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Avatar m tn Is there ANY help yet for Fibromyalgia patients? That is 'besides' those horrid drugs like Cymbalta & Lyrica that give us wretched side effects.
217229 tn?1192766004 right now -- not flying off the island just yet) - doesn't have a lot of knowledge about HCV, Fibromyalgia or Interferon TX --- connections. In trying to explain to him that I believe that the current pain I'm in is Fibro and I think that the TX I took may be the culprit --- I get a glassy eyed "sure hon" look. Here, take these pills --- call me in a week if you still feel uncomfortable. And he quotes that flu like symptoms and the other "MILD" symptoms should now be gone.
Avatar f tn LOL! Dear, i have the exact same symptoms... I don't mean to be rude and laugh at yours, it's that it was bittersweet finding out what that was about. During my last attack, my speech was so slurred, my mom thought i was trying to kill myself with sleeping pills or Xanax (she's the ultimate Yiddishe mama.. we're extremely dramatic) ..
333612 tn?1302886990 Any other Fibromyalgia symptoms that mimic WD's and don't go away? Let me know. I'm trying to get the WD symptoms worked out so any other medical problems can be addressed.
Avatar m tn However it can be due to infection, blow, injury, or fibromyalgia. It usually goes away on its own. Otherwise it can be treated with muscle relaxants, and non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs. It can also be muscle pull. Shingles can also start this way. Pain under right ribs with gas can be due to any inflammatory bowel disease like Celiac or Crohn’s, IBS or due to food intolerance. If all these are ruled out, then laproscopy should be done.
Avatar m tn How about an iodine 'capture, attract' test (that's what it's called in Spanish where I live) I can't find a lab which does it.. I see the liver knocks an iodine molecule off of T4 to make it T3?
572651 tn?1531002957 Lulu, I can REALLY relate to what you refer to as "jibberish" . . . . . . although, I haven't had the occasion to go on for as long as 30 seconds as my "pure" jibberish is usually limited to a string of 2 or 3 words. Some of my other language difficulties include: -- Substituting wrong word with a word the sounds the same. Spoon for Broom; Light for Night -- Substituting wrong word with a word that is in the same category.
880900 tn?1467273741 narcotics are not really recommended for fibromyalgia....treating the symptoms, lots of water, high fiber diet, omega 3s, heat, ice, stretching and gentle wll as muscle relaxers when needed. nuerontin, lyrica/some rx cymbalta/are the 3 drugs recommended for fibro pain..and arthritis is best treated with an anti-inflammatory..not a narcotic temgesic is a pain med in mexico...rx-d in 0.2 mgs doses and up....
378497 tn?1232147185 Predictably triggered by heat and/or exercise. Extreme heat intolerance. Weakness, can't stand around for long. These symptoms persist. On exercise, I walk OK initially but gait degenerates considerably. Ongoing: Since Jul ’08, fatigue, deepened by heat; trouble with stairs, especially controlling descent. Cont'd leg weakness. Cont'd Lhermittes (back lt thigh, rt heel, occasionally lt inner arm). Frequent night wakening with entire lt arm and hand numb; often rt hand, ulnar dist.
880900 tn?1467273741 I have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and fibromyalgia (FM) for more than ten years, therefore experience chronic pain which has increased throughout the years. About four years ago, I reluctantly filled a prescription for 10mg of Oxy three times a day, because I couldn't manage the pain with Tylenol#3s any more. A year ago, the pain had increased to the point where I was prescribed three 20mg tablets per day.
Avatar n tn Sorry if this has been asked before but what's everyone's opinion on the best place to live for fibromyalgia. The cold and damp make me hurt so I'm thinking a desert location. Anyone have an opinion on San Diego or Tuscon? thanks!
Avatar n tn The thing is this is not unlike how I've been feeling for the past 2 years when my (mis)dx was fibromyalgia so the symptoms were not foreign at all. I had started to feel better after I stopped using pain meds in Sept when I found out I had Hep C(guess my liver was just toxic along with my body trying to kill the virus.) So I had a few weeks of feeling better. Will see how it goes over the long haul.
Avatar n tn I was definitely intimidated by most of the doctors I saw (and ALL the neurologists) due to the things that were said to me in their office--their incredulity with regards to my symptoms (making me feel like a fool who was wasting their time), their arrogance and curtness (also making me feel like a fool wasting their time), their telling me and writing about me things that were absolutely not true/a mischaracterization of who I am as a person, etc., based on their ignorance and bias.
Avatar n tn Hi I have been suffering and I mean suffering from this for about 2 years. I am 37 and have very similar symptoms to your own. I may get a burst of sharp pains in my temples usually one side, it can happen for a few seconds and repeat for a minute or so. I may get a pain in my knee and then minutes later in my finger, or shoulder or wherever it wants to be. The thing is I am a mental health nurse and keep thinking am I going mad.
Avatar n tn My daughter has very similar symptoms. She is 11. We did all the tests and finally went to a sports medicine doctor who prescribed physical therapy to strengthen the rib area. This helped my daughter a lot and the pain subsided. Once we stopped PT the pain returned. We will continue with PT as this is working!
Avatar m tn blink NEVER EVER google symptoms you will end up with everything under the sun, check this out i have been sufferin with health anxiety for over ten years in that time i have suffered from strokes, blood clots, brain tumours and now i have a dodgy heart lol funny though im still here, its your mind thats the problem when you believe you have an illness you can make yourself have every symptom when i was going through my stroke stage one side of my body used to tingle and go numb even though all
Avatar n tn yet didn't respond or relapsed. Just as the progression of liver damage, severity of symptoms, related maladies, and the effects of the sides from the meds are so individual. It seems to me so is results of the tx on the individual. You can play the numbers game if it makes you feel better( or worse ) and drive yourself crazy. It only matters how you as an individual will respond to the meds, with the proper medical supervision.
Avatar f tn One thing five years ago and the other recently when I had to retract a dinner invite because she was sick with a cold and I have an immune deficiency condition with Fibromyalgia. She has a resentment against me for that. I explained it to her face that when I catch a cold, it never manifests but haunts my body with flu symptoms for approx. 1- 3 months. I was going on a trip two week from that dinner, so, I thought , just like the rest of my family understands this illness she would.
356518 tn?1322267242 I've been labeled as having fibromyalgia, but it doesn't cover all my symptoms or explain why I'm prone to soft tissue injuries. I know that I may never get all the answers, but I have to try.
748543 tn?1463449675 I, as most responsible medical professionals, believe in using the most conservative successful form of treatment. As one who treats patients with most severe TMD symptoms, I can assure you that my patients are unable to manage the pain associated with these conditions by simply receiving counseling on their habits. What's more is that I find that dental malocclusion is frequently one of the principle causes of the TMD.
Avatar n tn It's ok not to know the answer. At the time of the stroke symptoms I had I was using the birth control patch Ortho Evra. I was told by everyone to stop. I did. I haven't had any other kind of episode. No headaches before or after. I had a dull ache in my head while I lost vision and had numbness in my left side in November when I went to the ER. Is there a way to really tell the difference between a TIA and a Complicated headache?
Avatar n tn I am a 58 year old woman with fibromyalgia and degenrative disc disease of the lower lumbar region. I had an MRI done 2 years ago and it indicated that there was buldging of the discs at L5-S-1 and also intrathecal nerve root clumping suggesting a "possible" prior episode of Arachnoiditis. I've seen a Neurologist who did not confirm a diagnosis. I continue to have back pain everyday, and most times it is bareable.
Avatar n tn Wow your symptoms sound exactly like mine, i had to do a double take to make sure that it wasnt my post. I have a lump on the bottom rib on the left side under my breast. I had it checked out at docs and it feels like bone matter and doesnt move at all it is firmly stuck. I only noticed it since i had my first child. It seems like it could be scar tissue from when i cracked the rib years ago when i had a really bad cough (believe it or not!!).
Avatar n tn If the reason has not been isolated it would be best to go to the doctor or allergy specialist in an effort to identify what is the reason for this allergy. The doctor may also prescribe you some medication so that you can avoid the symptoms should you develop them anyhow. In the meantime, it would be best if you use some OTC anti-allergics/ anti-histamines to help you tide over the symptoms. Please let me know if you have any queries. Also keep us posted on your health. Good luck.
Avatar n tn The interesting thing is that about a year ago, my son (ten yrs old) and I joined him and are having the same symptoms except that I don't vomit. Our other younger children often have diarrhea but no other symptoms, so I don't know if it is related or something completely different. In discovering that we are not alone in this, I find hope that we may have answers. My husband is at the Doctor's office now discussing this repeated illness. Thank you all for your experiences and theories.
Avatar f tn When faced with a Lyme patient who has been treated with a short course of antibiotics but is still ill with Lyme symptoms, the IDSA position is that the Lyme was actually cured, and that the continuing symptoms are an over-reaction by the patient's immune system fighting against bacteria that are no longer there, and you are well whether you feel that way or not. End of treatment.