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Avatar m tn Diabetes is in my family, so now it's mine, too. I can only do the Xolair, my doc says, because my diabetes is under such good control due to my diet - SO happy I've always been on top of it. So, I'm starting Xolair next week, and will let you know. I've been home, out of circulation for weeks. I'm pretty resilient, but since I was diagnosed with this in November, my world has disappeared and come to a stop.
Avatar m tn Burning and prickly sensation in skin all over the body exhibiting flare ups and remissions could be due to psychological stressors, structural or inflammatory disorders of the brain and cervical spine, fibromyalgia, thyroid dysfunction, B12 deficiency and certain rheumatological conditions etc. I would suggest that you get a complete work up done for the above mentioned causes to come to a conclusion on this. Best.
Avatar n tn And, now she has been getting stiff joints and pain like fibromyalgia. She says it's not anxiety, which is what some of the doctors are pointing to. As she is single and really has no stress, other than a busy job. She did have a breast biopsy about the same time she had the back strain, but that was benign. Any further suggestions or findings out there?
Avatar f tn I have thyroid disease but medication has regulated that...fibromyalgia as well. I am gonna lose my mind......i need help!!!
665881 tn?1248930597 I have the same symptoms as sammy. In addition I have been recently told that I have fibromyalgia. I had neither of this stuff however prior to 2 years ago when a whelpy, patchy rash appeared first on my back and side and have now made its way to my extremities. It is unresponsive to steroids and other meds. I have seen 3 dermatologists, done 2 biopsies that are inconclusive for mitosis fungoidis and I bruise very easily. Could all this be related.