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1033336 tn?1252509731 Following then onwards, I have experince pain trobbing at the back, in between the joint of knees, in between the hip joint, upper and lower both of the legs, at the joints of the arms, in between fingers, at the palm of hands and feet. Am i suffering from fibromyalgia? Do i need to do a full body check-up for diagnosis?
Avatar f tn Last october , I developed a flu like illness with low grade fever ,severe muscle and joint pains (both knees and small joints of hand, feet), and nodes under my jaw. I was negative for ANA and for some common viral infections . Most symptoms subsided in two weeks but I continue to have aching pain in both my knee in the tissue below the knee-caps and in the tissue at the back of the knee. the ache subsided over a few months, but has flared up again.
Avatar f tn Many of the symptoms you've described do sound a lot like fibromyalgia. Many fibro patients also suffer with IBS, TMJ (jaw pain) and headaches. I'm glad to hear that you have a doctor's appointment set up. I suggest you make a list of your symptoms, what you've tried to relieve them, what has worked, what hasn't worked, anything that makes it better or worse, what time of day seems the worst (if applicable), etc.
Avatar f tn The one common thread with Lyme Disease is the number of systems affected (brain, central nervous system, autonomic nervous system, cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, musco-skeletal, etc.) and sometimes the hourly/daily/weekly/monthly changing of symptoms. No one will have all symptoms but if many are present serious consideration must be given by any physician to Lyme as the possible culprit. Lyme is endemic in Canada period.
434278 tn?1324709825 The pain across the back of your shoulders is very typical of fibromyalgia. It is not uncommon for lupus patients to also have fibromyalgia. The one thing that seems to help with fibro is sleep. I take a benadryll and a melatonin to help me sleep. I'm not saying that you only have lupus. I was also told that all I had was fibro and deep don I knew I had more than fibro. I know people w/ fibro and they have never been as sick as I was.
Avatar f tn Does anyone suffer from lower jaw pain? I have intermittent pain on both sides of my lower jaw but chewing doesn't make the pain worse.
Avatar m tn The amount of testing i have been through would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars had I not had insurance. The symptoms are, left chest pain, left arm pain, left jaw pain, sometimes left temporal pain, always at rest, sometimes when asleep, and never during stressful situations.. The problem is that i thought fibromyalgia affected several parts of the body, and not a small area confined to the left chest/neck/arm area exclusively.
Avatar n tn The symptoms for fibromyalgia are as follows (from UptoDate): "The cardinal manifestation of fibromyalgia is diffuse musculoskeletal pain. Although the pain may initially be localized, often in the neck and shoulders, it eventually involves many muscle groups. Patients typically complain of axial pain in the neck, middle, and lower back, and pain in the chest wall, arms, and legs. The pain is chronic and persistent, although it usually varies in intensity.
Avatar n tn MY question is, I do not understand my pain, Do my pain originate in my jaw or my head? In the past I had symptoms of Try mingle Neuralgia. Could that contribute to my facial pain? Why does the Lyrica wont work all the time?
Avatar n tn Here are basic symptoms: "You may have fibromyalgia if you are experiencing any of these symptoms: * Chronic, widespread pain throughout different parts of the body * Shooting, stabbing pain in different areas of the body * Numbness, tingling, or burning sensation throughout the body * A series of tender points that are sore to the touch * Extreme fatigue * An inability to achieve deep, restorative sleep * Anxiety * Depression * Inability to handle stres
217229 tn?1192766004 Someone very kindly suggested after reading my posts that I might be having an episode of Post TX Fibromyalgia. After reading through the symptoms - and through multiple websites I'm thinking there is a very good chance that this "catch-all" name for all of the symptoms I am having fit right on there. I'm no hypochondriac by ANY means... But I am a realist. And I hate feeling badly - without knowing precisely what it is that is causing it.
Avatar f tn which includes at the side of my eye sockets near my nose-which i can just about touch), sides of my head, my jaw, under my ears, my neck, shoulders, arms, chest and my lower and upper back. All tender and sore to the touch. I get a horribly uncomfortable tingling sensation in my wrists elbows, ankles and toes, which i first felt in my back when i was 15 and i constantly want to click them!! I have had bad chronic migraine aura and tunnel vision for years. I am always tired and drowsy.
341042 tn?1244780027 My legs have hurt Yes this is a symptom due to Restless legs Syndrome my jaw hurts Yes this is a symptom due to TMJ - bruxism- which are symptoms headaches. Yes this is a symptom as well. If i smell certain foods a feel like im going to throw up. Yes this is a symptom because some with fibro experience multiple chemical sensitivity Check out the symptoms list from the National Fibromyalgia Association and see if you fit in this category.
Avatar f tn Hi and welcome to MedHelp. As far as I can tell, you do have symptoms that look like fibromyalgia. A rhematologist is the kind of dr. that dxes this. They will check for pressure points. There is also a tilt table test that can help decide if it is fibro or chronic fatigue.
Avatar f tn This is my first post and I am grateful to have a place to go and be heard by those who can relate. In 4/09 I started having some very intense, painful symptoms which have landed me in the hospital on several occasions. To date have had blood, MRI, ultrasounds, CT scans, etc. My Brain MRI indicated scattered nonspecific white matter lesions in the frontal lobe. My Neurologist initially said it cannot be MS because those lesions show in a very specific area of the brain.
Avatar n tn Earlier this year, my doctor ran all kinds of blood work, and said that everything looked fine. He thinks that I have Fibromyalgia (based on my tender spots). From what I have read, this is extremely rare for men to get. The muscle aches and pains are always worse in the morning and evenings and especially worse in cold weather. Recently, the doctor put me on Zanaflex, but that does not seem to help either.
Avatar n tn I had difficulty sleeping the night after the bridge went on, and gradually I developed all of the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Luckly I found a dentist in Hastings Michigan Dr Dan Gole . He is a holistic dentist , who examined all of my muscles and balance for one half hour before he looked at my teeth.
Avatar m tn Hello everyone! I would just like to thank you in advance for Reading my post. I am a 21 year old male who was once extremely active but my health has deteriorated over the past 5 years. I have been to over 25 doctor visits over the past 5 years but have been unable to find a direct cause for my symptoms. I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve had blood taken (>20 times).
Avatar f tn Hello Can anyone tell me if I have fibromyalgia? My doctor says I do but I really want to be sure. I have lower back pain for 20yrs facet joint apparently, thoracic pain with wear and tear with bone spurs,shoulder arthritis and suspected cervical spondylosis. Also hip impingement. I have outer hip pain and groin. Hip cyst has show with tear.The pain in hips may not completely go with surgery I am told. He says my back is separate from my hip pain. The femoral head and neck are deformed.
Avatar n tn Try writing down all that is happening to you. Fibromyalgia has so many symptoms so it is common to have a long list. Ask them to test your tender points to determine if you have it. You need something better than Amitriptyline. I take Remeron for depression (and believe me, it gets so much easier to manage this when your depression is under control) and Lyrica. Lyrica has changed my life. Yes, there are side effects but they lessen with time.
2010625 tn?1329375656 My advice is to take a spiral notebook and write down everything that happens to you, as far as your symptoms go, in a 30 day time frame. Note your symptoms before your menstral cycle (pain,anxiety, and depression are worse before that time and it is called PMS for women.) The best thing that any one with Fibromyalgia can do is EAT Responsibly, EXERCISE, Sleep well, and take as few meds as possible. I am doing research right now to find a way to help myself and other people.
Avatar f tn I know exactly what you have, its Fibromyalgia!' Of course I had never heard the word, so it was all new to me. My symptoms were fatique, brain fog and no concentration along with the soreness on my chest along the sides of my ribcage and down my spine. Then when I pressesd on the inside of elbows and knees it felt like they were bruised. I was anemic and had sleep apnea.
Avatar f tn Myofascial pain syndrome is another form of chronic pain that can affect the entire body, particularly the face and jaw. Myofascial pain can add to the already annoying symptoms of fibromyalgia, and can contribute to disability and a poor quality of life if not diagnosed properly. I have had fibro for years and most likely also have MPS as well although not diagnosed. I rarely go to a doctor. Many now say that fibromyalgia is a nerve disorder.
387767 tn?1345875627 This might sound strange, but I get sharp, shooting pains in my ears and jaw and around my head near the ears. The pain is intense and quite scary. I don't know what this is from. When I mention it to my doctors and dentists, they look at me like I'm crazy. I have had my ears checked and my teeth and they say everything is fine. This is bothering me more than anything else and very hard to take. It keeps me up at night. Does anyone get anything like this from fibro?
Avatar n tn I had a similar situation of arthritis type pain in my body. I am not sure if you have this in addition to your pain in you jaw? I never had jaw pain however. This started about 14 months after I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I was very achey and ibuprofen wasn't even working. After about 2 months it went away and never returned except for a short achey period a few months ago. My rheumatologist attributes it to the general autoimmune aspect of Hashimoto's.
558301 tn?1215734456 Few days ago I went to the dentist concerned that my swollen lymph node, sore throat, aching jaw/sinuses, sensitive teeth & irritated mouth might be due to damaged/infected teeth/gums. Dentist reported no infection in teeth or gums though my panoramic x-ray showed two 'unusual' lesions in my jaw-bone behind my last molar -larger one close to last molar but not permeating the membrane & a smaller one further back.
Avatar f tn I have TMJ or TMD and had to have 3 jaw surgeries. The TMJ caused my fibromyalgia symptoms in my neck shoulders and lower back. I have had it for a long time. I also get myfacial pain. And 24 7 chronic tension headaches.I have chronic fatigue and literally drag my feet. What bothers me the most I will be standing and my legs will slightly tremor or shake. I am fatigued. I shake all the time when standing sometime when I am sitting, though it will eventually settle down when I am sitting.
Avatar f tn I am set for 3 MRIs and after that I am at my wits end. My symptoms began with left sided jaw and neck pain. It was annoying. It then radiated to the front of my neck and hurt into my throat. At times, I did not even want to talk because it was a strain. Then the pain would leave and not return for a while. I thought that was awesome and whatever it was left me. Then it returned with a vengeance on the right side only now with severe inner ear pain, burning and throbbing.
Avatar f tn I also have some muscle pain in left upper arm and forarm these symptoms occur at the same time.. I have had fibromyalgia for many years, but this is a new sympton and the pain is different. I have found that once you are diagnosed with fibro. I feel that everything or pain that you experience is blamed on it.
1852058 tn?1320162300 Over the years, I kept increasing it which cured most of my symptoms. There is a new fibromyalgia med called Savella which I read praise after praise on another website. Also anti-depressants can serve as pain killers. I have severe migraines, which my headache specialist said to raise my current anti-depressant Effexor even more to treat the migraines. Due to one side effect from the Effexor, I said no. He then suggested Savella which I am going to switch to.