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Avatar m tn Pat, it is also used to treat fibromyalgia pain, but you are correct , not good to take too long because it does create a physical dependence. The herb thing is okay. It causes no physical dependence at all and at worst makes a chronic user eat a lot of twinkles . Cut, dry, smoke, or eat and cook or whatever. Zero deaths attributed to its use in 6000 recorded years of history. A few states in America have their heads straight, hope the rest follow soon. Be a better world AND economy.
Avatar f tn I like you had all the tests, MRIs never showed the excruiating shoulder blade pain I was living with or the bone crushing lower back pain, i have the gamut of symptoms sciatic pain, the joint stiffness, the lack of sleep, skin sensitivity, headaches, leg weakness. Let my story be a tale of caution to you as you navigate finding out what is causing your pain.
Avatar n tn How do I know if the pain that I live with DAILY is from the fibromyalgia (which I have ALL symptoms of and have been diagnosed with for over 7 years) or from my 4-5 hydrocodone 10/650 that I take daily to relieve the pain?
3795221 tn?1348163075 I quit smoking cigarettes and marijuana since my son was born September, 2010. Opiates and benzodiazepines do nothing for my pain. Neither do NSAIDS. Marijuana helped before, but I have been unwilling to do anything illegal since my son was born. I have always had the ability to disassociate from acute pain but this muscle and nerve stuff is wearing me down. My question: How up front should I be with this doctor? I do not trust him, but I do not initially trust anybody until I get to know them.
Avatar n tn I have the worst case of hep c and fibromyalgia possible, every time I take a pain pill it burns out my liver, they took out my gallbladder and every medication burns my liver I am in true hell, I think of suicide hourly and have a plan if i can not get help have not been out of severe pain in 6 months since the gallbladder came out.I can not go to the bathroom either without enemas daily all i get atr toxins doctors want me to take more pills, mt ggt raised 6 times normal after the operation.
653562 tn?1224301951 All this left me with severe fibromyalgia sxs and chronic muscle and joint pain. My primary care physician prescribed T3 and refilled the script every month without seeing me. My body grew accustomed to the drug over time. I found out I was pregnant again on Christmas Eve 2007, after being told to NEVER get pregnant again, that my heart would not survive and the likely outcome would be my death.
Avatar m tn ive never drank or taken hard drugs but was on so much pain releif for fibromyalgia & neuraliga in my face, it was getting out of hand, ive lost most of the top of my hair & i decided enough!!! so i got intouch with my gp & agreed to go into detox.......whaaat a shock i lasted 8 days & would never ever do it again,, so im sat here reading stories that have horrified me & my heart goes out to all that with that they had never taken tablets from their gp......
Avatar f tn Let me discuss your fibromyalgia, if you indulge me. Fibromyalgia has significant pain associated with it, however opiates are not a first line treatment for it, not should it be last. There are a slew of medications that should have been tried years ago and there are many new ones that have came out since that have proved very helpful for fibromyalgia.
Avatar m tn sex drive has quadrupled and my boyfriend loves it,,,he says i have fibromyalgia and fatigue is a big part of any chronic pain took about a month to really notice the nrg increase....
Avatar n tn How do I safely discontinue oxycontin use without causing myself to have another flareup of fibromyalgia? I believe my condition is now to the point where I can relieve the pain with non-narcotic pain relievers but I'm afraid that coming off of opiates after having been on them continuously for 8 years now will just cause me to go into another flareup. How will I know the difference between a fibromyalgia flareup and the pain and fatigue of withdrawal?
554442 tn?1221238825 Fibro does not cause joint pain or swelling. The pain from Fibromyalgia is produced in the soft tissues of the body, including the muscles and tendons. Question: Why Don't NSAIDs Work for Fibromyalgia Pain? Why don't pain relievers like Motrin, Advil and Aleve work against the pain of fibromyalgia? Answer: It's a common misconception that fibromyalgia is an inflammatory or rheumatological condition, but it is not.
Avatar f tn Pain all over the body & more severe at specific points Fatigue Sleep difficulties Loss of memory / difficulty in remebering Morning stiffness Muscle knots, cramping, weakness Digestive disorders Itchy/burning skin More urinating frequency Too much intake of water Mental depression It is more severe on the right side from shoulder till the leg possibly because she works with her right hand. It is very difficult to get up from bed during morning.
Avatar f tn Why does Ultram help with Fibromyalgia while other stronger opiates don't? Is Ultram an opiate?
Avatar m tn My doctor is sending me to be "tested" for Fibromyalgia. She has told me, and from what I have read, it is a disease that is difficult to diagnose. What test(s) do they use and how painful are the test(s)? Also, is Fibromyalgia a hereditary disease? My mother had it and my aunt has had it for the last two years. Thanks!
Avatar m tn Meds that target nerve pain are usually opiates, which MANY docs will not prescribe because they worry about addiction. Thanks to all those people that fake their pain and all they want is the opiates. Gave those that NEED those meds a raw deal. You are officially a FIBROMITE! :) Welcome to the club! You are not alone and send me a message whenever you want! Take care of you! Get some laughter into your life!
Avatar f tn My neurologist explained to me that the narcotic pain meds actually create more pain receptors in your brain and create more pain which is why you end up needing more and more of the medicine to control the pain. I can't say that I am out of pain.........but I am better than I was when I was taking a lot of opiates. You are's just something we have to manage...........I wish you good luck in your battle and every blessing..........
659608 tn?1318292966 Plus, I'm not willing to, even though I have terrible pain from this illness, too. I also agree that the opiates and such are sometimes handed out a little too easily by some doctors. And, as bad as this pain is, I'm not willing to have to end up going to some awful pain management clinic or some methadone clinic to break the addiction cycle that this stuff causes. Because the truth is, the legal stuff causes just as many problems as the street stuff.
Avatar m tn Even just walking down the street can seem like a feat at times. • Muscle and joint pain. My muscles and joints are soar all the time. It feels as though I have arthritis although I have been tested for it and do not have it. My neck is probably my largest complaint as it is so soar that I have a constant headache. If I do anything even slightly physical I will be even more sick and soar the following day.
Avatar n tn You need to ask yourself, do I really NEED the opiates for the pain, or is there a better way to control the pain. Have you tried other treatments (such as accupuncture, massage, yoga, etc.), these often provide great pain relief. Also, can you cut back your dosage and only take it when you truly need it? If not, do you have someone you trust who can administer them to you when needed (the "J.B." approach). This can work well. It is really a balancing test.
Avatar n tn i have had one surgery on my neck and my lower back the have been trying to fix for over a year now. I cant function with the pain but the pain pills are going to kill me if i dont stay off of them. They are way too easy for me to get. I get some from my doctor and if i need more I was a bartender for 15 years I can get any drug i want delivered to my front door with one phone call unfortunately for me.
Avatar m tn With your other pain, you could try to get some pain killers, except that any pain killer taken more than 2 times a week promote rebound migraines which are even worse. None of my pain killers have ever helped my fibromyalgia at all. Let me know more about you so that I might be able to help you more. I wish you the best.
Avatar n tn So please my fellow chronic pain sufferers don't be so hard on yourselves. If you require opiates to control your pain, you are not an addict. If you take your pain medications as prescribed for your CP, you are not an addict. We are dependent. There is no shame in dependency.
Avatar n tn I have a bulging disc in C5/C6, a herniated disc at L5/S1 and degeneration in L5/L4. I suffer from nerve pain in both my arm and leg. I took neurontin for a while for nerve pain and although it helped with the pain it made me very tired and gain weight. I switched to Lyrica about a year ago and I love it. I never felt "high" from I only take 1 every couple of nights now and it has been a miracle for me.
Avatar n tn In fact, I still use it today for fibromyalgia pain. Works wonders but be careful, it also lowers your blood pressure. Stick to the instructions.
Avatar f tn Is being pregnant in pain and bp Meds the safest for baby? Or is continuing pain management without bp meds safest? They really aren't giving me any input on this-and I don't know what to do anymore. I have a 3 year old and a 16 year old as well. I have ptsd, anxiety, fibromyalgia, moderate blood pressure and am overweight(not obese just overweight).
Avatar n tn Gabapentin is not a narcotic and is not a substitute for opiates like Oxycodone. Opiates are still the best pain control medications available. Gabapentin (Neurontin) and pregabalin (Lyrica) are similar medications that modulate pain transmission in the nervous system, but gabapentin and pregabalin utilize a different chemical pathway than opiates.
Avatar f tn Even now, about 3 years later, I avoid most social situations and prefer to be at home when not at work - I am no longer on pain meds but I can isolate that these feelings all started when the opiates started.
Avatar f tn Hope they give me something besides opioids for pain. I mean what did people do for pain before they came out with these damn pills? Well, I guess I'll find out. Hang in there girlfriend. One day at a time, keep praying to God. I know you do...PM me if you need me, always here for you honey.
Avatar f tn I am feeling much better, mind is clearer, a little more energy but have Fibromyalgia and 4 herniated discs so haven't been active but getting better. My primary doc verified my instincts that long usage of heavy pain meds (I was on 6 Roxis, 3 Methadone, 2 Soma, occasional Valium per day. Still having body aches too, especially at night but it may be that I am more active and muscles are hurting? I'm trying a beginners Yoga tape. Any thoughts on this much sneezing?