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Avatar f tn i live in east london in south africa. we dont have a specialist for fibromyalgia here to treat me. i am seeing my gp and a psychiatrist. im on lyrica, cymgen, wellbuterin, azor, jurista, renezide. ive been very il for 6 months now and all symptoms seem to be getting worse. i am being sent to a mental institution because according to both doctors the pain and tiredness and anxiety and severe depression is all ín my head'. pleas help....
Avatar f tn Are there any moms who are from south Africa here, it looks like I'm the only one
Avatar n tn what can I do I have painfull piezogenic pedal papules and need treatment, prevention from becomming worse,can they go away, whom can I see in South africa, This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/758092'>foot hernia</a>.
1075109 tn?1281835691 I have had Bipolar 2 for 11 years and it has taken that long for my Government in South Africa to provide the correct medication. I am unable to work because of my instability. Anyway, finally I got the right medication which included sleep medication. Not sleeping pills but Clonazapam which helped relax me into sleep because of my Anxiety.
Avatar f tn Has anyone here tried Bee Sting Treatment to help with the chronic pain associated with arthritis. I'm trying to find somewhere in South Africa where thy do it, but it really does seem to work.
1075109 tn?1281835691 Having both of these chronic ailments I am obviously being treated with conventional medication. I am in South Africa and I have read about a lot of alternative therapy for the Fibromyalgia but I don't know how this will mix with my Bipolar Treatment. Can you help me understand this?
Avatar m tn Is budesonide available in oral form for the treatment of inflammatory bowl disease in South Africa
Avatar m tn I live in south Africa, clinic tells me I have syphillis but only amoxillin available to treat. They gave me 3 gram amoxillin in one dose. The internet says it wont cure syphillis though. Is this true? What can I do?
Avatar m tn i am reading a few threads here that say in South Africa the standard window testing period is 6 months , i live in South Africa and have been in contact with the AIDS hotline , rest assured that in South Africa the window period is 3 months , i have also read that 6-8 weeks is a good indicator ...
Avatar n tn What is your oppinion on this and would you say it merrits further attention?I live in South Africa (read-in the bush) so it is not so easy to get alternate advice thanks This discussion is related to <a href=''>Incredibly itchy rash on scrotum and buttocks/anal area</a>.
Avatar n tn Flying out to south Africa on Thursday. Booked an appointment with doc for some meds hopefully!
Avatar n tn Flying out to south Africa on Thursday. Booked an appointment with doc for some meds hopefully!
Avatar n tn Flying out to south Africa on Thursday. Booked an appointment with doc for some meds hopefully!
Avatar m tn Two months ago I went to South Africa to travel,the drunk after I had unprotected sex with a sex worker.The prostitute is very excited, but also put my penis bitten,Therewas a slight bleeding!!!!I heard that South Africa is the high incidence of AIDS in the country,I felt very fear.In 34 days after unprotected sexual intercourse,I went to the hospital for detection.The doctor asked me to conduct a joint detection of antigen and antibody(The 4th generation test),The result was negative.
Avatar f tn What can we do now and we are Zimbabweans but can go to South Africa for the surgery, what hospitals or doctor can you recommend? Or rather what else can we do?