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Avatar n tn Anyways, I joined this discussion because we are pursuing a healthier climate as well. We are considering North Carolina because it still has seasonal changes, but when I check and look at that state's pain scale for the daily weather, sometimes it is worse than what we have here in Michigan. Any thoughts anyone?
Avatar n tn I know of clinics in North carolina. there are clinics in Gastonia, Morganton, Waxhaw, Shelby, Hickory, Huntersville, and there are 2 in Statesville.
Avatar n tn I can't believe there are so many others having these same problems. I live in North Carolina, am a 45-year old male, and have had sinus issues for years. Since approximately early October, I have had severe sinus headache, pressure, dizziness (off balance feeling), and a general lethargic feeling. I went to my GP, who prescribed Augmentin, which did nothing. Last week, I saw an ENT, who prescribed Prednisone for 6 days, Levaquin, Ambifed, and Nasonex. Talk about being medicated!
Avatar n tn I'm using the same supplier for the HCG. Found them to be very reliable and reasonably priced. The other supplies I got were in kit form specifically designed for the size and number of amples that I purchased. The kits were either for 23 or 43 days and were based on either 1500 or 5000 iu amples. Everything you need is in the kit.
Avatar n tn I do hope sooooo much that it will work for you guys.. How long have you been on infertility treatment? Do keep me posted ladies!