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Avatar m tn Early detection is key to successful treatment of Lyme. However, following a strict, natural treatment regimen can offer extensive benefits at any stage of the disease.
Avatar n tn I have alreasy gone thru treatment with interfuron for a year no help,now I have cronic fatigue plus all the pain of fibro,and the sides of hep c. Is there anyone out there I can talk to that understands what I am going thru? I can't get my husband to understand just because you can't see it it doesn't mean I don't hurt like hell. My life seems to have been put into a suspended form of torture.
Avatar f tn Were you ever on antidepressants or any medication that would effect dopamine, serotonin or norepinephrine levels, prior to being dx'd with Fibromyalgia? If so, what was your age and approximately how long did you stay on the medication. Thank you for your response to this poll. Have a nice day.
1069644 tn?1276932463 case of Fibromyalgia then I would have to say, no, Fibromyalgia is not progressive, but everyone's experiences with the disease seems to be very different than the "textbook." Some people are able to overcome much of the pain and live symptom free for many years by using good management techniques, which can include nutrition, medication and exercise programs, while others may not improve using these same processes.
Avatar f tn can someone with some knowledge and experience please tell me what seems to be the best treatments out there when it comes to dealing with fibromyalgia? i am still trying to gather information on which is better lyrica or neurontin, and i am also told they are the same med? any truth to this? any advice on how to deal with flare ups would be just great also, at this point i am up for anything new that may help...
220965 tn?1189759423 What are some of the best home remedies for stopping Oxycodone use? I have no money for the suboxone. I have been taking 5/325 8-10 a day for around 2 years prescribed by my VA doctor and I want to quit and I have tried but the withdrawals got the best of me? Any help is much appreciated.
975514 tn?1325001538 section_id=27670#sec_27670 I urge you to introduce yourself below and tell us a little about what brought you to the Fibromyalgia/CFS Forum. Again, welcome to MedHelp and the Fibromyalgia/CFS forum!
Avatar m tn So I go to work and then i come home and sleep, sometimes not even remembering falling head hits the pillow and I am out. I sometime if I don't get alot of sleep I am falling asleep sitting up at work. My doctors just tell me dont worry your numbers can stay high for a long time and the low DHEA they tell me don't worry that decreases with age. I have also gotten sick so much lately it is ridiculous. Does anyone now of any homeopathic remedies I could try...
Avatar n tn Re: Some will try to claim that these problems cropping up after tx are a 'coincidence', or are due to some sort of rapid aging. How ridiculous to keep saying this. The point was that since such symptoms can be seen in the aging process, it must be difficult to definitively link them to the effects of interferon treatment. But Kalio supplied you with research that supports your suspicions, even though she/he was treated rudely on the other thread.
173930 tn?1196341998 Survey seems consistent with what I've seen posted here. Most telling to me is that 40% reported feeling worse after treating than before: 29% reported feeling about the same; and 31% reported feeling better after treatment. What that means is that around 2 out of 3 people felt either worse or no different after treating. This should be a reality check for those who treat primarily because of the so-called extra-hepatatic symptons, i.e. to feel better.
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Avatar f tn I have taken it. My mom is on it for fibromyalgia and loves it. For me it was not the right treatment because my depression was actually from malnutrition of Celiac disease. Stopping it wasn't too fun because you get brain zaps, but knowing it is just a drug withdrawal symptoms helps (instead of worrying you might have MS).
394991 tn?1214259507 inner ears, eyes or the nervous system. . You can try some easy remedies at home like; - Enhance maintaining balance by learning exercises from a trained physiotherapist - Reduce stress - Practice Aerobic exercises - Develop a regular sleep pattern - Treat the disorder which is causing dizziness You should avoid diet drinks,tobacco,caffeine,take plenty of water to ensure the blood pressure does not drop due to exercise, high stress activities and hot climate. Refer http://www.
Avatar n tn Good! Im glad You've found a doctor who is willing to help you. There are many other "alternative" remedies for lyme and other parasites in our bodies. Lyme Disease IS parasites in your body!!!! Many health food stores have herbal remedies for cleansing our bodies of parasites. Some doctors "pooh pooh" theese kinds of remedies, but most agree that they do no harm.
1316708 tn?1310919782 Thank you Lady Rhea for your question and now we all are benefitting from these answers. I have an "addiction" question. Why don't I go to the store and buy myself vitamins? Why don't I spend the same amount I did on pills on a massage once a week? Why am I drawn to things that are illegal, stupid, or even slightly on the edge? Ibruprophen is a big help. I need to take it when I am hurting. Anyway, I'm gonna get me some cal/mag Vitamin D and other WHOLE-istic things.
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Avatar f tn Hi, welcome to medhelp. One of the primary characteristics of fibromyalgia are trigger points. I believe there are 18 trigger points. If you are newly diagnosed you may want to check out just so you can see how much fibromyalgia effects the body. I thought it was helpful. It also has a list of associative disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, etc...
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Avatar f tn Has anyone had success with D-Ribose? I am confused about its role in helping fibromyalgia particularly because it is classified as a type of sugar. I thought sugar was bad for fibromyalgia because it promotes inflammation or is this type of sugar not considered to have an inflammatory effect?
1684282 tn?1582660848 There are better (in my opinion) treatments for chronic pain that are much safer than opioids,such as physical therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, anti-depression medications, and treatment of underlying psychiatric illnesses such as depression and anxiety, dietary and life-style changes, etc. High dose long term opiates have not been shown in multiple studies to improve long term pain scores of chronic pain patients - and that is the most important fact of the whole article.
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Avatar f tn I also do a lot of therapy and home remedies with essential oils that help with insomnia, anxiety, menstral cramping etc. So as you see - it isn't any one thing, it is a lot of little things that make up relief for me - lots of them require time and dedication (yoga, better lifestyle choices) but I found in taking back my power from the doctors and seeking other options I am transforming myself in the process.
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Avatar n tn Tests also rule out arthritis, but his primary physician is sending him to an arthritis specialist, saying he has done everything he knows to do and the specialist will know what to do next. He says he doesn't think he has Fibromyalgia in spite of most of the symptoms being the same as my husband's. Also, his brother's daughter has been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and when they compared symptoms, he strongly believed that is what he has.
Avatar dr m tn Do you feel tired all day no matter how much sleep you get? Have you tried various home remedies, over-the-counter medications or even prescription medications with no help? If you answered yes to any of the above, what you will read below will show you how critical it is to breathe well through your nose. Chronic mouth breathing can not only affect your quality of life, but your life, period.
182493 tn?1348056515 There are exceptions, for those that I detox out-patient, and for those that are on other medications when they come in for treatment…I’ll cover those medications in the following paragraphs. Personally, I urge all to consider in-house Detox for methadone…especially if going cold turkey. Although in my personal experience I’ve never seen any advantage in lowering the dose over time. Especially, if one is at 45 mg or less per day. Methadone Detox can normally be accomplished in 3-5 weeks.
428506 tn?1296560999 Are there other options outside of AD's that may be available without a diagnosis? Any home remedies or ideas? Tingling/burning/aching (mostly face hands & feet), as well as a spacy "full head" feeling are the symptoms I'd like to target! Thanks for "listening" and for ANY advice!
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