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Avatar f tn I had been on a research protocol targeting the pathogens responsible for my immune dysfunction (lots of work and a few years) and everyone there had a low vitamin D level and higher vitamin D 1,25 hydroxy. If your vitamin 1,25 hydroxy gets too high... you are at risk for organ failure. It is my opinion and the opinion of some physicians that a low vitamin D is the result and not the cause of the disease. Anyhow... it sounds like your sister may have some CFS symptoms.
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. But also my doctor said that my vitamin D level was low so she put me on 50,000 units of it. I was wondering could my vitamin D level being low have anything to do with my fatigue and flu-like feeling? What are the usual symptoms of vitamin D level being low????
Avatar f tn Also yes my doctor has checked my vitiamin D level and it was low she put me on medicine. Also she put me on vitamin B shots. Do you think that my vitamin D level being low could be contributing to my Fatigue???
Monster Please ask to have your Vitamin D checked it is low in some of us and causes more pain... Also your Vitamin B12... It being low can add to our fatigue... You need to ask for these blood tests tho... They are not normally done... I hope to hear from you... Good luck...
Avatar m tn However if you are on antiviral and you vitamin D levels are normal, then better to check with the doctor. These symptoms csn be caused by stress, anxiety, bad diet, less intake of water....
Avatar m tn Authored by a team of researchers at the California-based non-profit Autoimmunity Research Foundation, the paper goes on to point out that molecular biologists have long known that the form of vitamin D derived from food and supplements, 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25-D), is a secosteroid rather than a vitamin. Like corticosteroid medications, vitamin D may provide short-term relief by lowering inflammation but may exacerbate disease symptoms over the long-term.
Avatar f tn Is vitamin D that important? Now I'm on 2 meds per day for vitamin D also I take calcium can low levels cause more pain for fibromyalgia patients?
Avatar f tn Vitamin D deficiency symptoms can mimic fibromyalgia and cause bone pain actually. I would request all lab results so you can see what is going going on. Optimal vitamin D level is 100 - 150 nmol/L (40 - 60 ng/ml).
Avatar f tn Most Vitamin D supplements use ergocalciferol or Vitamin D-2 but Vitabase Vitamin D uses cholecalciferol, D-3, a more bioactive form. This is the same form of Vitamin D made by the skin’s exposure to sunlight.
Avatar n tn Vitamin D isn't called the antibiotic vitamin for nothing! I improved as vitamin D levels went up. Some people mention they take longer to feel better even with optimal levels (40 - 60 ng/ml or 100 - 150 nmol/L). Excerpt from the article Symptoms & Diseases Associated With Vitamin D Deficiency" by Frank Lipman... "What are the symptoms of vit D deficiency? There is no clear pattern of symptoms. In fact many people remain asymptomatic despite low levels.
Avatar f tn Symptoms of Fibromyalgia are the same as those of hypothyroidism and many doctors who prescribe thyroid hormones find that the symptoms are alleviated, even if thyroid hormone levels are in the normal ranges, particularly, if they are in the lower half of the ranges. Many people with hypothyroidism also have Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D deficiency causes many hypo-like symptoms. Some studies have shown a link between Vitamin D deficiency and autoimmune thyroid disease (AITD).
Avatar m tn Preliminary studies suggest improvements in symptoms of fibromyalgia with vitamin D supplementation. Recently, a randomized controlled study found that increasing vitamin D blood levels from a mean of 19 ng/mL to about 50 ng/mL was associated with a modest decrease in fibromyalgia pain (a 20 point decrease on a 100 point scale). The study involved 30 adults (mostly women) in Austria with fibromyalgia.
Avatar f tn We may have a low or even low normal vitamin D result and a higher (usually within normal range) vitamin D 1,25 hydroxy level. Vitamin D metabolites as clinical markers in autoimmune and chronic disease. Journal: Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2009 Sep;1173:384-90. Authors: Blaney GP, Albert PJ, Proal AD. Affiliation: Stillpoint Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
550622 tn?1247660320 Use his search engine and type in vitamin D and you will be taken to a page of archived articles on vitamin D. In some of his articles he recommended signing up with the Vitamin D Council. He was right. It proved to be worthwhile. In one of the latest newsletters from the Council they mentioned taking magnesium with the vitamin D supplements to get the full benefit. They provided evidence in a story about some children with Rickets who needed vitamin D.
5817099 tn?1376924181 Adults can develop a similar condition — osteomalacia — where slight bone softening causes a gnawing pain often mistaken for fibromyalgia. Vitamin D and Cancer Low vitamin D is associated with increase risk of cancers including colon, breast and prostate. Vitamin D actively inhibits the uncontrolled cell growth typical of cancer in most tissues of the body. Adequate Vitamin D reduces risk of Type 2 diabetes and multiple sclerosis. Correcting vitamin D can reduce blood pressure.
Avatar f tn I have severe vitamin D sufficiency. My doctor prescribed 50,000 units of vitamin D daily for one month. Is this safe? Looking forward to some answers.
Avatar n tn I've had the battery of tests done for thyroid, anemia, RA. They all came back negative with the exception of a Vitamin D deficiency. My vitamin D level is 14. Could it cause all these problems? I was told to buy some Caltrate and start taking that. But from what I've seen I don't know if this is the right route to take. Maybe I should see an endocrinologist? I also have to go for an MRI of the head sometime soon.
Avatar f tn Anyone experiencing bone pain specifically in the hands (fingers and thumbs) and feet (and toes). Seems to be an additiional new symptom this time around with my low vitamin D level. Last years bone pain seemed to center in the top of my back and shoulders. This time around my hands feel so inflamed, they hurt to the touch. Vit D3 deficiency too?? Sometimes it helps to know that others have the same symptoms. I am on D3 therapy this is my 4th month. I will see an endo next month.
Avatar f tn Researchers from the University of Copenhagen have found that vitamin D is crucial to the immune system. T-cells will lie dormant unless they can find vitamin D. T-cells start out inactive, but once triggered they become killer cells that seek out and destroy viruses and bacteria. If you develop an infection after surgery for instance, you want plenty of vitamin D at the ready! Any physical forms of stress, such as surgery, can lead to magnesium deficiency.
Avatar m tn Magnesium is the boss of all the major minerals (calcium, sodium, potassium) and the powerful steroid hormone that was misnamed a vitamin - vitamin D. Don't mess with the boss or you will see you are still vitamin D deficient after all that supplementation. Bonus tip: fat doesn't make you fat but high insulin does. Good article on this: Fat Can't Make You Fat! by Christine Cronau.
Avatar n tn Because he seems so determined that I have Fibromyalgia and he seems convinced that vitamin D supplements and Lyrica will be the cure for all of my pains. I can relate to the comments made by Stacy01 on 10/13/07, I am also tired of being in pain and no matter what medicine I take I get no real relief. But, I was also intrigued by comments made by jlr52629, on 11/9/2007 who said that since taking vitamin D for approx 4 weeks you felt tremendously better.
1216899 tn?1288573925 Symptoms I have had with Vitamin D Deficiency Head -light flashing in corner of left eye with movement. It comes and goes about 6 months and lasts for about a month -jaw or mouth gets severe cramps -a very severe sharp electrical type pain that shoots from my temple through my eye, and into my jaw. I lasts only a second, but can happen many times a day. Occurs every for or five months and lasts appx.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing tingling in my hands and in my face recently and after getting a physical done in February the only thing that was abnormal was my vitamin D level. Could this be causing my tingling?
Avatar f tn 3), dry skin, tired all the time, no sex drive, irregular periods, slow thinking, weight gain, etc.. Tests showed all was okay except vitamin D was almost non-existent. I began supplementing with 10,000 units/day along with 2,000 mg of calcium citrate. Two weeks later I could feel the difference. My body temp returned to normal, I began to lose weight, but my bones suddenly began aching unbelievably and the all-over tingles came back.
Avatar f tn Yes it's important to get your level up but your not going to solve all your problem with vitamin D,If your symptoms related to vitamin D yes it going to disappears after several months,but if it's not you should dig deep to see if there is another issue. Your adrenal gland effects other glands leaving you with thyroid symptoms like,you should get the 24 adrenal saliva test to see if there is any problem with your hormones.
1139187 tn?1355710247 And, it is insufficient and won't make one bit of difference if you are low. You need vitamin D3, the natural form of vitamin D. The dairy industry fortifies with the inferior vitamin D2, the man made form of vitamin D. The only time the D2 is a good thing to use is when taking the prescription to boost levels in vitamin D deficient patients quickly. Forget the dairy, because it's a myth.
Avatar f tn vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption. Vitamin D deficiency is very common with thyroid disease. The vitamin D council recommends vitamin D levels between 50 - 80ng/mL or 125 - 200nmol/L year round. Researchers found that people with glaucoma were 38% more likely to have had a thyroid disorder diagnosed at some stage in their life.
Avatar f tn A lot of my fibro pain went away with b12, c, d, a, and a really good multi vitamin called alive. Our bodies become deficient with auto .immuned diseases. Even if your levels are normal, beef up on them but don't overdose and take them daily. :)! Have a good day.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 7 years ago after a heart attack- which was caused by a spontaneous dissection of my left coronary artery. I never seemed to get well. I stayed tired, pain everywhere, sensitive to chemicals- especially in stores like Lowe's or Home Depot- got sick, dizzy and had to leave the store. I am also sensitive to sounds- loud sounds, sensitive to light- can't stand being hot or cold. I am still so tired, there are days I don't get out of my chair.