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Avatar m tn I too suffer from fibromyalgia for past three years. I am hydrocortison 10mg morning+5 mg after lunch and 5 mg after supper (before gives good sleep). Besides I take Vitamin D3 2000iu daily (as steroid depletes Calcium... and my teeth started falling, E-cod (for Omega 3 and Vit E), Rusvostatin (Cholesterol increases as a gift of fibromyalgia) Co-Q10 (antioxidant and energizing cells), Thyroxine (hyerthyroid another gift), Cobadex forte (multivitamine).
Avatar n tn Can you tell me where to find statistics on the suicide rate for trigeminal neuralgia. A while back I read somewhere on the internet that 50% of TN-sufferers commit suicide within 3 years. This makes sense, since the condition is devastating if you do not get diagnosed and treated early on. Thank you for your help with reference to statistics.
Avatar f tn My brother-in-law claims that there is no such thing as fibromyalgia and that the "disease" or "syndrome" was created by the drug manufacturers only AFTER they created the drug Lyrica. Do any of you have any credible evidence that this absurd statement is true??? I was recently diagnosed with FMS and am pained by his unwillingness to believe that this horrible syndrome is a valid, medically-accepted diagnosis.
280418 tn?1306329510 In my opinion the major problem with diagnosing, and treating Chronic Lyme Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Sarcoidosis, Sjögren's, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS), Fibromyalgia, Systemic Lupus Erythematosis, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Addison's Disease (and many, many others, these are the primary ones most of us have), is that physicians are still chasing ghosts.
1800611 tn?1315856590 Lowe from the Fibromyalgia Research Foundation supports the premise that most Fibromyalgia patients are either hypothyroid or thyroid hormone resistant. The suggested tests above can detect both. Best wishes.
975514 tn?1325001538 section_id=27670#sec_27670 I urge you to introduce yourself below and tell us a little about what brought you to the Fibromyalgia/CFS Forum. Again, welcome to MedHelp and the Fibromyalgia/CFS forum!
10947 tn?1281407852 Is this a CFS only tracker ? Or does it include the people who have fibromyalgia ? Although the syndromes are different, the symptoms and conditions often overlap. "Overlapping conditions among patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and temporomandibular disorder." http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.
Avatar f tn I am 36 years old and have been married and monogamous with my husband for over 15 years. Just last month I had my first abnormal pap smear and tested positive for the HPV virus. Today I had a colposcopy done which showed one region of abnormal cells that were set for biopsy. I have also been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and have been quite worn down from that.
Avatar f tn This is the second time I've been on this site so I'm not sure how to reply to people. My mom is 73. Her doctor keeps telling her her pain is from her arthritis/fibromyalgia. The fact that no one ever told her Neulasta can cause bone pain and no one told her that chemo builds up in your system makes her angry. I'm assuming the stress of this situation has aggravated her arthirtic conditions. Then add Neulasta into the mix. She has her first CT Scan OCt. 9th.
525545 tn?1293184794 I am learning more about the symptoms of Fibromyalgia some the hard way. I have been bumping into the walls alot more each day. And then dropping things it seems like all the time. Oh and then there is the memory problems & not finishing a sentence because I forgot what I was going to say. I know there are a lot of us dealing with these problems. I just don't know how to handle all of this. Then I am having seizures again like the ones I had about 10 years ago.
Avatar f tn Now, based on your symptoms and all the tests that rule out the obvious I have a suspicion you may have fibromyalgia. I consider this an an option because statistics have shown that the Mirena implant has led to cases of fibromyalgia (you can do a quick google search and it should come up). Also, I am a little concerned that your physician would leave in an IUD with the diagnosis of a cyst, regardless of the type. I would get a second opinion from a well-known female GYN.
Avatar n tn It also seems like a lot of people with MS (and I'm just going by the postings I've seen on forums, not by hard statistics) also seem to have fibromyalgia - so maybe you have some overlapping disorders? MS is such a weird disease, the symptoms can vary so much. Hang in there; eventually we'll get our answers!
Avatar f tn I am a 37 year old female. I also have side effects the same as yours. It has been about 2 months since the last day of a 10 day dosage of 500 mg. The more active the worse it gets. Be really careful because you could easily tear a tendon. Most often the achilles. My doctor said his uncle, retired neurosergeon, researched because he had the same reaction. He went in a hyperbaric chamber 5 times. He is back to normal. I'm going to do this since there is nothing else that works.
Avatar f tn benedryl helped me, but I also take klonopin (fibromyalgia - no sleep), and a nice hot bath before bed too! congrats on day 12...what an accomplishment, I'm on day 6 and last night I slept decent enough, but I'm still dragging! You''ll make it!
Avatar f tn do tend to be diagnosed more often with other autoimmune diseases/conditions, I was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I was diagnosed with IBS years ago, and am being worked up for interstitial cystitis. I just had my fourth laparoscopy in August, and I just began seeing a specialist. I thought all of my pain was due to the endo-but there's multiple things going on besides that. You may have more than just endometriosis, especially with the gas & bloating.
560501 tn?1383616340 Just wondering how many of you that are dx with fibro also have had an MRI that came back with brain lesions? I have several on mine and was curious as to the rest of you and the statistics of it happening versus not happening. I also sit with the dx of "probable MS" for the last couple years. Any of you sitting there with me?
5577952 tn?1370327170 3 are diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, None of them have had MS testing so I have my doubts as to whether they Have fibro or MS. My nephew is showing symptoms of MS & has just started to set up apps for testing.
202665 tn?1248810333 I'm curious...from the statistics i read, 10% of the population has BPD...of those 80% are woman, and only about 2% are over 40. I'm wondering how many hear are over 40 and do you see yourself being "cured" of BPD in the near/distant future? Also, has BPD negatively impacted your personal relationships an adult?
469720 tn?1388149949 As you may have noticed by now, the focus of this forum is cardiovascular disease(CVD) prevention. The statistics speak for themselves. CVD is the leading cause of death in the US and worldwide. Although we have made substantial progress in the development of medications to combat the causes of CVD like high cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes; the rapid proliferation of these diseases virtually negates and medical benefit. In other words, we are treating the consequences, not the cause.
Avatar n tn The doctors may think I am nuts but I know I am not. I have been reading a lot of articles about fibromyalgia and I realize that it affects mostly women, but I am wondering if this could be a possible reason for all that is going on with me. Otherwise, I am healthy. From hearing my brief story, what do y'all think? Is this similar to what y'all are experiencing? Thx.
Avatar f tn Here is some more info CDC: Alarming Increase in Methadone Deaths Fibromyalgia Slideshow Deaths From Opioid Painkillers Have Tripled Since 1999 By Salynn Boyles WebMD Health News Reviewed By Louise Chang, MD Sept. 30, 2009 -- Methadone deaths have risen sevenfold in less than a decade, according to a government report that largely blames the increase on the growing use of methadone for pain relief.
Avatar f tn My friend had POTS with fibromyalgia and other has POTS with M.E. I see you GP is now looking at M.E. to explain your symptoms. I have posted on the links thread (on this group its a seperate thread for any useful websites) a brilliant web site all about M.E. It can affect so many things in your body far too many to mention here but a read from the link would really help you understand this illness.
Avatar m tn besides the pain of 9 herniated discs, L1 compression fracture with 70% loss of height, total knee replacement frozen at 40 dgres AFTER 5 manipulation surgeries, fibromyalgia....bla, bla bla......I am now so depressed, anxious....I feel like life has no value anymore.....never seen anyone on my levels, one to talk to....great hubby, but alone all day (on disabillity) late to make this short.....does anyone relate???? God be with you all...
6726276 tn?1421130268 Hi! I just read your post about your headaches...and it sounded so similar to what happened to me. So, I wanted to share some advise. PLEASE FORGIVE ME AND BE FORWARNED...THIS IS EXTREMELY LONG & SOME MAY NOT APPLY TO YOUR EXACT SITUATION! I am Bipolar, PTSD, GAD, ADD, MVP, Dysautonomia, sever headaches, Migraines. The following conditions were diagnosed 6 months ago due to my "quest" to get rid of my headaches, migraings, pain...
Avatar n tn However, my question involves my sister who lives in Georgia. In addition to HVC, she also has fibromyalgia, arthritis and other health problems. The meds she takes for the fibro makes it difficult for her to take care of the 'C'. She's also trying to qualify for disability in Georgia so the financial burden can be reduced. Apparently, the bureaucratic wheels move slowly in GA. Question: Does anyone know of any studies set to begin in Georgia (close to Macon)?
Avatar n tn to my best friends im so happy now all my friends on here are so sweet to me
393587 tn?1211056644 i was DX'd w/ fibromyalgia. after 2 yrs, my synthroid dosage is where tests have been ok for 6 mo, but i still have the symptoms. my sleep cycle changed due to sleep paralysis & night terrors,i sleep during the day, i'm 2 scared at night. a sleep study was inconclusive. i awoke 98x in 6 hrs.& never entered REM. also, +/- 70 psoriasis plaques on arms&legs i'm unable to treat.last period, 4 mo. late. i'm excessively hot.woke last week w/ swollen face, rash on neck & chest.
Avatar m tn ___________________ For Physicians of Patients Taking Thyroid Hormones Mild-moderate thyroid insufficiency is quite common and is an unrecognized cause of depression, obesity, high cholesterol, cold intolerance, atherosclerosis, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia. It is often secondary, so the TSH is normal, but the FT4 and FT3 levels are low in the reference ranged.