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Avatar f tn As per my MRI report i have disc bulges in l4 amd l5. Along with that i have cervical pain also.I have too much of pain in my tale bone and back as well.As per my doctor i have fibromyalgia.please suggest.
Avatar f tn The characteristic difference between Fibromyalgia and other joint disorder is that Fibromyalgia presents with muscle pain. Unlike arthritis, the incapacitating pain is not in the joints but in the muscles and ligaments. Fibromyalgia is known for presentation of pain at specific sites known as tender points or tender spots. The pain is commonly located in the neck, shoulders, back, and hip and the tender points are located in the same regions.
Avatar f tn This doesn't really sound much like fibromyalgia pain - that pain is typically widespread and not just in one area (although certain areas can feel worse at times than other areas). It also usually affects both sides of the body pretty equally. It sounds more like maybe a shoulder injury (have you fallen or stretched your shoulder at all? heavy lifting?) I could also be a pleuritic type pain (inflammation of the area around the lungs).
Monster ### FIBROMYALGIA SYMPTOMS Pain — The primary symptom of fibromyalgia is widespread (diffuse), chronic, and persistent pain. The pain may be described as a deep muscular aching, soreness, stiffness, burning, or throbbing. Patients may also feel numbness, tingling, or unusual “crawling” sensations in the arms and legs.
415098 tn?1214860436 Hi. I'm also suffering from fibromyalgia. This is a disease entity which is a diagnosis of exclusion, meaning that other organic and more common disease conditions should be ruled out first (such as spine problems or musculoskeletal problems) before making this diagnosis. Fibromyalgia are somewhat correlated with our inability to have a REM sleep (rapid-eye-movement sleep) which makes us feel unenergized and tired even the first minute we wake up.
Avatar f tn my Physican order me a prescription of G abapentin i have to admit since taking this medicine most of the pain has gone away but i still feel pain in my right thigh everyday and my arms and some in my back but i can still do most of my MAID work lol...
Avatar f tn For the last 7-8 months i have been getting sick frequently (every week) viruses, bacterial infections, chest infections, i i have been getting aching pain in my thighs, calfs, arms, neck, hips, back. My firends have told me i may have fibromyalgia - I don't know anything about this Could i have it?
Avatar f tn Fibromyalgia is a common condition characterized by long-term, body-wide pain and tender points in joints, muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues. Fibromyalgia has also been linked to fatigue, morning stiffness, sleep problems, headaches, numbness in hands and feet, depression, and anxiety." If you put "Fibromyalgia" in any search engine on your computer you will find numerous articles and information on it.
216278 tn?1308864682 Hi...just wondering if anyone has heard of fibromyalgia or knows anyone with it? I am wondering if there is any connection between it and's hard to find anything definitive on the Internet! Thanks for your help!
Avatar n tn I have also had Fibromyalgia (bad) for about five years or more. I virtually always have had pain, sometimes so bad I did not know how I would get by...until 3 weeks after going on the Levoxal. I woke up one mornong and felt like someone shut the noise off...I have not had pain for about 2 weeks. Could this be related?
Avatar n tn if the person also has fibromyalgia, I see no reason to believe that reducing symptoms relating to orthostatic intolerance (nausea, dizziness, weakness, vision changes, fatigue, tremulousness) is going to resolve the symptoms of fibromyalgia (stiffness and pain in at least 11 tender point sites).
Avatar n tn I did no testing because I could still function in normal life but I had to stop jogging because of severe pain on my inner ankles (post-tibial tendonitis). My right nevicular bone fractured and it feels better(not treated for the fx). My left one is still very painful but not all the time. I now have more S/S of fibro: some fatigue, most every tener spot, IBS (dx as Chronn's in 2000), dry eyes, weird skin sensations and numbness and tingling in the bottom of my feet.
Avatar f tn Were you ever on antidepressants or any medication that would effect dopamine, serotonin or norepinephrine levels, prior to being dx'd with Fibromyalgia? If so, what was your age and approximately how long did you stay on the medication. Thank you for your response to this poll. Have a nice day.
Avatar n tn Do you think the hand and foot symptoms are related? Would Fibromyalgia make sense? I though that was mainly muscular leg and back pain and affected primarily women. Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Scott Dear Scott, Fibromyalgia is a disorder that typically presents after a period of inactivity, a muscle of group of muscles become tender and painful. The neck and sholders are the most frequent sites. Sometimes firm tender zones can be palpated within the muscle.
Avatar n tn I feel so bad that all her unanswered problems exist. This is not uncommon for fibromyalgia sufferers. I've been where she is as far as pain meds. Until she can finds another doctor she ay want to do a cleansing of her body. This in itself is useful and takes courage. When I find my meds not being affective I knw I am on that slop to dependence and needing more. Tramadol in itself is a very affective pain receptor blocker but it does work on serotonin in the brain too.
Avatar n tn Fibro by the tender spots and a medical history of widespread pain, joint pain and stiffness but no swelling or reddness. Write down all your symptoms whether they match anything or not. Get a good Rhematolist doctor (RA-for arthritis) Bring in as much written info that you can including Fivro symptom list and Lupus list and mark the symptom that you have had recently on & off and chronicly.
Avatar m tn Luckily my Dr was very understanding and embraced the idea that I might have Fibro. What I mean is I took a list of my symptoms with me (written down) and I took PAGES of web sites that I had printed off and basically insisted that she figure out what was wrong with me. I simply couldn't put another foot in front of the other... very literally! For me, getting out of the bed was more than I could handle each day - I usually got dressed for work each day while crying.
Avatar f tn as being the cause of all sites of bursitis, suggests surgery at all sites. The orthopedist wants me to investigate cause of fevers, as he won't operate on someone with a fever. He also says hypermobility doesn't cause hip bursitis, but in fact will prevent it. Doctors at major teaching hospital refused my case for further diagnostic workup, said bloodwork is "too normal". Told me to "live with" not knowing the origin of the fevers.
Avatar f tn I could not address just one of you. Each and every one of you are a valuable tool for each other and myself. Brothers! I once heard a saying " Opinions are like ___holes, everybody has one". This saying gets me through many a difficult mouth fart from people. That goes for my brother also. He isn't talking to me now because I wouldn't go on a camping trip with the whole family, that he organized.
988168 tn?1297405046 I'm 21 years old and have been diagnosed by Fibromyalgia 3 years ago. I took a mild anti-depressant treatment (Tryptizol) for one year and it improved my sleeping efficiency (but not the muscle spasms/ pain), later i took Lyrica for one month, but i got nerve pulsations and tremors all over my body as a side-effect so i quit.
Avatar f tn And it continues (sigh): Fibromyalgia: Disease Or Marketing Ploy?
Avatar n tn Can anyone tell me if these are symptoms of fibromyalgia and what you do to help aleviate all the pain, since I am not getting anywhere with my physicians. I would appreciate any adivce given to me.
Avatar n tn Sharp pain in the front of his chest. Throbbing / aching elbows. Aching neck and sometimes a sharp pain. Aching shoulders and upper arms. He has been taking codydramol every four hours for several weeks now which is helping but only slightly. He has an appointment with a specialist later this month and it would be useful to get some ideas about these symptoms and the kind of questions that he should ask. Thanks in advance for your help.
Avatar f tn The worry feeds into the pain making it worse, and then you get in even more pain so you worry even more. One thing I find helpful is repeating the mantra "This will not kill me." FMS doesn't do damage to the joints. It doesn't do damage to the organs. It does not cause permanent damage to any of the body. It hurts and makes you feel like crap. Keep trying to do things despite the pain. Isolating can lead to depression which causes pain of its own.
Avatar m tn In June, diagnosed with GERD, taking prilosec. Also been having off and neck pain in 2006.August-had terrible flu like symtoms with severe muscle weakness in my legs and tingling in my hands and feet.Was hospitalized for 5 days. Had an EMG(negative)a spinal tap(negative)and many blood tests(negative).I had an MRI of my head and neck. MRI showed a small nodule on my thyroid. Then,went for an ultrasound and a thyroid scan. My primary sent me to a Endo Dr.
Avatar n tn All I know is everyone I've met who has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, including three R.N.'s, are all in some serious pain. They also get dizzy sometimes and have a lot of symptoms that CFS patients' have.
Avatar n tn and took my husband as you suggested before and told her that I had talked to someone who told me my symptoms sounded like complex regional pain syndrome and she was very open to that and said its a great possibility and she also thinks that I have fibromyalgia as well. She referred me to a Dr. in Willoughby named Dr. Harold Bowersox and wants me to do pain management as well. She put me on lyrica for the burning because of the nerve damage. We were in there for about 30 mins.
Avatar m tn For a while, it was diagnosed as arthritis, but now I recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. After doing a lot of reseach on many web sites to include this site, I'm thinking that there maybe a link between fibromyalgia and white matter condition of the brain which kind of connecting all of the sudden.
Avatar m tn Hi, My condition is different but I treated the Hep and cleared. I had the body aches for about 8 years but was not diagnosed with the fibro. After many, many doctors I was diagnosed with fibro last month. I have almost constant pain but sometimes it is worse and sometimes it is noty so bad. So, I guess the answer is no, the trigger is not Hep C and it does not trelieve the pain (at lerast for me). Sorry, I know that is not what you wanted to hear. Good Luck to your Fiance.