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Avatar f tn There were some good studies done in France that discovered definite immune system reactions to homeopathy. In the late eighteen hundreds, homeopathy and herbalism were the main forms of medicine in America. A group of robber barons, who with their thievings from the railroads they bankrupted to create the great investment houses that recently brought down our economy for the third or fourth time, got together to decide which form of medicine to bankroll in order to maximize their profits.
Avatar n tn Hi Rick, I've had Fibrmyalgia since I was 37 years old. I am now 51. It is a connective tissue disease and can leave your muscles feeling sore and very painful and change your lifestyle completely if gone unchecked and unmanaged. Fibromyalgia has been very difficult to diagnose over the last 20 years. The only clear way to diagnose it right now is to do the "Tender Points" check, but there's a catch here too.
Avatar f tn Hi My doctor tells me I have fibromyalgia. I have so many of the symptoms eg pain in back,hips,thighs kness,neck.shoulders so on, burning,aching. numbness, itching, muscles weakness. poor sleep pattern. Symptoms are worse with stress, monthly cycle and activity. I also have eye pain and intraocular pressure of 26 in my left eye, and foot pain. I could continue. There is one thing which greatly puzzles me and this is that I have painful lumps in my fatty tissue.
Avatar n tn She did a few things in her office and said that i had Fibromyalgia(keep in mind that she never took blood at that point). She then gave me a prescription for OxyContin 20mgs three times a day and 15mgs of OxyCodone immmediate release for breakthrough pain. After that, she did some blood work and said everyhting was fine. to make a long story short, she upped my dosage to 40mgs of OxyContin three times daily and 30mgs of Oxycodone for breakthrough pain.
Avatar m tn please google myers cocktails and hydrogen peroxide drips, you will find lots of useful information on the benefits from these 2 therapies. any practitioner that believes in homeopathy shoiuld be familiar with this.
Avatar m tn I have been having pain in the bones- hips, back, neck, ribs, shoulders,elbow, on and off since last 12 yrs. Earlier i tried homeopathy, allopathy, physiotherapy , ayurvedic treatment - all based on symptomatic diagnosis but all in vain. I got all tests done for rheumatoid arthritis and spondilytis but that was negative. The pain in general has increased in recent times. I dont know what is the cause and need assistance in this.
253566 tn?1219683299 My husband did his treatment 8 to 10 months before I did. He started in 1999 into 2000. I started my treatment in 2000 into 2001. Six months for the both of us. Now we are in terrible health. There are times that we feel good for a short period. It seems like a cycle. Our first onset was with costeochondritis. Felt like a heart attack.
Avatar n tn hi rupa1991 we've treatment in homeopathy. but u've to use little long time until u cure. homeopathy is great way to cure with out any side effects. sometimes migrane attacks happens due to unsufficient sleep. so need 8hours sleep.
Avatar f tn My doctor - who is actually a great physician when he can see something but terrible when he cannot see solid evidence - does not believe in homeopathy but I have found another world in homeopathic medicine. Instead of stopping the hydrochloric acid, I am taking digestive enzymes and garlic oil and slippery elm. I advise people to find a medical doctor who will let you try homeopathic treatments and find naturopath to help guide you through the options.
Avatar m tn An FDA spokesman said the agency has revoked device approvals before, although the step is rare. ReGen, based in Hackensack, N.J., asked the FDA in 2005 to approve its device under the so-called 510k system, which allows speedy approval for devices that are similar to products already on the market. ReGen argued that the Menaflex was comparable to shoulder joint implants sold by Johnson & Johnson, Stryker and other companies.
Avatar n tn During the most severe episodes, the feeling from the two localized parts expanded towards each other, and joined right above the nose. If I was driving in a car, and looked in the rear view mirror, momentarily I would loose my orientation.
Avatar n tn I am wondering why I feel a vibration in my left leg. When it first started I thought it was my cell phone ringing but my phone was not in my pocket. I feel the vibration all day long and it has a pattern to it. It is a weired feeling and I can not figure out what causes this and why it will not go away. Can you tell me why I feel this?
Avatar n tn in the last two weeks i have had three blood vessels just pop in my fingers. i was not doing anything out of the ordinary. what could be causing this? should there be a cause for concern?
Avatar n tn He said that the scans don't show any cause for this to be happening and it looks like it is curving in rather than the bone thinning in that area. At this point it isn't affecting my brain, so he wants me to repeat the scans in October and come back so he can see if there are any changes. Keep in touch if you find anything out about yours. and feel free to send me a message in my inbox - I have a watch on this post and my inbox and I recieve an email whenever anyone posts to it.
Avatar n tn I can't nerrow it down to lack of oxygen or maybe diabeties because I've had high sugar levels in the past. However, its mostly during a change in the temperature cold/hot and mostly in my arms and shoulders and only if I move my arms or shoulders or if I stretch after a run or in the early morning cold weather.
1075109 tn?1281839291 Without homeopathy I'd probably be bed ridden. I've had fibromyalgia since 1992. In the early years when I was first diagnosed I trusted only in the traditional medical docs. Each one was doing what they do, practicing medicine not knowing what the heck to do with me. I can give you a list of about 40 different medications I've taken. With side effects so severe I plan to write a book some day.
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing similar symptoms since at least 2004, off and on, with the symptoms getting much worse since 2007. At one point i could hardly get out of bed, actually crawling to the bathroom. Been to many specialists over time including rheumatoligist at cleveland university, neuroligists at cleveland clinic and upmc etc etc. I also ended up changing my PCP fairly early on in my "process" as he did not believe me.
Avatar m tn 17 shots in the spine in various places, my nerves cauterized in that area, laporotomy and removal of my female organs, and a few weeks ago was a neurotransmittor implant trial in two different areas for a 12 day time period, none of these worked. His next suggestion is the pain pump which I haven't yet decided; yet all along the doctor has prescribed me some sort of pain relief. evenually escallating up to 160mg of oxycontin, 40 mgs of percocet 10/325 and the 100 mc fentanal pain patch.
1926402 tn?1322954664 Hi, I'm not a doctor & have no solution to share. It is just that I hope some doctor can diagnose your problem, the root cause of these symptoms only then can a treatment be started. You have gone through a lot at a young age and I'm sure you've tried a lot of different ways to manage life. I'm just wondering if you've tried alternative medicine like naturopathy, homeopathy, relaxation techniques. Have they helped you?
1316708 tn?1310919782 Thank you Lady Rhea for your question and now we all are benefitting from these answers. I have an "addiction" question. Why don't I go to the store and buy myself vitamins? Why don't I spend the same amount I did on pills on a massage once a week? Why am I drawn to things that are illegal, stupid, or even slightly on the edge? Ibruprophen is a big help. I need to take it when I am hurting. Anyway, I'm gonna get me some cal/mag Vitamin D and other WHOLE-istic things.
1684282 tn?1582660848 Our society is agonizingly ambivalent about what role opioids should play in our lives. There is no question that opioids are effective analgesics in the treatment of pain caused by acute injury or surgery, and they are invaluable in the palliative care of patients with cancer and other lethal diseases. But we have criminalized the nonmedical use of opioids and deploy vast armies of combatants in the (largely ineffective) war on such drugs as heroin and opium.
Avatar f tn Of couse, on the other hand, many CFS patients have numerous allergies. (confusing, isn't it ?) All of these conditions, including fibromyalgia, have one thing in common : we all seem to have an underlying infection(s). I think many fibromyalgia patients find this hard to believe... but of course CFS know we have an infection. This is due to research on CFS and also the fact that most of us became ill after having a viral illness. I know that EBV was the trigger that set-off my CFS symptoms..
Avatar f tn Also, it doesn't affect the strength of my muscles whatsoever Ok so now that you have some background I'll just list what treatment I've tried and what success I've had in chronological order so I don't make this too long. I underwent all of these for several months to years before moving on and trying something else to make sure I gave it a fair shot.
Avatar m tn But due to financial constrain I will not be able to afford all the three treatment continuously altogether at once, although I wish I could do like Stef2011, But I would like to try one of the option below to help regress the Fibrosis. My Question is which one of the option below will help me the most to regress from Liver Fibrosis in YOUR OPINION ? Option are 1. Gcmaf 2. HepTech Protocol 3.
Avatar n tn Last year I felt pretty bad, fatigue etc, my viral lode was 1,050,000, AST 152 ALT 98 approx, and then started in on my homeopathic treatment. My husband's doctor in Italy has treated many Hep C patients, and I was very willing to give it a try after reading about the horror stories of interferon. Some doctors in Europe (mine included) think our Hep C treatment here is not only useless but dangerous. He is even completely against live biopsy's.
Avatar f tn net/ Ashwagandha has been used for thousand of years in India for treatment of fatigue . In adrenal fatigue book the doc talks about this herb to boost adrenal function .
Avatar n tn , a theory about and treatment program for fibromyalgia that I am in the process of trying. I have had fibromyalgia for over 30 years--since before it had a name--and have also in the past been considered a hypochondriac. The reason it seems as though there is always something wrong with you is that there IS always something wrong with you if you have fibro. I agree with the person who said to try to have your lymph node biopsied---that would rule out one concern and give you peace of mind.
Avatar f tn Would the new doc report him to kaiser? Would the new doc be able to give recommendations/treatment plan in a consultation, prior to him coming on as an "official" patient? Do pain specialists typically take into account what is already working for the patient and base their recommendations/treatment plans off of that? Alternative modalities just flat out dont work for my boyfriend... He doesn't want to do homeopathy, Chinese medicine, massage, or stuff like that.
Avatar f tn It suppresses the immune system, increases inflammation, and stimulates yeast overgrowth in the intestines,” says Kent Holtorf, MD, a board-certified endocrinologist and founder of the Holtorf Medical Group in Torrance, Calif. β€œIt also causes a rapid rise in blood sugar, followed by hypoglycemia [not enough sugar, which is needed for energy conversion, in the blood]. This hypoglycemia causes fatigue, anxiety, and sugar cravings, [creating] a vicious cycle.” Dr.