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Avatar f tn My boyfriend is undergoing treatment for type 2. He is 12 weeks into treatment and has been experiencing pain, numbness, tingling, burning pain down his entire leg. He's in terrible pain and I'm quite concerned. He takes weekly 2 shots of interferon because of his size 6'3", 280 lbs (but now down to 262 lbs) and 1200 mg ribavirin daily. Has anyone had experienced this while in treatment? Can his dosage be reduced? He had undetectable levels at week 4.
975514 tn?1325001538 section_id=27670#sec_27670 I urge you to introduce yourself below and tell us a little about what brought you to the Fibromyalgia/CFS Forum. Again, welcome to MedHelp and the Fibromyalgia/CFS forum!
748543 tn?1463449675 For the past few weeks I have been throwing around ideas as to the best way to respond to this matter. You see a recent article ( Feb.3 , 2009 NY times) titled "Best treatment for TMJ May be Nothing" nearly made me clench my jaw to pieces. While well written, I found that the author, Ms. Brody, relied heavily on out dated and narrow perspective supplied to her by a small group of dentists.
612876 tn?1355518095 So regardless of the process you took along the way, please select the most specialized/advanced care you have sought out for testing and/or treatment. And by all means, leave comments and let us know what has worked for you, what hasn't, and what your hopes for future care are!
Avatar n tn my doc told me the ribavarian is extreemly important to take on time as well as the interferon. esp. at the beginning of treatment. don't let thier incompetence mess up your treatment. you did the best you could under the situation. shame on your nurse for not calling you back. she certainly had no right yelling at you. you after all, called and got a doctors advise, what more could you have done.
Avatar n tn Re: Some will try to claim that these problems cropping up after tx are a 'coincidence', or are due to some sort of rapid aging. How ridiculous to keep saying this. The point was that since such symptoms can be seen in the aging process, it must be difficult to definitively link them to the effects of interferon treatment. But Kalio supplied you with research that supports your suspicions, even though she/he was treated rudely on the other thread.
Avatar n tn My left foot or toes curl up, my right foot toes curl down. I really never got an answer on that. I dont get it. Fibromyalgia like symptoms come up alot even though the trigger points arnt there. Did the MRI a year ago rule out MS?? It seems like Ive had all the tests or alot of tests anyways and Im starting to wonder if its all in my head. Any Ideas????? Heidi I don't know what this is.
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Avatar n tn Thank you. The reason this issue has become confusing is because there are published studies (NID/CDC only studied full replacement steroids), treating subclinical hormone deficiencies, in disorders such as CFS and FMS, where their findings state that there is already a blunted HPA axis.
Avatar n tn I have had fibromyalgia for 17 years and never before had the kind of neurological symptoms experiencing now. History leading up to problems: was diagnosed with some bulging discs in lumbar spine, but not severe enough to push on spinal chord. Experienced numbness and pain in legs. After 6 months of treatment by a chiropracter to restore lumbar curve.
Avatar n tn is there any danger at all of developing glaucoma from the 10 day treatment, and also from the synthetic eye drops? also, is there a chance the eye drops might help with the trochleitis, or do i instead need injections to reach the site? your input would be appreciated. i am tired of the soreness and aching after 8 years!
923006 tn?1243771730 If our pets are getting lyme disease and tick attachments this means Ticks that carry Lyme Disease are in the area. So far our pets are getting better diagnosis and treatment than humans. I know that their are many others who have Lyme in our city. I do have much Knowleged about LD. I only aquired this knowledge because it is too late for me and I have this disease. But We need more awareness..
535089 tn?1400677119 Hello, My name is Mollyrae and I was infected with Hep C sometime back in the early 80's. I have undergone treatment 2'c and am considered a non-responder. The last treatment landed me in the Hospital for a week with MRSA being that my immune system was so low. I was sick all the time, not to mention the sides from the tx. My question is, has anyone experienced severe muscle & joint pain as the viral load increased? It has been a yr.
396278 tn?1207696992 I know you have one autoimmune disease then you are more prone to others, but are their families of disorders? ie. If you have Lupus then you are more prone towards fibromyalgia than you are towards autoimmune hepatitis or something like that? Anyone ever heard of anything like this? How about the relationship between autoimmune disorders and cancer? I'm still searching for info. There is very little to go on......
168348 tn?1379360675 fibromyalgia and hypothyroid The doc thinks that as I went through menopause the hypo started which kicked the allergies (esp. chemical sensitivities) into high gear.
Avatar n tn I also have Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease in my neck and lower LOW back, right by my tail bone. I HURT and none of these idiot doctors are doing anything. They treat me like I'm just being dramatic. I"m only 33 and I feel like I am going on 63. I have a 2, almost 3 yr old and a 6 yr old. I can barely keep up with THEM. I hate this state, BAD. But I have no choice cause my husband is in the navy, so I"m stuck here. All I do is cry anymore..
Avatar n tn (I am female, late thirties, unexplained neurgenic bladder for which I self cath for five years now, fibromyalgia, migraine.) I have experienced a strange visual effect since then that is not constant and appears to be gradually going away. If, for instance , I pass my hand in front of my face as in gesturing, about sixteen or so images of my hand would remain for a second or so. I could almost count the images before they slowly dissipated.
Avatar f tn Thank you so much!! I will definitely look for a lyme disease support group and had never thought to do of this. . I think I have had lyme infection since 1992 and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1993, then lyme arthritis a few years later.
Avatar m tn I have had big problems and haven't posted for awhile. Dx'ed with fibromyalgia yesterday. Extreme pain all the time, I think due to the tx. Man, I wish I would have waited before tx'ing. I found a new Hepatologist that my ins. will pay for. I made a complaint on the old one with Healthnet and they sent me to SFU medical center. I like the dr. He knows all the Gish group and went to the Boston conference. He seems really knowledgable about Hep C.
Avatar n tn She said it sounded like I had fibromyalgia. She then said that fibro was triggered by stress. What?
Avatar n tn No redness or swelling visible Pain and stiffness tend to heighten at night vs the morning Symptoms are atypical of osteoarthritis I have tried anti depressants Pain is non stress related Possible Fibromyalgia, but no offical diagnosis I sometimes doubt my pain until I am having another episode which can be a few days to a few weeks There is probably nothing anyone can say that hasn't been said, but I thought it was a shot. If anyone has any similar stories or leads plase let me know.
Avatar m tn Dr Ambron I am hoping you can help me with a question about chronic pain and current treatment options I am a 45 year old male who lives outside Boston, married with 2 young children, and was extremeley active with all kinds of sports including soccer, running , weightlifting, tennis, etc. 2.5 years ago i was playing soccer and got hit very hard in my rib area on my right side. Something happened after that hit that resulted in a pain syndrome that no one has been able to pinpoint.
Avatar n tn I had my gallbladder removed with a hemangioma in 2007. I was seen by three oncologist from different centers. My treatment was a small dose of chemo (vincrisitin). It is working. In a couple of weeks, I'll have more. My tumors are benign and they seem to be multiplying instead of metastasizing. I was told it isn't cancer but I think the medical community is not 100% in agreement. I'm 45-year-old female and live in Los Angeles.
4619045 tn?1361136210 In the meantime I have been DX with fibromyalgia, but this doesn't seem to hold with doctors exam below. I have looked over records from a neurologist apt I had in Boston when I lived in the northeast and this is what he found on examination below, could some explain any below? Reflexes were 3+ and symmetric in the upper and lower extremities. There were bilateral finger flexors and Hoffman's signs, more prominent on the right. There were 3 beats of left ankle clonus.
Avatar f tn I hate the term fibromyalgia, I do stay active and my weight is within normal limits, no other vices to speak of. I just feel I'm losing mental acuity and my body is gradually tightening up...Does that make sense?
Avatar n tn I went to the Boston Leahy Clinic and had the following tests done by a Neuroligist. MRI of brain and spine (neck)with contrast, Evocked response, EMG and Lumbar Puncture. All tests came back completely clear of anything and no evidence of MS. I have had two other MRI, and an MRA which have showed nothing. It is now Sept. 2006 and i still have severe fatigue, very weak legs...yet no loss of actual strenght. My muscles twitch randomly all the time especially at night.
Avatar n tn I am having a difficult time dealing with the pain and need to find someone who acknowledges the fact Tarlov cycts do cause symptons and what, if any, course of treatment could be ensued. I would be more than willing to go to the Cleveland Clinic, as I hear it is the best, but do not know where to start. I am in so much pain and so frustrated. Pain wakes me up multiple times during the night. Please, is there anyone who can help me.
Avatar f tn 756, now there is one more, I know that they are trying to pass this so we can get the care we need, look up under google american pain care and get involved, I need to do something, my PCP just gave me a name of someone in Boston she is a spine specialist in pain what good does this do me with severe nerve damage to my feet all the pain clinics speciality are spine and back where the hell is the help for nerve pain, I am at my witts end, I wish god would just take me, this is not a life, everyo
Avatar n tn Vision Problems in CFS and Fibromyalgia (by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum --- CFS expert and has CFS himself)
Avatar n tn I actually joined this forum because I read your post. I have Fibromyalgia and suffer from lichen sclerosis. It is an autoimmune illness that can attack the "lady" parts. It causes horrible burning and itching. It seems to get worse with moisture (like hot weather). I notice a rough spot where the pain is the worst. Lichens is mainly a skin disorder. It causes white patches and rough patches on the skin, especially the chest area.