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Avatar f tn There are many conflicting views regarding Fibromyalgia. You might want to start with an interesting article which appeared in the New york Times on January 14th regarding Lyrica, Fibromyalgia, and current "views" on the subject(s). Especially interesting are the comments of Dr. Frederick Wolfe who came up with the original dignostic tools and coined Fibromyalgia in 1990.
356518 tn?1322267242 We welcome new members here everyday and alot of times new members will sit back and observe and read awhile before posting. By introducing yourself it helps us members get to know you and also welcome you to our wonderful community we have. We not only support each other with pain issues but with everyday life and how the pain effects it. We have all had days when just need to vent and express out feelings toward dealing with pain and how it effects every single aspect of out lives.
Avatar n tn He also had his rabies shot before i got him. he was found roaming the streets of new york. Anyway, i came down with symptoms shortly after having him. the symptoms are similar to rabies and i've been sick for 5 months. What makes me think that it's rabies is sensitivity to light, irrational fears of illnessess that i've been having. grouchiness. And flu-likesymptoms that i had in march. Now I feel pain in my nerves after the joint pains subsided.
Avatar f tn Where is everyone ? Wow... the press is picking up on this. It is now in the New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal. Check it out: Dr. William Reeves should hold his head in shame and resign. If not.... we need to force him out.
Avatar dr m tn A physician reveals the #1 reason why so many of us are sick and tired. Endorsed by New York Times best-selling authors Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Mark Liponis, and Mary Shomon. www.doctorstevenpark.
Avatar n tn I emailed them and am waiting for a response. I noticed that the main office is in New York; I am in CA. I hope I can be of some use to all of you. Chevy - Congrats on your last shot! Must have seemed like eternity on one hand, and yesterday on the other, that you started this journey. I am amazed at all the dedication and support this site offers. I was looking for she ok? I must get ready for work. I will check back later.
272434 tn?1228610809 I have had the burning sensations in feet and thighs also. This morning I feel so disoriented sort of confused at times. I don't know much about Fibromyalgia except that I have it and it's painful and tiring. I have no one to talk to about this so please anyone help.
163305 tn?1333672171 html Phone (646) 962-4463 Fax (646) 962-0110 1305 York Avenue 4th Floor New York, NY 10065 Office Hours (for both of the above clinics) Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Best of luck to you and your brother.
Avatar m tn Your nose actually helps the virus get to the back of nose, to where it can infect a nasal cell. The virus latches onto a receptor, called an ICAM-1, on the nasal cell, which plugs into the virus and draws it into the healthy cell. Once inside, the cold virus infects the cell and makes multiple copies of itself. Then the infected cell dies and explodes, releasing all the new cold viruses into the tissue and mucus inside the nose, and spreads to other cells in the nose.
131817 tn?1209532911 indigestion On 60,000 units of procrit a week I have thalassemia anemia Treating in New York but lives in FL Hobbie-- chasing those crazy wabbits Best part of doing tx-- Met the best of the best people here on the forum BTW-spacecoast4 where is your stats??
Avatar n tn I've had acute SI joint pain come on every year since i was 17. i thought it was just some minor problem because the pain would go after a few weeks. just got on with it. i'm 25 now and for the past three months i've had awful pain trying to walk in my SI joints and lower back. been to osteos, chiros, physios but to no avail. eventually got second opinion from an orthopaedic doc who sent off bloods to be tested. found out that there is a presence of inflammation in the body.
Avatar m tn Lapis -- my understanding is that fibroscan is available with Schiff in Florida, Dietrich in New York, and Afdhal in Boston. Probably more places, but that's the shortlist I know about. Willy -- what you say makes sense. It always did. But maybe that's because we tended to agree on things LOL DD -- I remember you as an old timer, when I was just new here. We shared a lot of heated discussions -- sometimes on the same side, sometimes not.
979080 tn?1323437239 Tashka, I would pop up and announce in a New York minute if I was experiencing any post treatment side effects. I was on treatment a very long time and post six months I have no problems. I'm also two years older so I expect some things to change but for the most part I am very much the same as before treatment. Not saying some don't experience problems post treatment because we know they do but I've read many more post than 2-3 in which people have stated they are back to normal.
284078 tn?1282620298 It took us over 8 hours just to get the eye pressure under 50 (which is still about 3 times normal.) He was rapidly losing vision from an attack of acute angle closure glaucoma IN BOTH EYES. That is one of the most significant things that people don't always realize. In my business it is extraoridinarily rare for an acute, severe problem to happen to both eyes unless there is some sort of terrible industrial accident, explosion or facial trauma.
Avatar f tn “I highly recommend a low-carb diet of unprocessed and organic foods to improve CFS symptoms,” says John Salerno, MD, a specialist on chronic fatigue syndrome with Patients Medical in New York City. “Focus on wild-caught fish, organic vegetables, grass-fed meats, organic eggs, and full-fat cheeses, which are all well-tolerated by CFS patients. Add dark-colored fruits, including berries, which are also recommended.
Avatar n tn - About 7 weeks ago, I woke up with my hands numb and tingling, which after a couple of weeks turned into burning and/or cold sensations in my fingers and up my arms and elbows. I went to a neuro at Columbia-Presbyterian here in New York, and had some blood work and an EMG done. He was looking for peripheral neuropathy. Everything was normal, except for a pinched nerve in the sacral area, which the neuro said should not be giving me any of these symptoms.
Avatar n tn , of New Brunswick, N.J.; Mitsui and Co. Venture Partners, of New York; and Kitty Hawk Capital, of Charlotte, N.C. Terry McGuire, a managing general partner at Polaris, will join the company's board in conjunction with the financing.
Avatar m tn html My physical shape, energy and mental acuity is much improved and seems to get better all the time. So much so that I am starting a new company and going back to work! I look and feel very healthy, which is a big change from the last five years. Six months after interferon treatment my viral load was over 7 million, and my immune system was destroyed.
Avatar f tn This is just an update on my situation, for those who have been following my seven years of tribulations with hepC and my current plight in New York. I finally found a hep MD in NY who was willing to prescribe Sovaldi + Olysio for me. I had already spoken to the Gilead and Janssen patient assistance programs, both of whom told me I should be eligible (no insurance, advanced fibrosis, etc.) and sent me applications.
Avatar m tn Studies in Twentieth Century Medical Thought. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1998. Krause PJ and others, Tick-Borne Study Group. Reinfection and relapse in early Lyme disease. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 75:1090-1094, 2006. Seltzer EG and others. Long-term outcomes of persons with Lyme disease. JAMA 283:609-615, 2000. Gardner P. Long-term outcomes of persons with Lyme disease (editorial). JAMA 283:658-659, 2000. Sigal LH and Hassett AL.
Avatar n tn if he can prove just ONE person has been CURED of hepatitis C from using herbs - have him written up on the front page of the new york times and let all the drug companies know they can stop the research. You have to understand - if there was such an easy cure don't you think we'd all know about it and not be doing a year (me - 72 weeks a year and a half) of combo treatment? While I'm sure herbs and homeo things can make you feel well and be a positive thing for your health...........
Avatar m tn I don’t look at Genotype much now I look more at what the virus does to us and how we contribute. I look for what is common among NRs and what is different between NRs and SVRs. Genotype doesn’t have much to do with that. There are numerous virologic and host factors have been identified that impact the likelihood of SVR.
1797925 tn?1341099804 Scott Friedman, chief of liver diseases at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, who was not involved in the trial.
Avatar n tn Is there any progress in the comprehension of the cause of these symptoms ? Are there some new treatments that appeared recently to counteract exhaustion and pains ? Do people group themselves in associations to better fight against this disaster ? Would you have some testimonies, books or adresses to advice us in order to be updated in the comprehension of these sides effects and their potential treatments ? Any information will really be of great help, With my best regards.
Avatar n tn I too am having similar symptoms to the majority of you. In my case, I moved to the much warmer New York for the summer and immediately got bumps on the sides of my knuckles (the areas where the knuckles naturally touch each other). I thought I contracted warts but now am not so sure. It seems like they would come back every couple of months and were related to the an increase in the temperature. More recently, I have been getting itchy bumps on the outside of my elbow.
Avatar m tn There's a lot of controversy surrounding the Igenex labs, I believe it was the new york times that did an investigation they claimed them to be providing false positives as well as stories of people getting positive test results and never having the disease but then lyme patients claim them to be the end all be all and there's a conspiracy so the insurance companies can save money you should see a reputable lyme doc and they can give you the best course of action
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Avatar f tn still no improvement ! Im really fed up with these symptoms .
Avatar n tn They say mine is axiety and there is no way it is axiety i think the docs in Oregon are to quick to get you out and not lisen to whats going on even my pcp didnt even no what fabrys dease was when i ask to be tested for that...