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755322 tn?1330272714 Started out with a new personal trainer who is an exercise physiologist as well as a yoga and pilates teacher! She is very familiar with rehabing fibromyalgia patients and understands my imbalances from the MS. I love her to death! We will adjust my exercise routines to build up weak muscles and alter as the pain moves around. Main goal is to straighten my pelvis and strengthen my core and upper back muscles and open the chest.
Avatar n tn When I get these effects of the Sub down to manageable, I was going to start running again and start doing my regular routines of hot yoga and know, healthy body healthy mind? What do you do to help our pain? and thanks.
Avatar f tn I'm currently saving up money, so I can join this overpriced yoga place near my house because I'm getting desperate and yoga is supposed to be EXTREMELY beneficial for people with all kinds of diff. problems. I'm still struggling to finish school at a snail's pace and I walk dogs for a living now, primarily because I can't keep a regular job because I have too many days where I feel like I can't make it 8 hours without rest at some point.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with some osteo-arthritis in my neck a few years ago, at that time causing some pain in my left arm. I started doing yoga and that went away, but I do wonder if it is related to my spine or neck also. It is a relief to learn that others have this. Thanks all for writing. If I learn anything else I will write again.
Avatar n tn my sensation after a great walk then yoga workout is like my foot and leg is starting to 'fall asleep'. it just started happening and i've been walking briskly for about 4 months now.
Avatar f tn For the body I am going to do a juice only diet for a period of up to 100 days, take a long break where I can do lots of alternative therapies, yoga etc and re evaluate how I want to live my life. This to me is obvious that I am not in balance and need to take radical steps for the responcibility for my health! So a wake up call if you like.
Avatar n tn pdf And just google it for other articles and medical publications. This is lumped together with Fibromyalgia much of the time, which can exist in conjunction with MPD, but is most definitely different, but many people recognize the name "Fibromyalgia". It may help you to find the "right" doctor. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I am happy to report that after taking a probiotic (my nuripath pharmacist said any multi form will do) and some "noni" juice, I haven't had the "flu" after exercise. Although I must add that I did cut my routines down in intensity and did get a mere cold (no where near that the harrowing symptoms I did have).
Avatar n tn I was taking it for fibromyalgia pain management, but I am trying to do more natural solutions now and talked to my doctor about eliminating the effexor and trying other options (including increasing my exercise to every day, anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour, 30 minutes), making sure I get at least 15 minutes in the sunshine or outside even if overcast, so my serotonin levels stay high, journaling, etc.
Avatar f tn Thank you all for your stories. I feel a lot better. I guess I need more tread mill, more yoga, more meditation, ext. By the way, I work with mentally challenged individuals in a group home. Lots of stress and my son just lost his father yesterday. Lots of stress. Love to all that suffer from anxiety. Lets all take a deep breath!!!!
Avatar n tn hi, it could be fibromyalgia. i have been diagnosed with fibro. however, new symptoms have my neuro questioning MS. i don't know if EMG can pick up all nervous system problems but, i'm sure it is a good diagnostic tool. i have not had EMG yet. i know what you mean about the ER. they are more concerned about how you are going to pay than about your health. i know nurses are overworked but, they are not underpaid. some of them can be rude and so are some doctors.
Avatar n tn Find a good yoga studio that teaches restorative yoga in your area, or look into Yin Yoga or Svaroopa yoga - both these forms of yoga are very therapeutic - and especially, they help open up the hips/tailbone/pelvis - especially the psoas and iliacus muscles. The psoas is your tenderloin, essentially. It connects at the top of the femur, runs through the pelvis, and re-attaches all along the lumbar spine.
Avatar n tn My lungs tend to get congested easily and I have constant nasal allergies which are helped by using Nasalcrom ( a cromolyn sodium solution) sprayed up my nose. I have also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia which causes pain and stiffness. I was bed ridded with this until I went off all pain meds and started to take supplement. Metagenics is the brand of vitamins I'm taking. Folic acid is a must. Minerals and Vitamin plus extra calcium, and evening primrose oil.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone, I'm joining the party. 28 years old, recently started doing a lot of yoga type stretching. in school so sitting for long periods of time. otherwise healthy.
Avatar n tn I got that problem by pulling too much weight while rotation my body in the GYM 6 years ago. I am going to Gym pretty often doing yoga, pulling a lot of weight. My bones started popping and I felt that I easily dislocate my chest bones when sitting not strait (banding forward). So, our joints are week, or it might be genetic condition running in the family. Even kids have arthritis. I am waiting for my chest x-ray results but I guaranty it will be no miracles!!! Take supplements for joints.
Avatar n tn as any body out there get tingking in there head and burning round scalp ive suffered from this now since july i mite ave fibromyalgia wating 2 c a nerologist
Avatar n tn 4-5 times a week at the gym, each time doing 45 minutes of stairmaster and then 30 minutes of weight training each day. Plus one hour of yoga a week. And I really cut down on my eating. It was like killing myself each day to do that amount of work, because it never got easier -- I never felt stronger or had more endurance. The dieting wasn't hard, except for the uncontrollable need for carbs. 'Craving' isn't the right word for it.
1042670 tn?1253372663 I have something screwy going on with my hormones, nerves, digestion, and cognition but not a lot of solid labwork for clear cut and correct diagnoses. Fibromyalgia doesn't explain it, neither does depression or anxiety, even though I have symptoms of all of them. Cyclical cushings has been suspected but mostly ruled out even though a few abnormal tests. I also feel like I'm throbbing to the rhythm of my heart. I get random muscle spasms in my calves and biceps.
Avatar n tn It makes me feel so low I would rather deal with the pain. Another thing to check into is fibromyalgia. It's hard to diagnose but actually very common. Good luck to everyone!
Avatar n tn It does effect my life and daily routines, feel exhausted but like someone said its not life threatening just a pain......does anyone else feel like this.
Avatar n tn Also, it might be a good idea for us to list other medical problems, routines, medications, anything that may have triggered the onset or our 'fizzing' or that it could be a side effect of. There must be something in common. Personal info: Female, 29 years I use the computer daily, for many hours. I was a smoker, but quit about a year ago.
Avatar n tn I have scoliosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, degenerative disk disease- thoracic area, broken tailbone in 3 places, and a once broken back, from a bad car accident. I also was diagnosed with bilateral bone spurs at C4-5 as a result of a horse riding accident twenty years ago. During the past three months I have been plagued with new pain on the left side of my back from my neck to waist, it is worse over the shoulder blade area.
Avatar f tn You poor dear! I never believed my mother when she would complain about menopause... until now! With me, it's a little different. I was "induced" into menopause as a treatment for severe Endometriosis. I have been on a shot called Depo Lupron with add back therapy which includes 2 hormone pills. The shot is once a month and costs 600$. One of the pills is 100$ per month... all without insurance coverage. So right now, I'm PAYING to experience menopause... crazy right?!