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Monster Why would I have painful nodules, on thumb knuckle,elbow, index finger and foot joints at 48 yrs old.
Avatar n tn a few weeks ago my finger got really stiff and i cud not straighten it out, eventully it manged to straighten during the day, no two other fingers are feeling stiff and starting to bend over esspically in the morning when i wake up i can not straighen thm and i have to gradully massage thm to get thm to straighten
Avatar f tn Recently the middle joints of my little fingers are very tender, red and tend to be very itchy, if that makes any sense and I've also begun noticing some tiny red nodules at the first joint of my index fingers and little fingers. Some times the nodules are a little more pronouced than other times. I've been trying to self-medicate in terms of taking advil or aleve, but the discomfort is not going away. Any thoughts or similar cases?
940391 tn?1255758976 Nicole I am no doctor - but I have done lots of research on Nodules - from what I have read - most lung nodules are benign. I would not worry - sounds like you doctor is right - beneign lung nodules - I also have many scattered nodules - and if these were going to kills me - I should be dead by now..........mine are also up to 7mm .... small nodules are almost always benign..........stop worrying and enjoy your life. Life is precious - we need to enjoy what we have ........
Avatar n tn have hard bump (lump) om my middle finger first bend before the nail. when i bend it, it turns white. family dr says arthritis. it is the size of a pea. i am scared i will get more. thinking of going to my rheumatologist.
788259 tn?1301591771 I took an anti-biotic for 3 weeks then had ultrasound to look for damages to my heart and so on but nothing was found. I now seem to be having problems with my finger joints and elbow of my left hand and I was wondering if that could be an affect from the rheumatic fever or if it may be some type of arthritis? I am also experiencing issues in my knees and have had chronic problems with my lower back and hips but nothing is ever found at the doctor. I also have had problems with circulation.
1765684 tn?1333822768 My rashes are always in the same places, my shoulder blades, lower back, inside elbows and lower legs. Then the psoriatic arthritis... The last joint on my left pinky finger is permanently bend. This has happened over the past few years. I also had lower back pain for years, an MRI several years ago revealed some changes to my sacro joints. Then I also read that people with psoriatic arthritis sometimes have dysphagia. My esophagus troubles?
186737 tn?1269888260 In 2001, I had positive rheumatoid factor, nodules, but low ESR. I always have low ESR regardless of how sick I was or what infections I had, etc. After first being seropositive I have since then been negative and my ESR is always like 1 or 2. I get tendonitis all the time and have during the whole time. MRI has shown the tendonitis, so it isn't in my head. MTX keeps it at bay. Prednisone does too, but makes my tendons weak. My first rheumatologist of 5 years said I had Seroneg RA.
Avatar n tn Many conditions can cause red bumps on finger joints. In dermatomyositis there is appearance of purple or red rash commonly seen on knuckles, eyelids, knees or toes along with muscle weakness. The treatment options are corticosteroid drugs, heat therapy, physical therapy. In Granuloma annulare there are red, purple, skin-colored or pearly white bumps or ring-shaped lesions on hands, feet, elbows or knees.
636562 tn?1223671045 one day my thumb and index finger went numb, another day my pink and ring finger became cold. Now I have muscles twitches all the time, my calves, thighs, abdominal muscles, buttocks, hand, etc. The past 4 days I've had extreme daytime drowsiness, it's very different from being tired or not getting enough sleep....this feeling is like someone has drugged me and I just can't stay awake. I have had some nights where I'm wired at night and can't sleep....
Avatar n tn 3 of 14 joints/joint groups, present for at least 6 weeks Arthritis of hand joints, present for at least 6 weeks Symmetric arthritis, present for at least 6 weeks Subcutaneous nodules in specific places Rheumatoid factor at a level above the 95th percentile Radiological changes suggestive of joint erosion At least four criteria have to be met for classification as RA. For treatment follow up with an expert Rheumatologist or Orthopaedician!
Avatar n tn About 3 weeks ago I found a nodul on my finger. I went to the doctor's and he wants me to have blood test to rule out rheumatoid arthritis. I had an x-ray of the other hand because two of my finger's joints (the ones below the nail) hurt when I move them but he couldn't reveal anything important. I'm very worried about it I know it's a serious disease. It's a nodul on the finger's joint always means rheumatoid arthritis???
Avatar m tn at the top of the right lung directly above where one of the nodules. The doctor has ruled out bursitis / arthritis in the shoulder and has said the problem does appear to be something "internal" and believes the problem maybe attributed to the location of the nodules in relationship to a group of nerves (?).
Avatar n tn Over the past 11yrs I have suffered 8 recurrances of Rheumatic Fever each episode usually lasting around 6-10mnths,waxing & waning after 3mnths. The more episodes I suffered the longer the episodes seem to last and became closer together. The 1st 2 episodes lasted only 4months.I am still in an episode now-10months.
Avatar n tn Swelling or fluid around three or more joints simultaneously. 3.At least one swollen area in the wrist, hand, or finger joints. 4.Arthritis involving the same joint on both sides of the body (symmetric arthritis). 5.Rheumatoid nodules, which are firm lumps in the skin of people with rheumatoid arthritis. These nodules are usually in pressure points of the body, most commonly the elbows. 6.Abnormal amounts of rheumatoid factor in the blood. 7.
Avatar n tn ) Last week my knuckles started hurting terribly on both hands like I had punched a wall. Then the other day my knuckles started getting nodules and bumps on them like little BB's. I consulted my school nurse and she says that it looks like arthritis and stressed that I should get them checked out. My questions: 1) Am I too old to just now develop JRA or something similar at 17. 2) What treatment options do I have if it is indeed arthritis.
Avatar m tn lumps appear overnight sometimes and has one also on finger joint. doc did blood tests and biopsy. tried to remove one from arm but too deep inside. he thought viral from blood tests but biopsy said otherwise. he's now going to send to dermatologist, within six months. I'm worried, any ideas?
306245 tn?1244388567 3 of 14 joints/joint groups, present for at least 6 weeks Arthritis of hand joints, present for at least 6 weeks Symmetric arthritis, present for at least 6 weeks Subcutaneous nodules in specific places Rheumatoid factor at a level above the 95th percentile Radiological changes suggestive of joint erosion At least four criteria have to be met for classification as RA. I think you have some fair idea about RA diagnosis and also about RF.Take care and come back to us with further queries.
Avatar f tn I recently was evaluated due to multiple joint pain (mostly hands, hip, back and feet) - progressively worse over past 3 months. Two finger have hard nodules at end joints, red, painful, swollen. Constant pain in hip with walking, standing or sititng. Pain in feet upon arising - slowly gets better. After sitting for a period of time, takes me a while to walk correctly as lower joints/muscles hurt. Fatigue. Sometimes experience tingling sensations in my feet.
Avatar n tn Also I would suggest you to review your shoulder for arthritis, any injury to any ligaments and also recollect if you had any injuries, falls and your detailed history of your military training/injuries of the past years will be very helpful. Also ask the Orthopedician for reviewing thoracic outlet syndrome. You can take some intermittent anti inflammatory drugs and after diagnosis go for a proper course of treatment. Take care!
6990909 tn?1435279416 I have also started getting these painful nodules on the palms of my hands at the joints - both those in the fingers and those in your hand where you get at the very bottom joint of the finger. The nodules are extremely painful to the touch. I have lost the ability to touch the tips of my fingers to the palms of the hand - I cannot close my hands nor make a fist. I cannot walk up and down steps without using walls and railings, side-stepping, and gimping.
Avatar n tn I have C3-C4 disc herniation with arthritis and narrowing of the cervical spine. For the past few months i am experiencing the oddest sensation in my right ear with pulling, numbness, and fullness. I also have episodes of ear redness, burning, and hot or cold sensation. My ear bothers me almost all day, every day. I have a very hard time getting a comfortable position for my neck while I sleep, have some pain, neck numbness/stiffness moving up my head at times.
783212 tn?1295031606 I am confused how both of my parents have arthritis (badly) I am showing all the symptoms of arthritis ( very miserable most days) but tests for inflammation are negative. Is there something else to check for so that I am not so tired and in pain everyday? I get migraines, I have Crohns and I am so tired almost everyday that I feel woozy.
Avatar m tn My mother was diagnosed last year with hypo too and although last year nodules have been detected no medication was prescribed. The thing is that last month she was rechecked again by ultrasound and they grew (what a surprise!)... and her TSH was lower than mine at 3.1 and the same T4 value of 1.1. Given the family history should i insist with my doctor to have T3 tested? What about antiTg and an ultrasound like my mother did? Many thanks!
394687 tn?1290924440 Not quite RA, but I had a bout of Reactive Arthritis before treatment, and some early signs of AS (essentially an arthritis of the spine). I have HLAB27, a tissue type assoicated with immune / arthritis issues. I had no reccurencies on treatment of peg-intron and Riba. If anything, my weight loss over the course of the treatment seemed to help me, it has taken weight of my knees (which have some lasting nerve damage from the arthrities), and my back.
Avatar n tn surgery in high school 17 r hand pointer and middle finger and L foot big toe joint to remove nodules which were tested and told I have Rhuematoid Arthritis after biopsies of nodules were completed. Hepatitis side make my own anitbodies which fight the disease and keeps any damage to liver so far under control....I think that is everything....
Avatar f tn Wow you posted on my birthday and we seem to have a few of the same symptoms. I am in need of relief ASAP. This is the type of pain that wears on your nerves and tends to make one a bit irritable. I am 56 and mine also is mostly at night here's my story. I am a 56 yr young female. Who is a Christian and loves the Lord. Before all this occurred and even after some what enjoyed living, traveling, dancing, gardening, being with friends and family to the fullest. But now I do as much as I can do.
Avatar f tn The iritis would go through periods of many flare ups close together, and then would settle to maybe once a year, and back again. In my 30's I started experiencing hand pain. It was in all my finger joints, and my hands would feel very hot, this usually intensified as the day wore on. I was also diagnosed with Asthma and Thyroid during this time period.