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Avatar f tn it seems that it's often diagnosed in lieu of testing. As posted above, fibromyalgia is a set of unexplained symptoms, that are really caused by something else. All of the tests listed in the posts above should be done, to rule out other conditions.
Monster The descriptions of fibromyalgia symptoms read to me like a newspaper horoscope: the number of symptoms described can apply to just about any ambulatory human being. The typical medications indicated seem to antidepressants and pain relievers. Please give us the Clif's Notes version of fibromyalgia and if diagnosed, what are the treatments.
Avatar f tn Unfortunately, the health authorities (in most western societies) that dictate policy and protocol for diagnosis and treatment of such conditions, are oblivious to the fact that society is facing an epidemic of modern day auto-immune and neurodegenerative conditions and syndromes with very complex symptomologies and of course very ineffective and unreliable testing procedures, misdiagnosis or undiagnosis affecting a large percentage of sufferers usually for LIFE!
Evillady When I had troubles with swallowing, they did an ultrasound on my thyroid and blood tests too. Found that my thyroid level was too low and put me in meds and it made it better. On a less pleasant note, my friend had the same issue, had the same testing (she's 23) and found stage 4 thyroid cancer. I suggest getting checked out soon. I never mess around with that stuff.
415098 tn?1214860436 They now know that people with fibromyalgia have pain to the touch in specific spots on their body... this aides in diagnosis. Your doctor can identify if you have problems in enough of these areas to warrant a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, especially since you've already had the CT's, etc. Google the words "Fibromyalgia and tender points" and you should find a few web sites that talk about this in more detail. God Bless!
Avatar n tn Chronic pain, Sleeplessness, Anxiety and Fatigue may be symptoms of Fibromyalgia or other conditions like Chronic Fatigue syndrome. There are many other conditions that mimic the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. Diagnosis of Fibromyalgia is based on the presence of tender points. These tender spots are particularly located in the neck, back, shoulders and hips. There are 18 points on body for tenderness in patients of this condition.
Avatar f tn Now i just started having those same symptoms in my rifht side. Along with the muscle twitches and back pain And headaches. Im not sure if this seems like fibromyalgia or not? I have also been having very severe anxiety and panic attacks for the past 3 months. But ive had GAD for 10 years and never had such painful symptoms before.
Avatar m tn He has had pain that has moved around in his chest, gets tired, can find it hard to sleep but again that has improved has cold feet and hands and now is getting dizzy. Some of the the later symptoms can all be caused by medication side effects? We have started acupuncture which has been quite good so far, his pain has reduced. He is now missing lots of school, originally due to fatigue and chest pain and last week due to nausea.
Avatar f tn My previous readings were alot lower. My doctor says I have fibromyalgia and has given me Lyrica and Betaloc as my blood pressure is quite high. He hasnt changed my thyroxine dosage which is strange if the results are alot different than normal. I had hyperthyroidism but was given radioactive iodine which made me under active.
Avatar n tn Hi I was diagnosed about 6 years ago with fibro and I have all the fun stuff that seems to go along with it such as irritable bowel syndrome, in the last year I have become completely heat intolerant and I am literally dripping wet at work after just one hour and I work in an air conditioned building, I sweat at home, at night sleeping. I am absolutely miserable.
710094 tn?1229312306 Also, lots of tingling in my legs when I'm standing, I've fallen down for no apparent reason, I think my muscles just give out and down I go. Your symptoms concerned me because I've never heard of vomiting as a symptom. Also, the other symptoms together with that would really be a HUGE red flag. The vertigo, forgetting how to get home, thinking you're saying one thing, and something else coming out.
Avatar f tn fro about 2 years i have had a swollen abdomen-lumpy and tender which progressed to sore and protruding ribs.have had ct and mri scans which gave no clues.doctors seem to ignore symptons,now i have a feeling of tightness around my ribs and am sore all around feels like ribs are digging in me.
Avatar f tn I have Fibromyalgia and can only work three days a week with days in between and have to sleep 12 hours and two short naps during the days off. This year if I do too much during one day, my upper back spasms into a neck/shoulder pain spasm and causes migraine, and I am bedridden. The only thing that provides relief is a hot bath and codeine and 2 muscle relaxants and one gravol. It has only been that bad for one year.
Avatar n tn the health pages on the right hand of the screen has more info on this. There r so many conditions that could and do have the same symptoms it is best to have a dr look at u if u haven't already.In going u should have ur thyorid check along with ur levels of ur minerals and vitamins...B12, D....calcium, potassium...magnessium....all can have major affects on ur body.Plus at ur age u have a montly cycle that affects u as well, hormones play a big part in how we feel.
Avatar f tn Continued to have symptoms. While working, experienced new symptoms, 1st it literally hurt to touch my arms, I couldn't put on my coat. 2nd I had feelings throughout my body as if I've been shocked. A jolt of electricity. Today I still have constant burning sensations and tingling in my back, legs, feet, arms, and hands (now neck too). Sometimes I have numbness. Now taking Gabapentin 3x daily, Ibuprofen 800mg, Cyclobenzaprine 10mg.
Avatar f tn Deficiency of serotonin can result in migraine headaches and depression. Musculoskeletal conditions- Fibrositis, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, eye twitches, cramps and chronic neck and back pain may be caused by Mg deficiency and can be relieved with Mg supplements. Nerve problems- Mg alleviates peripheral nerve disturbances throughout the whole body, such as migraines, muscle contractions, gastrointestinal spasms, and calf, foot and toe cramps.
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Avatar f tn I've seen articles on the internet stating that people with Hypothyroidism are at higher risk for having depression and other related conditions such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME), S.A.D syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Despite being treated for my hypothyroidism for the last 6 years and having stable levels, I still get chronically tired and weak. The doctors have written chronic fatigue as a symptom I suffer with but haven't diagnosed me with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome..........
Avatar n tn Since both conditions share similar symptoms, can an expert tell me if one can have both conditions at the same time, both are more or less the same, are interrelated... or if one has an elevated TSH, this is only a question of the thyroid gland and other endocrine " partners " ??? I appreciate all your possible answer.
5788493 tn?1374281175 Too many variables and too many unknown co-factors. Have you been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and if yes, did you get diagnosed before or after the accident? Best wishes.
Avatar f tn Fibromyalgia may be diagnosed concomitantly with other conditions. Fibromyalgia just requires a set of symptoms for it to be diagnosed so it is really possible that you have both. Treatment for both of this conditions really entails a good physician patient relationship and I suggest you always keep good contact with your doctor. Be strong. Regards and God bless.
470168 tn?1237474845 Does anyone else have both these conditions within the family and especially anyone with autism and fibromyalgia. On a different topic, I have had alot of success recently using dietry intervention. It involves removing all simple carbohydrates (sugar, wheat etc) and all stimulents (ie. coffee, tea, alcohol), and all artificial sweetners etc. You also have to eat something every 2-2 1/2 hours to maintain blood sugar levels.
1073473 tn?1257844249 My case is somewhat severe in that I have some other co-occurring conditions along with my Fibromyalgia. As far as trying to alleviate symptoms- make sure you have a good mattress to sleep on at night and a good pillow. Don't sleep on more than one pillow and don't bunched it up. I purchased one of those a tempurpedic mattresses- It's wonderful! They also have tempurpedic pillows too!
601516 tn?1224888237 I get tested for the ANA and sometimes its up and sometimes down,I also have a negitive lupus and sometimes positive.My doc says its all connected,but still dont have any real answers so i have declined on the blood tests for now as theres always something out of balance yet no answers,and the old wait and see deal.So unless i am feeling unusally unwell(apart from the aches and pains) I just dont bother now.
Avatar f tn A hematologist can help with this issue better. Fibromyalgia is an open ended syndrome of symptoms with unknown etiology and no cure. So attempting to connect hypercoaguability to Fibromyalgia cannot lead to anything useful, for dx or treatment purposes. Hope this helps. Cheers!
709619 tn?1230165075 Do people with fibromyalgia experience attacks similar to MS that last for a week or so and then subside with more mild symptoms, or is it a chronic condition? And are the painful areas always sensitive to touch? I've been dealing with something that feels neurological in nature and I'm working with my neurologist on eliminating certain conditions. I have thus far eliminated two conditions that resemble the symptoms I've been dealing with i.e., ALS and B12 deficiency.
358486 tn?1294779988 It's a fibro drug. Fibromyalgia usually is debilitating fatigue and pain either in muscles and/or joints. I think it can also be pain in tissues, though not sure if that is official. It also can have other symptoms. Problem with fibro, is that a lot of the symptoms overlap with other autoimmune diseases so doctors have to be sure to rule out other diseases before diagnosis fibromyalgia. My aunt thought for years she had fibromyalgia.
Avatar f tn It repairs the damage to your cellular membranes that occurs with infection, autoimmunity and other chronic conditions. Also, your thyroid produces hormones that regulate body processes, and under-production of thyroid hormones can cause metabolic problems that slow down your body and make you fatigue easily. Correction of thyroid hormones without repairing your mitochondria (the little batteries inside your cells that produce energy) can help but doing both is best.