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Avatar f tn   Red at the knuckles down to the middle of the finger on the top side following along the bone.  The tips are almost always bright red along the cuticle but never swollen or in pain.  I get splinter hemorrhages in my fingernails often, either just small dots or slightly longer lines.  These splinter hemorrhages almost always appear near the end of the fingernail.
5051753 tn?1362885985 We found bilateral sores/ulcer looking things at the back of her mouth (where the top meets the bottom), they are brighter red, there is even a clear blister looking thing in one of them. (I have pictures which I would love to upload). She received a shot of covenia (just in case of infection)...and as an experiment my vet put a topical analgesic on each sore to see what happened when we got home--could she eat better, more solid food, etc. She did! Yay! So it might not be FOPS after all.
551343 tn?1506834118 I recommend that people look at these pictures. They are very enlightening. Not long ago we had a poster here who asked about Raynaud's syndrome and, if I remember correctly, she had hot, burning redness of her hands occuring immediately on getting into the shower. We need to find out who that was and try to get in touch with her about Erythromelalgia. Was it you?
Avatar n tn I think I have found a solution, my toes - and this year my whole foot has been particularly bad and have tried every cream the doctor and pharmacist have recommended and really was getting to the point of amputation then I was at a market the other day with this chap selling some seaweed powder called Aalgo. Very sceptical but very desperate and IT WORKS!!
Avatar n tn you can use an anti itch cream to help but finger nail polish does nothing except remind you to not itch. you can get rid of chiggers by taking a warm soapy bath and cleaning anything you have been in contact with, like clothes or blankets, as there could still be some chiggers on it.
Avatar n tn I have thought about self amputation for my big toe. I thought the pain was bad before, well I was way wrong. I saw the surgeon yesterday, 9-17-07, he has ordered me a cat scan said better than MRI for checking the nerve, to see if a bolt is touching my nerve, if so I may need another surgery to fix it, he also is sending me to the pain doc, to see if there is something better for me. As we all know pain meds do nothing for the nerve, and my back does not really even bother me that much.