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Avatar m tn Do you mean filgrastim? And are you saying Dengue fever? It would be a surprising though perhaps not impossible use of filgrastim. Dengue is usually treated by pain managers and sometimes hospitalization and a blood transfusion. Anyway, if you have a legitimate prescription from a doctor, you should be able to fill it in the United States.
Avatar n tn 5%, representing an annual rate of 2% (Prod Info Neupogen(R), 2000). (2) Four of 72 patients with aplastic anemia who were treated with filgrastim developed myelodysplastic syndrome (Kaito et al, 1998). 2. OUTCOME a. Severe (mortality reported). (1) Of 4 patients, 2 died without leukemic transformation and 2 developed acute leukemia (Kaito et al, 1998). 3. ASSOCIATED SYMPTOMS a. Monosomy 7 (Kaito et al, 1998). 4. ONSET DURATION a. EARLIEST ONSET: 12 months (Kaito et al, 1998). b.
1487230 tn?1288725375 Neulasta (pegfilgrastim) and Neupogen (filgrastim) are both products of the Amgen pharmaceutical company. One recent cost estimate for Neupogen is $1500-2400 per injection, depending on the dose strength, and it is often covered to some extent tby insurances, including Medicare. The company also encouages those in need to contact its patient assistance program.
881890 tn?1286557360 I know they won't pay for neupogen but that's not the issue, my insurance would cover the cost. The study coordinator is posing the question to SP but I like to hear from us "professionals"!!! So if any of you have read anything about neupogen and the bocep trials or have personal experience, please let me know.
Avatar n tn In either case your docs should be using neupogen (aka filgrastim) for enhance neutophil count or procrit (aka EPO) to enhance hemoglobin if that's low low. Reduced dosages is a risk to successful tx and you should try to get to grown-up levels of meds for the remainder of tx. You've got a lot of time already invested, would be sad to see it wasted. Don't see a lot of geno 5's around.
Avatar f tn Yes, Neulasta is the pegylated version of Neupogen. A polyethylene glycol molecule or (“PEG”) is added to enlarge the Filgrastim molecule (Neupogen), thereby extending its half-life and causing it to be removed more slowly from the body. I don't know what the dosage requirements are for Neulasta but it is not taken as often as Neupogen.
Avatar n tn however, our insurance did not cover the cost (very high...3500+ for 10 preloaded vials). the manufacturer, however, had oneof those plans for the uninsured or underinsured, that reimbursed our pharmacy for the meds...whew! good luck.
Avatar n tn She was going to the doctor for the shot. Medicare part B will pay 80% of what they allow. Her cost was still 78.00 per shot though. When she told me this and said it was still costing her to much and she had that new drug program medicare part D but didn't help her. I had procrit fax me the forms and took them to her doctor. He had never even heard of it. He filled them out and she got it.
Avatar f tn Whichever doctor is reading your lab reports and remarking on low levels will be the one to prescribe a rescue drug (drugs used for bringing up levels of blood cells that have gotten too low due to the treament drugs). Those are epoiten (Procrit) and filgrastim (Neupogen or Neulasta). They are expensive and will need to be preapproved by your insurance company, but well worth it to keep you safe.
Avatar m tn Study selection, quality assessment and data extraction were completed independently by two investigators. Cost-effectiveness and cost-utility analyses compared G-CSF with dose reduction. Nineteen studies were included. In one trial, the SVR for those receiving G-CSF was 54.5% (95% CI: 34.7-73.1) compared with 26.3% (95% CI: 11.8-48.8) for dose reduction. The remaining studies were case series or retrospective cohorts and provided weak evidence for the relationship between SVR and G-CSF.
264233 tn?1216345915 Very few studies have reported the use of filgrastim in patients with chronic hepatitis C. Van Thiel and colleagues19 evaluated filgrastim as an adjunct to interferon in HCV-infected patients with advanced liver disease. All 30 patients had histologically confirmed cirrhosis. They were randomly assigned to receive interferon alfa-2b alone or with 300 mg of filgrastim given twice a week. The dose of interferon alfa-2b was 5 MU daily.
Avatar m tn Docs proabbly won't think til they are in the 500-1000 range (.5 - 1). If ancs go low the drug would be neupogen aka filgrastim. The big one for you is the hgb, and more importantly, the rate of decline to 11.7. Do you know what your hgb was before tx started? The situation is that after10 days of riba, if your hgb has dropped, it will probably continue to drop and you feel the result. If the doc uses procrit (aka epo, aranesp etc) it takes a couple of weeks to kick in.
Avatar m tn I am glad you seem to have decided to get a pre IFN baseline and a week 1 PCR. I think these tests will be very informative. Please keep us posted on your PCR results. We will be following your tx holding our breath.
919881 tn?1243660771 In the studies, safety cut-off is 750 (.75) for ANC. Calls for dose reduction if no filgrastim is used. Not everyone gets a bacterial infection from low neutrophils, but some of us do. I got a kidney infection when neuts dropped to 558. Never had a kidney infection in my whole life; don't ever want to have another one. Besides the pain and high fevers, antibiotics interact with my meds and are nearly unbearable to take. .70 IS tanked. Bad idea to ignore ANC.