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Avatar f tn I think that I also maybe going through some kind of yeast infection where I have thicker coating on my tongue and itchiness especially the private parts. Can yeast infection cause fatigue and is there any treatment that may relieve CFS symptoms. I also notice that when I drink coffe more than usual the fatigue seems to exacerbate. Thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn I've had a chronic yeast infection for several years. It is somewhat painful and I have a little bit of discharge. I've tried terconazole cream and Fluconazole pills. I am a virgin in every way and have never done anything with anyone. My gyno is at a loss with what to do. She said it is a yeast infection and at one point I had a secondary infection. She did a wet mount (?) each visit.. I think that's what it was called. I'm 23 years old. I bathe daily and I always use unscented products.
1839746 tn?1318550406 (Detoxing of spirochetes or other pathogens and toxins) In the event of a pathogenic Mycoplasma infection or co-infection present in the body-extremely common with fibro-most invasive procedures such as injections may trigger an awakening and activation of these pathogens. To be certain you have to find a specialist in these infectious conditions for the specific testing and dx.
553995 tn?1332022440 I'm only on pain meds now. From Lymes disease, I was on antibiotics for a year and developed systemic yeast infection which made everything worse. My BP went up, and my doc took it too casually. 196/102 is no joke. Five months later I found a doc that helped me. Wellbutrin is not working with the pain meds, so I feel sick with or without them. One good thing the yeast infection is clearing and I have some good days. NOW, life's big joke on me, I really can only laugh LOL.....
Avatar f tn *hugs* Kent Holtorf, MD for Holtorf Medical Group Center for Endocrine, Neurological and Infection Related Illness in Torrance CA said "we're at the point now where we know diet plays a role in this disease---it's just not the same diet for everybody. And not everybody is helped in the same way".
1852058 tn?1320162300 Ibet if you got tested properly, you would actually get better. Since pain meds mask the INFECTION, they don't cure you, just prolong your misery. Just my .
Avatar n tn But I always seem to get irritation and eventually what i think is a yeast infection after sex with my husband. I told my Dr that I seem to get a yeast infection after sex and he did not suggest BV, he is a very thorough Dr so I would be surprised if he just overlooked something. I stay under a lot of stress and I, being 38, am already having menopause symptoms, hot flashes etc. I take Celexa for fibromyalgia symptoms. I do not take BC pills. Do these symptoms suggest yeast or BV?
Avatar m tn Fibro has been continuously worse since. Besides the EBV, I have also had a fungal infection caused by too much yeast in my body (not from eating foods w/ yeast or excess sugar) Note: yeast overgrowth has been a problem since fibro diagnosis. It attacked all of my muscles and I could only walk a few feet; my body would bend at the waist and I walked like an inverted "L". Was unable to leave the house for three months.
1047234 tn?1253547296 I have Fibromyalgia and am RH negative, as well!
528396 tn?1217529613 I'm sorry that you have to go thru so many times of infection. Do you know if your infection was cause by yeast overgrowth? which can be passed on from one person to another, and vice versa. If you google 'yeast infection' will find out it is not necessarily sexually transimitted. Hugs.
Avatar f tn Another reason is that carbs feed fungal/yeast organisms and when there's a yeast overgrowth, fatigue and tiredessness, set in. The next stage is a candida infection, which may cause numerous unwanted symptoms. One more thing to rule out is low thyroid function. I find myself repeating this to many members, only because it is approaching epidemic levels and it continues to be undiagnosed, underdiagnosed or worse: Mis-diagnosed!
Avatar n tn Anyone that has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia/CFS, MS, and many other diseases and conditions should be tested for Lyme disease, no mattter where you live in the country. There are tons of myths on this disease, first you don't have to have a bull's eye rash and second, the test your doctor will most likely give you is very unreliable. Please do some research on lyme disease and co-infections. youtube (under our skin) has some informative information as well as other sites.
Avatar n tn In 2007 I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, hashimoto's, IBS, and dormant ebstein-barr and HHV-6. I still struggle with symptoms, random infections, and overall have a difficult time leading a normal life. I have recently read that the standard tests for Lymes are often not sensitive enough to discover the disease, and wonder if I am not really suffering from chronic Lyme.
1550149 tn?1340004330 Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Tendonitis & Related Diseases © Copyright Bee Wilder, Revised December 4, 2011 to correct the description of tendons and ligaments in the section What IS Arthritis? Table of Contents What IS Arthritis? Properly Functioning Joints Do Not Degenerate What Causes Arthritis? How Toxins Cause Arthritis and Other Symptoms Do You Need to Take Glucosamine & Chondroitin Sulfate?
Avatar n tn Doctors really don't know the correlation between auto immune disorders and fibromyalgia, but it's quite common for fibro sufferers to also have auto immune disorders such as lupus. Once they can really pinpoint the "cause" of fibro, they may also be able to tell what this correlation is.
136956 tn?1425609872 I am a 33yrs old female and since I started to be sexually active a very long time ago I always seemed to get yeast infections every time with one BV infection. I have been with someone for 5 months and both have been tested for all STDs. From the second time we had sex almost immediately I became very irritated, swollen and itchy. The last two times I went to get tests done everything came back negative, no BV, no STD and no Yeast.
Avatar f tn Parvovirus B19 infection might have a role in the etiopathogenesis of FS or might act as a triggering factor. Here we go again: PATHOGENS
Avatar n tn Just constant fatigue and feeling ill. I'm already disabled by Fibromyalgia, and while these symptoms are fairly similar, the intensity is far worse and constant and gone on far longer than fibro/chronic fatigue symptoms do. I know that he has herpes symplex 2, and though it wasn't during an outbreak, I know I could still get it. that's not THAT much of a concern to me as much as HIV or whatever else is making me feel so damn sick all the time.
Avatar n tn HELP! For the past two years I have been getting painful recurring face infection (boil) on different parts of my face (my chin, above eye, on rim of ear, on skin just in front of earlobe... anywhere. I feel one coming on and I call in a perscription for Dicloxacillin 500 mg and take 4 a day (28 pills). It goes away and I am fine for 3 to 4 months and I get another one different place. The Dr.
Avatar n tn I had just switched allergy medications, from Nasonex to generic Flonase, right at the time my symptoms returned. Could allergies have led to a sinus infection? Can the sinus infection cause dizziness and fatigue? Due to the holiday weekend I haven't been able to call my doctor, but after 3 prior visits he's never suggested sinuses to be a cause.
Avatar m tn Hello~You say you have been to many doctors, have you tried a Naturopath? They really dig deep into an issue and can sometimes come up with solutions that main-stream medicine hasn't even thought of. Some reasons for your symptoms come to my mind such as Fibromyalgia, food/chemical allergies, environmental allergies, vitamin, mineral deficiencies, the yeast infection called "Candida", and even nerve impingement and misaligned vertebrae.
Avatar n tn I've not been 100% well in the last 4 months and seem to just get infection after infection going up and down all the time. As soon as I start to feel a bit better I go down with another one. The cough has never subsided. I have been tested for glandular fever amongst other things, having had two blood tests which all appeared normal apart from a slight elevation in white cells. I have had a chest x-ray which came back clear.
280418 tn?1306329510 , and I'm looking into starting the Marshall Protocol, which treats a parasitic infection of L-form bacteria taking over the phagocytes. I don't how many people have heard about Trevor Marshalls Protocol, but he has developed a protocol that is slowly curing people of chronic illness. Check out my journal for more links if anyone wishes to.
242516 tn?1368227505 The flu has passed epidemic rates in much of the country, and if you don't have a cold, I'm sure you have a friend who has the sniffles, fever, chills, aches and pains of a viral upper respiratory infection. This is different from a bacterial infection such as sinusitis, bronchitis, or pneumonia. A viral infection doesn't improve with antibiotics as these infections do. A virus hijacks your own body's healthy cells and uses it to reproduce and spread.
291885 tn?1404896807 carisa- since you posted your EBV numbers are those numbers what you have all the time or was that during an active infection? How could you tell (besides the way you felt) if the infection was active or not? Was there a difference in your EBV numbers during those times? I'm thinking I'll have my doctor run all my EBV tests again every few months to see where I stand.
Avatar f tn I check my temp when I get these episodes and its perfectly normal. I do not have a infection or am not sick. Im not even in a cold environment. Everyone around me is not cold. Its the weirdest thing, and I cant find a answer for it. Its like my body is messed up and sending these chills for no reason. Please help.
590279 tn?1286339622 I brought this up to my doctor and I tried various types of sinus medications as she was sure it was an infection. These didn’t help and one day I actually felt dizzy and unsteady. We assumed it was a side affect of the meds and I stopped talking them. I had short periods of panic and my heart would race when I didn’t feel right.
358486 tn?1294779988 can fibromyalgia actually cause lumps in your breast?? please if anyone knows-writeme!!
Avatar f tn In the last 18 months I have had Pericarditis 4 times and recently had a yeast infection in my mouth which is very painfull, without any explanation as to why. I wasn't on any antibiotics previously, my immune system is fine but I got a yeast infection ( blisters and all). I am just hoping that these things will resolve themselves with time. I never had anything like these things before treatment.