysfunction to my knowledge? I've never had headaches upon waking, joint popping or snapping, or temporal soreness. My dentist prescribed this NTi appliance for grinding at night. With the nite-guard in place, I put so much pressure on that one little spot on my top, front teeth, while sleeping, I fractured them. .
Avatar m tn It feels like my shoulder is loose at the joint. I don't feel any clicking or popping. I do have numbness and tingling in my 4th-5th finger on my left hand at times. I feel that I have full range of motion, in my shoulder and arm, with no pain. Can you please help? Thank you.
Avatar n tn Another reason is rheumatoid arthritis. Tendonitis or bursitis of the joint too produces similar symptoms. In the shoulder joint an injury to rotator cuff to can be the culprit. If you have had a fall or accident or injury in the recent past, then this injury is the reason for your problems. Generally conservative treatment should help. Anti-inflammatory drugs, alternate hot and cold fomentation should help.
736040 tn?1257440057 it sounds like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to me. Do the pops feel like someone pulled and let go of a guitar string? not sure if that makes sense but I get that sensation. Also, if you tap on the inside of your srist, almost the heel of your hand (by the palm) and pain shoots into your middle finger & first finger & thumb, there is a good chance that it's CTS. that is a test they do for CTS.