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Avatar n tn I frst experienced Upper back pain from may 08 - mid septemberr 08. I am not 100 % why I had the pain. I saw every doctor imagineable (orthopedist, rheumatologist, acupuncturist, physiatrist, myofascial trigger point therapist, massage therapists) Not much helped but it went away towards the end of september) My only symptoms were upper back pain. The muscles were very tight and knotted.I was not fatigued and sleeping was not an issue.
Avatar f tn neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, hips, chest, breast bone (especially to the sides of it), left arm, abdomen Muscles are tender when I touch them, especially arms and thighs Hypoglycemia Weight Gain I've had heart tests, stomach tests, blood tests. Nothing shows up. I'm getting very frustrated and discouraged! Does this sound like it could be fibromyalgia? My only "tender spots" that react for me are my elbows, hips and inner knees (not as painful as hips and elbows).
Avatar f tn Sometimes it's a tingling sensation. Lately theres been pain in the upper extremities, most pains come and go . It last for a second that goes somewheres else. I still have the stiff back I can feel it when I bend, I've also been waking up stiff, could this be fibro? Did anyone else start like this,? I havnt been diagnosed I seen 5 docs since this all started and they think I'm crazy. Please let me know as this is nerve wrecking . Thank you all !
Avatar n tn I have Fibromyalgia and also have been experiencing noticable tender lumps on my ribs w/ extreme acid reflux/indegestion burning pain, severe abdominal/back/leg pain and now severe migranes. I'm not sure if this is just how this illness goes or if we are a couple of the really unlucky ones. I've had almost every test out there and there's one thing I can recommend, get a thoracic MRI- they will require x-rays first however.
Avatar f tn The pain was everywhere upper back, legs, hips, upper arms and neck. It seems like this condition happens when I have not much pain and try to get everything I need to do in a couple days and then the next day I cannot move. On a good day if I sit for more than 20-30 minutes I stiffen up and takes a while to move again at all. My knees joints are very painful. My doctors has referred me to a rheumotolgist and suspects this could be my diagnosis.
1033336 tn?1252509731 The characteristic feature of Fibromyalgia is a muscle pain mostly in neck, back, thighs, and hips. There is presence of specific tender points in these areas that trigger the pain. Along with this there is morning stiffness in the muscles, brain fog, dizziness and other neurological symptoms. Since you are suffering from pain specifically located at the joints, and it started after the flu, the pains are related to the viral infection.
358486 tn?1294779988 I had my gallbladder removed in Feb of 2006 but the pain was still there. I finally got sober in April of 2006 but the muscle pain stayed with me! The sleep problems have stayed with me as well. I have unspecific muscle pain all over my body at this point. Some days it is in the upper region, some days it is my lower limbs only, some days its BOTH. I feel like I am just about to come down with the flu about 80% of the time. Tired, achy, sore, fatigued.
358486 tn?1294779988 this leads to Fibromyalgia, but not in all the cases, of course. It is also noted that those who complain of more pain after the surgery, have more chance of developing fibromyalgia. One more reason thought to be implicated in post surgery fibromyalgia is ..... the neck is hyper-extended while doing the intubation and this constitutes a neck injury! Hope that helps.
Avatar f tn Hot water bottle constantly on upper back and hot bath or I will NOT fall asleep due to pain and spasms. Is this something other people have? I also have chronic dry eyes and red itchiness that NOTHING helps and they say it's related to Fibro. Do others have spasms and eye problems? Do this stuff get worse??
Avatar n tn Hi, Along with the many symptoms caused by fibromyalgia syndrome, back pain is often a real complaint for the majority of FMS sufferers There are a number of effective back pain treatments that you can use to help alleviate your pain. Here are some of the best for back pain relief. Heat Heat is an excellent remedy for most muscle aches and pains, and it works particularly well for the upper and lower back.
771990 tn?1341782976 Today was more about the Fibromyalgia pain in my upper back and spasms down my arm. This is the most aggravating pain. Its almost as if it burns. On top of all of that all day is a cold I am trying to come down with and I always worry because of the COPD I have and the asthma. Been taking that strong prescription cough medicine that helps with rest but with everything elese I am taking for pain I hope the mix is ok.
Avatar f tn I have sever mid upper back pain, like a band from shoulder blade to should blade. Only at night, and wakes or prevents me from sleeping. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 15 yrs ago, and confirmed again about 5 yrs ago. Not sure if this is related. I'm otherwise pretty healthy. I've mentioned it many times to the clinic doctors. Most people in Canada don't have family doctors. There are not enough of them, no one is taking new patients. Up to now my pain concerns are always shrugged off.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2011, one of my worst symptoms was upper back pain, right in between my shoulder blades. Not even massages helped. In my experience, it was due to tension. I realized that my shoulders were often scrunched up. Even though it was hard to do at first because I was so tense, yoga helped immensely. Google 'yoga poses for back pain' and there's a lot of good videos that can help.
248167 tn?1220367290 Strained muscles and sprained ligaments are among the most common causes of left upper back pain. This usually occurs when excessive pressure, often from exercising too much, causes the tissue to stretch too much or excessively, causing them to become damaged or torn. Pulled muscular tissue and pinched nerves are other possibilities. Take some over the counter anti-inflammatory painkiller like ibuprofen. Hot compressions, and topical muscle relaxants are also helpful.
Avatar n tn I have read about Fibromyalgia but it doesnt sound exactly like me because I am not often tired and my pain is just in my upper back, nowhere else. The only thing that I have read about that makes sense is "Myofascial Pain Syndrome". I want this constant discomfort to go away or at least get better. I am truly beginning to think that this is going to be a lifetime issue and it is scaring me very much. I will give acupuncture and massage a try but I am just not confident in them.
Avatar n tn I have read about Fibromyalgia but it doesnt sound exactly like me because I am not often tired and my pain is just in my upper back, nowhere else. The only thing that I have read about that makes sense is "Myofascial Pain Syndrome". I want this constant discomfort to go away or at least get better. I am truly beginning to think that this is going to be a lifetime issue and it is scaring me very much. I will give acupuncture and massage a try but I am just not confident in them.
Avatar f tn Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! Since you have pain in the upper back probably between shoulder blades, then problems related to heart attack, gall bladder issues, liver dysfunction and duodenal ulcer should be looked into. Costochondritis and arthritis too can cause these type of pains. Extreme exposure to cold, strenuous activity and muscle pull can be the other reasons. Fibromyalgia is another possibility. Nerve compression in spinal region is another cause.
428266 tn?1295648380 I have been having chronic back pain for a few years now. I see a pain managment dr. (suggested by my primary doc).My pain has increased in the past years and I recently had an MRI on my lower back. I have moderate spinal stenosis with some bulging and degeneration of the disk. Also, a few years ago I had an MRI on my cervical spine and it showed I had a bulging disk. I had experienced severe neck pain then but the ortho dr I saw at the time did not want me to have surgery yet.
Avatar f tn Over the years, I've had frequent migraines along with upper back pain, anxiety and depression. The depression was treated on and off since I was 17 however the pain and migraines didn't become unbearable until about 5 years ago. Since that time, I have had a constant stabbing, burning pain in my lower neck, just below my shoulders, in the c 5-6 area.
Avatar f tn Does anyone have periodic chest pain with their fibromyalgia? I get it on the left side, higher than the heart, almost like a rib pain or something. I wondered if anyone else has this?
Avatar n tn Yes, I know the burning liquid fire sensation that runs down the back of the neck down the upper back to mid back. I also have the blurry right eye vision that is worst when hot from heat, hot bath or over excertion. I also have lack of balance, numb and tingling in hands and feet. Drop foot in left foot. shaking vision sometimes like the world is dancing. Hugging squessing lower rib sensations. pins and needle pain. stiff fingers and lower legs. memory laps.
Avatar m tn It could also be shingles if the area in front and the back is at the same level. Fibromyalgia is another possibility. If all these are ruled out, possibility of another inter-vertebral level getting affected in your neck should be explored. Since I cannot examine you and know other related conditions you may be having, nor is a detailed history possible on net, I have listed the various possibilities that should be looked into.
Avatar n tn I am so frustrated. 12/2/00 I began having really bad pain in my left side under my rib cage and through my back. After two days, the pain was so bad I could hardly move. That was Sunday. On Monday, the intense pain had subsided but I was still very uncomfortable--even sore to the touch. Ultrasound & Upper GI diagnosed a 3 cm gallstone and a 2 cm lesion or tumor in my pancreas. A CT scan a week later showed the pancreas normal. Had my gallbladder removed by laproscopy on 1/5/01.
Avatar n tn Well I just got the one at walmart that is 2 inchs thick or so. And now I can lay on my side its great live by it. It doesn't help my back pain at all but I can lay on my side.
434278 tn?1324709825 My body lays down extra fascial tissue which creates more pain. I think for fibromyalgia there are certain pain points that must be tender in order to be diagnosed. Otherwise I would think they feel very similar.
5682570 tn?1372290919 Do you experience weight gain , fatigue, itchiness (already established), muscle cramping, joint pain? Have you ever been tested for Hypothyroid? (also linked often to iron deficiencies.) Have you been having G/I and digestive issues? All of the above may be interconnected, but with the limited information I have and without a clinical examination, this would be my best guess. Here is the FMS-Itchiness connection from my perspective.
Avatar n tn I have so much pain in my right upper arm muscle. Is it from my fibromyalgia or my rheumatoid arthritis? What can I do or take to alleviate some of this extreme pain?